07-Ghost: 04 – This show is about boxers.


Warning again because I turn into this scary-crazy entity whenever I blog this show. BAAWWWWW~~~

To summarize this episode all up in a gramatically incorrect sentence:

FRAU IS STILL FUKKEN AWESOME AS HELL and he really had this cool scythe, which is freaking cool as freaking hell omg and meanwhile, Mikage still gets tortured nuuu~~~ T__T and the mermaid, and the boxers, and I need to blog Hetalia next after this so yeah.


The way Aya-tan stares at Mikage is smex sooo scary O__o.


I don’t know how to describe Hyuuga’s… personality ^^’. He’s like, the nice-evil type. He’s good mannered but scary. The way he described Aya-tan when he got mad was really cute though~ And he’s currently my favorite Aya-tan underling ^^.


Looks like grandpa has something in his back…


But don’t fret because Frau’s here and for the first time in the anime, he fully unleashes his awesome scythe!!!


Lol. Labador is trying to be moe. We get it already XD.


Lol Teito got dragged by Frau’s humongous scythe XD.


Awesome pre-battle pose. But we know Frau’s gonna pwn him already ^^.


Castor’s powers are cool too~ He has strings to bind the jiji in the air..


While Frau gets up to the moonlight. Squees of awesomeness…


I melted into a boiling hot fangirl lava when Frau smirked like that with his matching moonlit blue eyes~ *melts again*


OMFG!!!!!!11 BEDSCENE-DESU!!!!!111


Nah, it’s really not  XD (go read a doujin or something instead!) Frau will remove the seal in Teito’s chest. But still, Frau’s hawtness in this photo is unavoidable so I can’t help but to put it here~ (I’m such a wh0re XD).


Frau, Teito has no boobs.


Judging by these three guys’ matching boxers, we totally have a clue now on what are their favorite cartoon series.


Saving the world before bedtime~


Of course, all’s possible with Hyuu-tan’s awesome sword manipulating skillz ftw.


So I think I get it now. This show is all about boxers XD…


Lol at Frau teasing Teito with his boxers and threw it up. That made Teito fall into the fountain. But in there, he met a mermaid. Razette!!!


Yay Razette~~~!!! She finally had an appearance here. She’s purdier in here than in the manga!!! Plus I loove her voice as well ^^. OMG I love Razette together with Castor, her founder ^^.


Uh!!!NONONONO!!! Keep your hands off Teito, you slimy mermaid!!! *hates Razette touching Teito, then loves her back again after a second*. But geez, I just noticed that Teito’s so slim, slim as Razette already XD.


Haha~ Cute little happy family sitting by the fountain chewing some candy ^^.


I just need to put up a Castor screenshot for everyone, since he looked so God-meltingly *faints describing it*…


Seeing these three again, I think this one’s the perfect chance to express what I’m really seeing on them:


Yep ^^. Can you see it too? They’re very much alike XD.


AWWWWWWWWW~~~~~~~ Nuu~~~ These Mikage x Teito flashbacks are full of T___T sweet awesomeness that makes me BAWWW


T____T Nuuuuw~~~~ Mikage…


Lol at how Mikage’s sister really gets some screentime even though her face isn’t shown that much. But I feel really bad because it’s like Mikage’s being blackmailed T__T Poor Mikage T__T~~~


ARGH AYA-TAAAN!!! *throws boiled eggs at him*


OMG the way that Teito and Mikage are saying the sames lines at the same time despite being in separate worlds is so epic. Are they twins or somethin’? XD… But it’s really touching~


…AND how they animated this scene is really cute T__T~~~ Brb~ I need to T_____T and DAWWWW~~~ for the moment…

Overall, it was a very fun episode again. Nice job by Studio DEEN because I can say that it keeps getting better and better, though I don’t know if it’s their work, or it’s just that the manga is awesome XD. The action scene were still bleh though, but no complaints because FRAU IS FREAKINGGGG AWESOME!!! Aghh!!! *faints*…

But now that this had happened, for sure, the reunion will happen sooner now, and hen… T___T Nuuuuuuuuuu~~~ T_____T I need lots of tissues already just by imagining it. But I’m still excited for it XD.

So anyway, screenshot heaven is on the next page~


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25 Responses to “07-Ghost: 04 – This show is about boxers.”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    Kyaaa!!! I love this episode so much! Frau’s so cool with his scythe! I love him more~!!! He really pwns so much =P. That’s why he rocks.

    Hyuuga’s so hawt— :3 He is quite loyal to Aya-tan and it’s also funny how he actually calls Ayanami “Aya-tan” in front of him XDDDDD!!! The way he stripped the pants of those gossipy jii-sans was really funny XD. LOL @ PPG reference XD!!!

    Lol yeah, lots of boxers in this episode XD.

    Yay!!! I’m so glad that Razette gets shown!!! She’s so pretty. Yeah, she’s prettier here than in tha manga, which is a good thing ^^. I love her hair too~ Plus her voice is marvelous. So great =).

    Lmao yep. I didn’t realized it until now that the Trio is also like Draco Malfoy and his gang XD!!!

    And I can’t wait for the reunion part… Noooo— I’m crying right now.

    • kanzeon says:

      Yea ^ FRAU ROCKS!!! Hyuuga’s a very interesting character, and that makes him cool too~. Lol Hyuuga’s the reason behind the three boxers XD.

      Yup ^^. Razette is so cute~ ^^. And I love her voice espacially when she goes “Haaaa~”, it’s nice ^^.

  2. Silver-Rose says:

    I love Hyuuga XD!!! I think the way to describe him is that he isn’t always serious on stuff, that’s why he jokingly calls Ayanami Aya-Tan every time. I find it really cute ^^.

    Thanks for the post and the screencaps :kyaa:

    • kanzeon says:

      Yeah ^^, lol at some extra chapters in the manga because we get to see some of his wackiness XD.

      You’re welcome ^^.

  3. cinderbird says:

    T.T Why are they so cruel to Mikage??? Nuuu~~~ :orz:
    Btw, LOL at the old people… I can’t imagine them watching Powerpuff Girls so much XD!! It’s so funny :XD:
    And I agree to the Draco Malfoy thing too (though I must say that Draco is 1000000x hotter them the three of them combined XD)

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol just judging from the color of their boxers XD. Andd OF COURSEY!!! Draco is wayyyyy hotter no questions needed!

  4. BOCHAN says:

    love him so much :kyaa2: :kyaa2:

    he’s so freaking awesome!!!!!
    and his scythe :aww:

    that smirk owwww :nosebleeds:

    melts already :doomed:

  5. Auntie Heng says:

    i ish castor’s fan :kyaa: :blush: :aww: :<3:

  6. janselle says:

    FRAU IS HAWTNESS!!! OMG his smirk is smex. :nosebleeds:

  7. kyaaa~ Frau and Castor in this episode was … *faint* Now I can die happy.. 😉 :kyaa: (there is no more word to describe how much I love them)
    I am happy that he finally had to answer and it brought me to tears to see that scene and Aya-tan started that spell… btw, I am also happy to see Hyuuga got more screentime of awesomeness and lol at Shuuri for showing up more. I also agree about Razette. She’s adorable and her voice were so great <3

    The fighting scene looks better compare to all those previous episodes. I guess this is one of the best fighting scene Studio Deen can give us though lol. But I believe they can make it better as the episodes goes =3

    Overall, this episode was the best so far. Every character got their own little screentime!

    Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..07-Ghost episode 4 [raw]

    • kanzeon says:

      Yes ^^ Frau and Castor are hawtness supreme~ ^__^

      And I BAW’D so much when Mikage answered Aya-tan… Nuuu~~~ I can’t wait for the reunion scene T__T. Yes ^^ what makes this episode full of win is that everyone almost gets their own screentime ^^.

      Lol I hope that the fighting scene would get better too ^^.

      • I can’t wait for the reunion scene too~ (even thought that would kills us XD)

        Btw, as I watched the second time on the Mikage scene answer his choice and as shining light and all showed up.. For a weird reason, I laugh this time around XD! It was heart warming but the same time, it’s weird as I have notice. The shining light was just… random? They could have just kept background black XD! (also I ended up imagine a church bell too X_x and no, I am not a BL fan or anything that way.. but lol… )

        Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..Phantom ~Requiem for the Phantom~ episode 4

  8. maya-nee says:

    LOL, Powerpuff Girls :XD:

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  10. kirapika says:

    It was a cool and touching episode. It’s touching that Mikage chose Teito over his family.(I can really sense a great sense of friendship from this guy.) Ughh MIKAGE! *glomps*

    Why it was cool? One word. FRAU. God, he was such a biggie in this episode. Just watched it in RAW and barely understood it as I haven’t read the manga and so on but he is so good! And oh yeah, that smirk was :cute:

    Btw, you just had to use that Draco pic. *steals* *glomps Draco* Though now that you mention it, they do look familiar XD

    kirapika’s last blog post..K-On! 04 – Of Swimsuits, moe meido Mio and ugly barnacles

    • kanzeon says:

      Yesh T__T I baw’d so much on that scene more in the anime because it just proves that he really loves Teito so much T^T

      Lol my favorite line of Frau in this episode is when he said “May God bless you, bastard!” XDD!!! Haha he’s blasphemous but it doesn’t matter anyway because he’s a cool badass XD ^^.

      Yeah, not only that but his attitude as well as he also has sidekicks XD (but still Draco >>>>>>>> him) XD

  11. Teairra says:

    :blush2: Frauuuu~~~!!! I love him so much. He’s a very cool character.

    We get to see how deep is the relationship of Teito and Mikage in this episode, and the more I see of them, the more I think that I’m not prepared to see yet the reunion part. Nooo~~ :orz:

    Lol Hyuuga is funny. Plus his shades are kewl~ It’s because of him why all of us started to call Ayanami as Aya-tan already XD. Lol at the Powerpuff Girls boxers XD. Thanks for the review as well as those hot screencaps! ^^.

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol yeah Frau is cool!!! (repeated that a million times lol) and every episode he really shows more proof! XD That’s why he’s so cool~!!!

      Yesh lol Hyuu-tan is so funny as hell XD. You’re welcome ^___^

  12. Xiao says:

    KYAAA~! Frau + scythe = ultimate smexy smite machine. xDDDD

    Damn, Aya-tan makes evil look so cool! 8DDD
    haha I can’t wait till we find out more about Hyuuga in the manga. His relationship with Aya-tan intrigues me.

    & waaaahh, more smexy Frau…with goddamn smexy scythe (every hawt guy needs a scythe these days, jeez) and ooo…purdy moonlight. :cute:
    Haha, I can’t help but think this entire episode was devoted to making everyone and everything look all pretty and flowy. Even with the laundry, all those still-shots of the bishops made me LMAO while gargling fangirlgasm. xD;

    Frau gets to molest heal Teito so boobs aren’t the priority. FFFFFFFFFFFFF. :heh:

    & welll…PPF is rather old now so I’m not surprised. Yea, geezers, keep your fandom strong! ahahahaha

    UMG, Razette~! <333 She’s so cute! Gah, and I love her and Castor even more after catching up on the manga last weekend. Oh~, Castor~ TT___________TT I hope we get to see Razette sing soon. Her voice sounds so beautiful. *goes to see who her VA is* …Saori Hayami. Ooo, another rookie. Hoping to see a lot of good stuff from her in the future then. ^^


    MIKAGEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! :orz: :orz: :orz: (caps are necessary)

    It will be one huge bawlfest next episode. God, it was awful enough shutting him in that dark room tied up for the last what? …3 episodes? And now…now…ngghh T.T

    At least we get to see coughZehelcough more Frau action, though. Teito’s still such a clutz. Somebody’s got to watch over him. \3

    Oh, and…Lab-kun should be SoMT’s mascot (since he matches this year’s color theme~, lololol xDD;;; )

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 80

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^. ~ FRAU <33!!! *melts*

      Lol yeah ^^ I can't wait for the anime to show the part when Hyuuga called Ayanami "Aya-tan" for the first time XD. Aya-tan reminded me of Kyouya for some reason with his serious look but he gets funny-scaryXD when Hyuuga calls him that ^^.

      LMAO same as you on that laundry scene XD. Castor is purdy, but I giggled on Frau because that was so... XDDD lol fangirlgasm XD~~

      Yeah, probably the old jiisans have a PPG-themed bedrooms in their houses so we'll be surprised on how addicted they are to that show XD.

      I also love Razette and Castor~~~ Gosh I can't wait for their moments to show up in the anime as well! ^_^. Saori Hayami might be someone to watch in the VA world soon too ^^.

      Next episode might be have a filler, but there's still a bawlfest so it's still fun ^__^. Lol poor Mikage for being tied down for 3 episode T_T Nuuu~~~ MIKAGE TT^TT!!! Lol at the coughSpoilercough XD. Yes, Teito needs to be chained up next to Frau so that he won't cause any trouble ^^

      Lol, Labrador being the SoMT mascot will be interesting, since 07-GHOST is still shoujo so far as I know, and he's moe~~ The only problem though is that he's a 'he' XD lol.

  13. andy says:

    :glares: 😉 C est drole lol

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