Hetalia Axis Powers: 10 – Hungary For More~


Welcome to history class and today, we’ll tackle about Joan of Arc, Napoleon, as well as we’ll have a pop qui… OMIGOD PRUSSIA!!! HUNGARY!!! *throws away history books and goes utterly fangirl-sane for Hetalia instead*


The episode starts with France expressing emo-ness on why is he not invited on a meeting with the Allies.


“Hey, I’m an awesome country, right?” Maybe that’s how France is trying to say, as we are lectured in a short history lesson. First off we have a special appearance from Joan of Arc.


Then also there’s Napoleon. Which I must say that Hetalia’s the only show where we get to see an emo Napoleon. But both of them are nothing compared to UK’s super-tsundere supremacy~


And speaking of UK’s tsun powers, Spain!!! It also shows when UK pwned Spain back then~ (omg where’s S. Italy to rescue him? XD)


*spasms* Omg Prussia! Which appearance in here is what I’ve waited for since heck when. Though it’s sad that he only has a one-lner appearance in this episode (*slaps the script writers*), he already showed how he was made of awesomeness when he pwned Austria.


Hmm… Which one’s cuter? The mouse or Holy Roman Empire? XD


OMG! Look what you’ve done to Chibitalia! Perv~. You’re so busy chasing the mouse you didn’t even noticed that it’s also Chibitalia’s dress you’re checking! Take responsibility for that!~


And the lead female character of this series is finally here!!! Hungary!!!~~~ She finally made her debut in this episode as well. Like Chibitalia, she’s also a servant in the household of Austria, but despite her fate, she still keeps being cheerful and positive ^^.


Aww so cute~~!!! Hungary also lends Chibitalia her outfits to him and dresses him up like her doll. Well I think Chibitalia’s moe powers looked effective on Holy Roman Empire ~_^.


And lastly, Hungary has a secret crush on Austria!!! And Chibitalia notices it. Hungary might have developed a crush on him because Austria treats her nicely compared to the other people that ran over her country. And a fun fact, Austria x Hungary is the only primary canon straight couple of the series (there’s Switzerland x Liechtenstein but I don’t think they’re primary though). But yeah (*feels bad for Prussia*) I’m still shipping the Austria x Hungary x Prussia triangle boat anyway XD.

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7 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 10 – Hungary For More~”

  1. warriorhope says:

    Prussia~ (did you see the April fool’s day website for APH by the way?)

    HRE is obivously cuter.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Shugo Chara! (manga)-Chapter 39

    • kanzeon says:

      T___T I didn’t saw the website because I was out and unaware of it :orz:

      And that’s the correct answer! HRE is cuter ^^

  2. Ashelea says:

    Hungary!!! She’s so moe!!! Better be on SaiMoe 2009 XDD~
    And France’s drama is so amusing to watch, because it’s educational at the same time.

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol I’m feeling that you’ll make a campaign for her XD.

      And yeah, the France part was educational and funny at the same time XD.

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  4. Amelie says:

    The reason why Hungary seems to have a crush on Austria is because they were once married. >_<

  5. Amelie says:

    Forgot to mention that Hungary is still proud of her ex-marriage with Austria, even if they aren’t married anymore.

    It refers to when Hungary (the actual country) was allied with Austria.

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