“Full Metal Panic!” Live-Action Hollywood Movie with Zac Efron as Sousuke?

A possible role for Zac Efron as Sousuke Sagara? I’ll repeat..

ZAC EFRON????????????????

F*CK NO!!! I can’t imagine him pulling off a Sagara… Actually, I think he cannot pull that off at all ugh, …High School Musical -_-… Geez, thanks again Hollywood. But it’s all just a possibility though, so there are chances that making it musical with dancing mechas will not happen…

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87 Responses to ““Full Metal Panic!” Live-Action Hollywood Movie with Zac Efron as Sousuke?”

  1. kirapika says:

    lol whut? No seriously.. Zac Efron? 😆

    *sarcasm*Really, thanks so much for that Hollywood!*ends sarcasm*

    If their going to do that, they shouldn’t have adapted FMP into a live action. 😐

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    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, probably 8 year-old fangirls that are addicted to High School Musical will be happy about this.

    • flame haze says:

      i’d rather die than see Zac Efron play as sousuke or light yagami! don’t worry bcoz from now on, i’ll start praying for his death!!! let’s keep protesting! let’s not let Hollywood ruin another anime series again!!!

  2. FuyuMaiden says:

    T.T Why did you have to remind me!?

    I always thought that FMP would be able to transfer well to a movie for audiences outside America (well, minus the mecha maybe? and the “whispered” stuff too), but what the hell!

    Even if by somehow Zac Efron can act…not like anything I’ve seen from Zac Efron (which is more than I care to say due to watching an 8-year-old girl). Everything will still be ruined for me by pure association with High School Musical.

    Besides! Zac is supposed to be in Death Note anyway. (Ah…it makes me sad to see how close a joke was to being true…I never expected Zac Efron to be in a movie based on anime at all)

    … :orz:

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    • kanzeon says:

      Well let’s just hope he won’t officially get the role ^^. He just shows interests though so it’s still a possibility. And yeah, he should just stick to musicals.

      Nuuuuuuuuu~~ Death Note? :teeth: *rages*

  3. Jeremyv says:

    man, FMP needs someone that could at least look like a dude that have a military background or at least tough enough to kick a lot of mechabutt, not someone who’s credits is being a the “pretty boy” and singing his heart’s out to gurlz.

    Jeremyv’s last blog post..Dragonball Live Action International Trailer is Now ONLINE! Ong Bak 2 RULEZ Thai Box Office This Week

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah… T__T Him being picked gives me tremblings that the flick would have dancing mechas and even Vanessa Hudgens playing Kaname -__-

  4. Minnie says:

    WTH? As much as I like Zac Efron, he is too well known for being a pretty boy to pull off a Sagara. I don’t know about this one… though I think it’s too early to say anything.

    Minnie’s last blog post..Shangri-La Ep1: DAMMIT GONZO, THE FIRST FREAKING SCENE

    • kanzeon says:

      I know right? Sagara’s HOT and more off, he’s straight XD… Zac has looks, but I’m scared that he really cannot play the part. If he would ever be accepted I will LOL.

      • Melissa says:

        Okay, look. Zac efron has his options to try new things. Give him a chance and see what he can do for crying out loud! Who are to judge anyway. Lets see you guys try and act that part. Thats the point of researching your roll so you can play it. They have makeup and all that crap to make him look rugged and beat up. I am not a big fan of Zac or whatever, but I think if he tried hard enough he can pull it off. So back off. I want him to play it cause I think it would be cool to see him as something different for a change. Zac efron you can do it!!!! :cheer:

  5. warriorhope says:

    Zac Efron doesn’t exactly scream GAR or even good acting. Doesn’t he belong to the Disney corperation anyways?

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hanasakeru Seishounen-First Impressions

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes. He really should stick to High School Musical and a can of Hairspray. He totally has no GAR points…

  6. Ashelea says:

    Wow, if ever that happens, Hollywood will ruin such a potential. I mean, ZAC EFRON??? Pffft… FAIL! Now what’s next? Miley Cyrus as Haruhi Suzumiya? XDDDDD

  7. akane12 says:

    That’s lame. Shia LeBeouf would be a better choice than Zac.

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  9. foomafoo says:

    😳 Oh noes. No just no. Isn’t that enough hollywood XD?. I can’t imagine Zac Efron having a serious face that can match Sousuke’s. ::O:

  10. Hotaru says:

    Oh goodness, that. is. terrible. I can’t imagine Zac Efron actually getting the role, but his popularity might win him the role. Blah.

  11. Amayalee says:


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  12. Amie says:

    Okay, seriously you guys are idiots and immature. Sure you may hate him because of his musicals but he is trying to get away from that image of a musical actor, which you guys are not helping. He dropped out of “Footloose,” which is a musical because he wants to extend his acting ability. Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT a fan of Zac Efron but if he’s in this darn production, I think its fine. He’s trying to grow up unlike you people.

    • meteorhouse62 says:

      Lol. I think Zac should just stick to musicals instead because that’s where he’s only fitting. And he doesn’t have the image of the character he’ll be portraying either. Just can’t imagine him.

    • kanzeon says:

      Heh. I’m just speaking because I’m a fan of the anime and I’m not against Zac’s plan to extend himself as an actor. I’m just expressing myself as a huge fan of the anime and I think he cannot pull off a character just like Sousuke. So, sorry. If ever he wants to extend his acting abilities, go somewhere else, don’t touch this project.

    • Melissa says:

      I agree with you completely. He wants to try something new. He is trying to be open minded. I mean he was offered to do Footloose and thats a dacing movie, he decided against it. He wants to try new things. So I agree that all these people need to grow up and give him a chance at it. Who knows, mybe he is a closet anime freak and actually likes FMP and knows how to play the part? Ever thought of that?

      • Alekona says:

        i agree with you melissa he may be a pretty boy but i think he may just want to break from that title


  14. Brodes says:

    OMFG, I thought my friend was joking. THEY ARE KILLING FMP! And zac effron? That’s rubbing salt in the wounds! I love full metal panic, and they are going to kill it! Well, fair’s fair, newtons third law states that I NOW GET TO KILL ZAC EFFRON!

    • kanzeon says:

      Let’s just hope that he won’t get the role. He only showed interest though. And it’s still unofficial. But I’ll also kill if ever he gets chosen.

  15. fye says:

    OMG I’ll burn things if he ever gets accepted for the role. FMP would be a such a huge potential to waste if ever that happens. :doomed:

  16. Zac Efron again =3? Wasn’t Death Note enough that wants anime fan to kill him? (though I like him, but playing as an anime.. no Zac… you can die XD)

  17. grandluxgal says:

    FANTASTIC! …not.

  18. Deranged says:

    I had lost all hope in humanity on hearing this…

    Deranged’s last blog post..Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 01 – Tis the Season of the Sequel/Remake

  19. Pfoiffee says:

    This will be EPIC FAIL if they get that idiot to play Sousuke

  20. gashim says:

    so who should play the role of kaname any guess

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