Asura Cryin’: 01 – What’s in your briefcase?


I’ll be writing first impression posts on the newest anime this season. And first up is Asura Cryin. So here we have a ghost girl, a briefcase… and mecha?


OP: “Spiral” by angela

I don’t really like the song personally because it sounded like a rip-off of Ali Project at some parts and some other random Eurobeat Artist for me. But I guess this type of music suits mecha much though, so I guess it’s fitting? But still, me no likey.

The first episode goes with Tomo, the main character who is living in a huge mansion-like house. And with him, is a ghost-girl who was once his childhood friend. All through out the episode, we get to see some kind of a mysterious briefcase. We also get to see various characters already by the first episode, so we’ll definitely get to see a wide cast as the series progresses. The climax of the premier I guess is when different people are now starting to fight over that briefcase and by the end of the episode, we get to see that what’s inside of the briefcase is some kind of a mecha, and Tomo’s the one destined to take over that.


You have chosen briefcase number 24! Is that a deal, or a no deal?


Ghosts sleep too you know~ So quit those ecchi thoughts Tomo!


I’m irritated by Tomo’s hair. If I’m just holding a pair of scissors or any sharp object right now, I would cut that long tail off. It’s so distracting, especially he’s a guy. And speaking of excess hair…


…There’s also this guy who needs to be tied down and get a haircut too (now I’m just sounding like a class rep. or a school principal -_-;;). So much weave, ugh XD.


This girl attacked Tomo while he’s (and the ghost girl) was sleeping. She has the ability of fire and can use it also to make her fly. She seems to have taken an interest on the mysterious briefcase as well. She looks very much dangerous at night, but in the morning…


…Uh, actually there’s no difference with the look in her face at all, but she seems to be all unaware of what has happened in the previous night. Besides from the inocent facade, she also seems to be popular with the boys at school. Weird people..


And speaking of weird people, Tomo’s best friend is a homo. Isn’t it so obvious?


Another proof.


And when Tomo and Misao thought that they’ll be going home alone as usual… Surprise, surprise!


Dude sneezes fire. What an ability! (Nah, just kidding. He can’t this was just a result of awkward screencapping)


Wow. Talk about being centered. Tomo will be the one to open this briefcase for everyone to stop for Christ’s sake!


Oh, a mecha! Never see that one coming… To be really honest, it’s true. I watched this show without being aware that it has mecha. All I know is that there is a ghost girl, but no mecha. But wow, first episode ended with a cliffhanger. Now that’s a surprise /not.


ED: “Link” by angela

Nothing much interesting to the ED as well. It’s just boring and something that should be fast-forwarded to.


Ok, I’ll be straight up to keep it short. Everything is average and mediocre. The animation wasn’t on “amazing” levels, neither on horrible levels. It’s just plain ok.The drawings were unstable though, as I noticed it on some scenes, and some close-ups o fthe characters. The characters has a really wide variation. From mecha-summoning priests to a pyro-summoning man in a business suit, we will be having a wide cast in here.

The only exciting part in here is climax towards the end on this episode. At least we get to see a nice little plot brewing right now, even though it’s very typical and it follows the “guy has a mysterious clan” plot. Misao the ghost girl, is the character that caught my attention though because she has that ghost gimmick, but still, she had done nothing at all in this episode than just… floating (I mean, pranks are cool or helpin Tomo is exams…) I wonder how will she play her part in this mecha series as the series progresses though..

So that’s Asura Cryin’ episode one for me. Nothing much outstanding or wowing even if it’s the very first Spring Anime 2009 series that I watched. I’ll be checking out the next episode though, but not sure if it’s blogging-worthy.


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13 Responses to “Asura Cryin’: 01 – What’s in your briefcase?”

  1. warriorhope says:

    Best friend is totally gay. He’ll definitly end up stealing Tomo away for himself.

    I got the same Meh impression.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Asura Cryin’-First Impressions

  2. kirapika says:

    Meh. And to think I was planning to watch this one..
    At first I was interested but seeing as how mecha(s) are involved, my interest goes down to 6% how random XD

    But still, I’m planning to watch the first episode and see what I’ll feel about this show. :heh:

    kirapika’s last blog post..On finishing Maria†Holic…

  3. foomafoo says:

    What’s with the deal or no deal kan XD

    I’m also irritated by that strand of hair :zsnap: I want to pull it out of his head. I quite can’t follow but anyway, I don’t have a plan watching this one…

    • kanzeon says:

      One decision lies before your hands… Deal or No Deal?!!! *yeah, I’m obviously insane XD*

      And let’s pull it out together! Ugh, it’s irritating.

  4. FuyuMaiden says:

    The posts out for this anime are all making me so hesitant to check it out. It feels like there’s so many random elements to the story (mecha and ghost girl…) that I’m not sure how it comes together. I’m sure it does somehow, but right now I can’t think of anyway that’s not all ridiculous that makes me think of Sunrise.

    Also, I didn’t get through too much of it before I had to leave for an appointment, but Tomo’s hair is already pissing me off. What the hell is the point of that strand!? (Get rid of it!!!)

    But I guess I need to watch the full thing for myself. I’ll just take advantage of everyone else’s impressions first and be very cautious.

    FuyuMaiden’s last blog post..Weekly Extra – A Reset of Sorts

    • kanzeon says:

      It’s still up to you though, because it really depends on how it will impress. And yeah, so much random stuff. Not only mecha and a ghost girl, but also police cars, fire manipulators, a priest, a mysterious sister, and many more. I also wonder how it will work though without making it.. messier.

      And that makes three of us! Let’s tie Tomo down in a chair and pull his hair now!!!

  5. Xiao says:

    Pretty much the same opinion on this first episode in general. OP and ED are rather meh (I’m so disappointed cuz the trailer got me really hyped up for that especially) and the characters are bland…except for Shuri who’s just freakin’ awesome! RIE-SAMA~! <333

    I’m just holding out for the major cast of seiyuus cuz that was the only quality that outshined everything else. Miyu-Miyu~! MARRY ME!!! xDDDDD lol

    Hmm, will probably drop it, though, after getting to hear them all. I doubt there will be an interesting twist in plot that some other mecha haven’t covered already then again, I don’t really watch much mecha ^^;.

    I’m so annoyed with the gloss/gleam on their hair. It looks so weird. Anime hair is not supposed to shine in small patches of…shiny blobs like that! & also the same with Tomo’s side tail and fat ahoge. -_-;

    …well, anyways, besides Shuri, I found Kanade and Tomo’s best friend pretty interesting. Heh, I dub Kanade the mecha-Kikyo and Tomo’s friend should totally go gay for him if he isn’t already. xDD;;;

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..~*~ S. o. M. T. 2008 ~*~

    • kanzeon says:

      Just meh, right? I really guess that almost everyone i knew has that expression with this. Yeah~ Shuri is an awesome sister ^^!!!

      Well, might check out the next episode, but will drop it anyways, so I’m really not gonna care about this one since there are some shows that caught my interest already (K-On!~~).

      And yeah, the hair: gotta go! Lmao, yeah those characters were pretty interesting too ^^.

  6. lol says:

    hmm, they could have done better with this concept of dead childhood girlfriend if they had made the show semi-serious and not mecha. The dead osananajimi part is what made me interested enough to take a look at the blogs of this, but if all that is is a gimmick for a mediocre mech show, and not a focus of the show, then I guess I should forget it. Hoping for semi-angst/ pain crawling beneath my skin lulz.

    Guess watch for about 3-5 eps depending on the series length. Hope it’s not just a gimmick!

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah, I agree. I thought that what they did was messy and yeah, they should made it a little bit serious with that gimmick.

  7. Silver says:

    @ lol

    I thought they kind of showed that the “dead” girlfriend is not really dead?

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