Manga Digest: “I’ll Be On Top”


Digest contains:
– Kiken Junai DNA: Chapter 3
– Shinobi Life: Chapter 16
– Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Chapter 31
– Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: Chapter 42
– Charming Junkie: Session 22

Again, I’ll warn you that you may find spoilers about the manga mentioned above so proceed with caution.

Kiken Jun’ai D.N.A: Chapter 3


LOOOOOLLL!!! JERK GOT KISSED BY A TRAP!!! XDDD. Lol I love how Koizumi gets all overprotective to his sister, up to the point that he’ll use his trap form to prevent those XD. But still, I give a huge PHEW of relief to this manga because they weren’t real siblings at all. I’m ok with that I guess. I thought there’ll really be like, another Vampire Knightcest or Boku Imou (bleargh just by thinking about that again) in here but thank God it’s not. I can’t wait for Koizumi to tell his sister that they weren’t really siblings ^^.


Koizumi felt sick and accidentally kissed Ami while he’s sleeping (cute moment)… BUT ZOMGWTFBBQ at Ami returning back his kiss to him!!! O__O So far as I know, Ami doesn’t know the real truth that they weren’t really siblings, but yet she kissed him in mind that he had mistaken her for another girl? I can’t wait for the next chapter ^^. More power to the people scanlating this one because tbh, it really takes sooo long to get updated ^^.


Shinobi Life: Chapter 16


Ehem.. Moving to another kiss, there’s the 16th chapter of Shinobi Life. Kagetora and Beni ended up together in a love hotel to sleep. Lots of awkward moments, as expected from the very very pure-pure-boy innocent Kagetora and the verbally clumsy Beni XD. A shocker happened though at the end of the chapter because Beni’s father was finally told that Kagetora’s a ninja. DUNDUNDUNDUNNNN~~~


Rofl~ XD!!! Beni is sooo clumsy at her words XD. But good thing that Kagetora’s brains are still on the ancient wheneverness era that’s why he didn’t get what she said on being on “top” XDDD.


Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Chapter 31


Moving to something we’re DYING to get another kiss scene again from is the very popular Kaichou wa Maid-sama. I’m on the 31st scanlated chapter this time and OMG USUIIIII!!!!!!!! *faints and dies of nosebleeds* His puppy face is… is… *dies and goes straight to hell heaven*… *gets kicked back away to Earth*… Uguu~ We’re all helpless when it comes to Usui. When he made that puppy dog face, I wanna spoil him so much until he gets tired of being spoiled XD. Aaaaahhh!!! Kyaaaa!!!! I just can’t help but to fangirl recklessly in that face above >.<!!!


UGHUGHUGH!!!  :rage:  I hate this stupid hill-billy country kid for being Usui’s rival~!!! How dare he looked at Usui like that! Anyway, it’s like he barely has any hope at all for Misaki right? RIGHT?! Go Usui!!!  :cheer:   :cheer:


Yankee-kun to Megane-chan: Chapter 42


Lol how I love Chiba taking the spotlight in the latest chapters ^^. He went on the gamer girl to get her back to school. He’s really trying his hardest to pull her back again, even though if it takes him to wait outside her house even though it’s raining ^^. Oww, so sweet~ The girl (forgot her name XD like hell she’s that important to be remembered anyway XD) finally got Chiba-kun to go inside when Chiba almost got arrested by the police for being suspiscious and waiting outside their house for a long time. The two had a small chat after that..


Awww~~~ I really love these friendship moments in Yankee-Megane ^^. Chiba is a really sweet person inside and how he said that it’s fine when time stands still because of how much he cherishes his friends is really DAWW-ing ^^. Well at least we got a normal character in this manga XD.


Charming Junkie: Session 22


Nothing much exciting on Charming Junkie chapter 22 except for the last part where Tsutumi’s ex girlfriend enters the story. I wonder on how will she affect all of what’s happening. I’m personally glad that she’s back so that Tsutumi won’t be pestering Umi and Naka’s doki-doki life anymore XD.


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  2. kirapika says:

    Oh? So Kiken Junai DNA isn’t incest at all? Hmm. I must have not noticed that when I was reading the excerpt.

    Then I should really try this because it’s not incest at all.

    About KWMS, that guy whom I forgot his name is totally annoying. Ughh. Why can’t he just leave Usui and Misaki alone? Well I guess to add more twists in a shojo manga, love triangles are expected. *shrugs*

    kirapika’s last blog post..Hatsukoi Limited 03

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes ^^ So it’s safe ^__^. Incest is just an off for me -__-;;

      Lol yep ^^. But for sure his role will not be that significant anyway ^^. Nothing beats the love of Usui!!!

  3. RYuk! says:

    HI TOur website so cool and cute. Do you like Tsubasa Chronicles? MAny 0f my friends like that

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