Base Ball Bear – Kamigami LOOKS YOU


Kamigami LOOKS YOU is Base Ball Bear’s 13th major release and 10th single. All songs are really stuck in my head recently, being a major BBB fanatic. I loved them since they sang the OP theme of Oofuri, and then I continued following their music. DL link and PV below the cut.

On to the tracks, Kamigami LOOKS YOU is a very lively, light J-rock track with a signature BBB touch in it. Yuu’s voice really matches the energy of the song, and it really fits the modern rock, which we all love. The songs was also the soundtrack of the comedy filmKamogawa Horumo. Ireally enjoy Yuu’s singing as always and overall,  it’s a very fun and youthful single to listen to for BBB fans.


1. Kamigami LOOKS YOU

2. image club


>>Download here<<

Like it? Buy it! play-asia~ cdjapan ~ yesasia


The PV was really fun, with Yuusaku being followed by zombies (?). It’s weird but funny and cool at the same time ^^.



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2 Responses to “Base Ball Bear – Kamigami LOOKS YOU”

  1. SageQRtet says:

    Funny coincidence: 2 hours ago i listened this single fo the first time… And now your post about it. Mind reading? XD
    Not my fav BBB single, but it`s a good one.

  2. mikan-sakura says:

    Base Ball Bear is love<3

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