Hetalia Axis Powers: 11 with some extra news…


Serving the latest hot gossip news about our four favorite couples! PLUS: Extra news on new Hetalia sketches from Hidekazu-sama’s blog!!!


Couple #1: Austria and Hungary

News: “He cares, she cares?”


Hungary and Chibitalia gets called by their master. And when Chibitalia gets asked to get water, Hungary asked him what’s the matter with his mood and is sad face. Austria then tells Hungary that’s he’s been abandoned. This scene obviously shows that Austria only shows his soft, sensitive side to Hungary, and Hungary on the other hand, cares so much about him ^^.


Couple #2: Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia

News: “A tragic end to the FIRST LOVE?”


Holy Roman Empire goes to Chibitalia while he’s sweeping the outside. HRE asks Chibitalia to elope with him so that he can make his dreams of becoming the strongest country together with Chibitalia will come true. Chibitalia then worries because the same also happened to Rome, who’s ended up being hurt by being the stongest. Chibitalia only wants HRE to stay as himself now and doesn’t want him to change so he declines his offer. With that, HRE looked disappointed and leaves the crying Chibitalia… Awww~~~ T__T I cried.


Couple #3: USA and UK

News: “Unicorns, fairies, and other creatures: SPOTTED!”


If the first two scenes were quite serious, this one’s probably a very light-hearted and a funny moment. The meeting of the Allied Forces were over, and as usual, they hadn’t agreed on anything. UK also seemed tired, but his imaginary fantasy creatures, which includes a flying pikachu (*doesn’t know what it’s called -_-), a CUTE unicorn *loves unicorns*, a gnome, a fairy and a dude XD. I guess all came from England actually, and it represents how creative their minds are. USA was about to go to UK but he witnessed a cute side of him with his imaginary friends, so he just stood still and watched him instead. Well, actually I didn’t get it if it’s a “O_O WTF?” reaction or USA got dazed at UK’s cute side, but either wise, it’s a funny and adorable moment from one of my fave couples of the show ^^.


Couple #4: Germany and N. Italy



And the last one… ^____^!!!!!! Italy runs off to Germany asking for a hug. As he is standing at the tip of his toes, Germany kissed him! *faints now…*

…uh, sorry I really need to recompose myself back again and wipe off all these nose bleeds as I leave you with screencaps ^__^.



EXTRA Hetalia news:

And based from Hidekazu-sama’s epic revelation [source], we have new -tan sketches!!! Here’s Australia, which is England’s son. See? He inherited his father’s eyebrows? And look! There’s a cute Koala! Of course, Koalas are known from Australia ^__^.


And there’s also a mystery new character! With a filename having “asia” in it, it HAS to be Philippines-tan. It’s ASEAN, and I’ve been waiting for so long for my country to get it’s -tan ^^. Plus, Philippines is the most westernized country in Asia as I know it, and the girl also wears a western-inspired outfit. The only itch though (but it adds more possibility) is that her outfit looks like a servant’s, which is a very sensitive remark about Filipinos about always “serving” others abroad. So here’s her design:



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70 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 11 with some extra news…”

  1. kirapika says:

    Ohh! I see it now~

    Though it shouldn’t look like a servant or so because it’s very disturbing, ne~?

    ‘nyways, both are cool and koalas! 😛

    *le gasps* is that Germany kissing Italy?! :ohohoho:

    kirapika’s last blog post..Gokujou Mecha Mote Iinchou – You want PHAIL? 😀

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah lol~ Australia looks a lot more like an adventurer ^^.

      Yep, it can cause srs issues here in our country lol.

      Yeah, on the cheeks ^^

  2. warriorhope says:

    The new characters are cute. Oh yay at another tough girl in Hetalia.

    I love your gossip newspaper style report. ^___^ HRE and Chibitalia are adorable as always. I want the chubby unicorn (really hopes that they’ll animate chibi-Uk and baby!unicorn). Heh, I couldn’t tell what his expression was either. I don’t think there are enough tissues in the world to clean up the mess causes by that scene. :nosebleeds:

    warriorhope’s last blog post..07-Ghost – First Impressions

    • kanzeon says:

      Ikr? It’s so awesome to have another Hungarian-like goddess ^^.

      Thanks ^^. OMG me wants the unicorn as well~

  3. Ashelea says:

    Lol it’s nice to see something new to the table of your blogging style, kanz XD! I enjoyed the short read ^^.

    And yay for new characters ^^. Australia is definitely UK’s son while the mysterious new girl is so cute, I’m shipping her already with Alfred XD~~~ >early shipping ftw!<

    • kanzeon says:

      OMG FUUUYEAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!
      If ever she IS Philippines-tan, she MUST be paired along with Alfred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      *raging shipping madness*

  4. Makoyuki says:

    I made this fan art of mine (Philippines) dedicated to the author of Axis Powers Hetalia hehehe….it’s kinda simillar :3 here’s her sketch version of mine. Hope you guys like it :3 http://makoyuki.deviantart.com/art/Hetalia-Philippines-122155180

    Makoyuki’s last blog post..rp

    • kanzeon says:

      OMG I LOVE IT!!! :kyaa: :kyaa: :kyaa:
      You made her sooo pretty ^^. Good job!
      Kyaaa~ I’m totally imagining her so tsun to Spain and Japan, but I’m totally shipping her to Alfred ^^.

  5. Yaoi Lover says:

    :cute: :blush: :omg: :kyaa:

    OMG i am loving Philippine’s character she looks so cute in that outfit, although I kinda hate the fact that most Overseas Contract Workers in the world are filipino, that is still quite dicriminating to say we are made to serve others, still I hope that in the 2nd season she/he plays an important role in shaping the series. :glares: :^_^:

    • kanzeon says:

      It’s still unconfirmed as of now if it’s really Philippines-tan (but we’re all definitely hoping ^__^). But it MUST be Philippines-tan because of the westernized clothes and stuff ^^ (since Philippines is the most westernized country in Asia).

      Yeah, it’s a really sad fact but I guess it really does show Filipino’s hospitality and good service to others ^^.

  6. Edward says:

    AHH! Australia! Yay!

  7. Mimi says:

    OH!!!!!!!! *w*
    A Filipina? Really?
    A lot think it’s Indonesia…who knows? ^^ :blush2:

  8. Camile says:

    OMG! Finally Philippines-tan! :aww:
    I wonder if they’re gonna show Spain(care-free) and Japan(quite-type) be mean to her. And how alfred will come to save her and teach her HERO stuff : :ohohoho: :

    I wanna pair her with Alfred and all :runs:
    but I still like Alfred and Arthur best. :kyaa2:

    Wait a sec there! E-england has a s-son?! :ehh:

    that means… :dun:

    Oh gosh Australia-tan!!! :doomed:

  9. Elsa-chan says:

    *gasp* that’s Philippines? :dun:
    Like… *gasp again* I didn’t expect this, but after all, the title of “Pearl of the Orient” doesn’t exactly sound so manly, is it?? And I’m not surprised at the outfit either. As stereotypical as it can get, it’s true that a lot of Filipinas work as “domestic helpers” or maids… It’s kinda because those people don’t really have a choice, but since, like, you know… Filipinos are VERY VERY helpful, and all…

    Oh, and is Germany kissing Italy? It is? :nosebleeds: :kyaa2: :thumb:

    Creator of blog, I LOVE YOU!!! YOU. ARE. MADE. OF. PURE. WIN!!!!! :thumb:

  10. Elsa-chan says:

    I just remembered something in history… The Holy Roman Empire is currently known as GERMANY when it fell. So, yeah, it’s kinda proven by history itself that HRE and Germany are one and the same. :haha: :XD:

  11. Kristine says:

    :runs: Oh my! PHILIPPINES! -spazzes out and flails arms everywhere-


  12. Scarlet says:

    I cam across your blog doing a google search for Hetalia Philippines. I’ve been wanting to do a male version of the Philippines for a while.

    The maid motif makes sense because the Greek word for maid is “Filipineza.”

  13. […] Hetalia Axis Powers: 11 with some extra news… – Because of all the Philippines-tan rumors, people had been going here in this post […]

  14. yay! Philippine-tan!
    ooh, I hope she IS philippines =^___^=

    *featured on my journal in deviantart!*

  15. Oh how true. I love Italy X Germany now, oh joy. |D

    Oh, and I have some theories why that new girl is most likely to be Philippines. Here’s what I typed in my private LJ:

    “According to a source I found, it’s most likely it’s Philippines, since this one looks Western-inspired, as reflected in our country. But it might be a controversial issue, since she looks like a maid or a servant. I’d like to object that. The reason why she looks like that is because most OFWs are caretakers, so it’s not really a big deal or surprise. I don’t wanna be like the Koreans, who protest the series for Korea’s character in the series. I mean, come on. It’s just a comedy, and it’s meant to poke the fun out of it, not to take it seriously. :/

    And is it just me, or does this sketch makes you think Philippines would be a…. tsundere? And it’s true the Philippines (even during the past) were always brave. Ohoho. Spain, America, and Japan better get ready. xD

    And as the reason why she’s a female is because most people always complimented that Philippine women are beautiful. Well, besides reading Morrie’s The Five People in Heaven, which featured the last person as a Filipino child and complimenting her natural beauty, well, who knows.”

    And BTW, I’ll link this site of yours to my FC2 blog, if you don’t mind. 😀

    • Miss Nellie says:

      I love the character itself, and because Filipinos are really hardworking and ever considerate to their loved ones that they work as OFW. Philippines are indeed land of the brave and beauty but because of those 3 countries who came in/invaded/took over, we have mixed views and ideologies about life now.
      I wish it would not happen that when the Philippine character came out, some people will consider it again as an insult because of the maid theme, for it belittles them. I love cosplaying being a maid, and I love my country. If it needs to serve other countries, why not? At least I’m not doing bad.

      “History are history, it teaches us the bad so we would learn and not to do it again.”

      – Miss Nellie

  16. patriciaselina says:

    wai~ Our country finally has a nation-tan! I do hope that’s her, what with the maid outfit and the tsundere expression~ She looks cute anyway, so it’s alright~ wai~

  17. Erie says:

    noooooooo… 😥
    I wanted Philippines to be a guuuuuuuuuuuuy~!!!!

  18. Alana says:

    Yay Australia is in!!!! (runs off to do fanarts)

  19. general_tiu says:

    Hope she is really the Philippines and not the ret-conned Vietnam others rumor of.

  20. criaze says:

    shit D:
    I wanted Philippines to be guy augh!!!!

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