Billboard Top 50 [05/02/09]


– Go Keri Hilson (#39)!!!
– Nuuu~ Kanye West’s Heartless is dropping at #32 T_T, I really find the song catchy XD.
– Same goes to Ne-Yo (#28) but I don’t care much about Mad since I hear that song everyday on the hood XD…
– Lol Taylor Swift back-to-back at #16 and #17 ^^.
– WTH. I’m hearing Blame It (#7) and Right Round (#3) for like, every living minute of my life here on the hoods and I’m really getting sick of those songs >.>
– Lol Pokerface doesn’t really wanna go anywhere, huh (#2)? XD.
– WTF is Miley doing SO high on the charts (#4) DX? Ugh… I guess I can’t argue with her movie so it can really affect the sales -_-.
– Oh God, Eminem is really back (#9)? I thought he retired or somethin’? XDD
– Another week for the Black Eyed Peas on the top spot. I’m sure they’ve been missed.


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6 Responses to “Billboard Top 50 [05/02/09]”

  1. 3OH!3 keeps moving up~~ <3

    I don’t know who told Miley Cyrus the video for “The Climb” looked good, but they told her one hell of a lie (not that I like the song anyway).

    I really do like the new BEP song, but the video is ridiculous. :/

    kel aka gandy’s last blog post..What?!? Another post that’s related to anime and not manga? – BEDA Day 26

    • kanzeon says:

      Ugh one word to describe the video of The Climb is: UGH.

      Lol I agree about BEP new video, it’s weird, but I like the song ^^.

  2. Xiao says:

    Every time I hear “The Climb” I want to grab a Miley poster or whatever and start throwing knives at her face. The song would’ve been good if she wasn’t the one singing it. -_-;

    & BEP~ Haven’t heard from them in ages. xD

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 80

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah lol I want to throw knives on my TV but that would waste a lot of money so I’ll go with posters like you instead XD. Plus she’s not only singing the song, she’s also dancing in there XD, which is so annoying -_-.

  3. Why is Miley Cyrus in #4!? Dammit. Let her out of the Charts!
    I really like the song in the #1 spot. 😀

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..It’s All The Same Shit

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol you’ll have to argue with lots of 8 year old Miley fans first XD. And yeah, Boom Boom Pow is cool~ ^^

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