07-Ghost: 02 – The smexy pervy bishop~


Warning because there will be perverted and intolerable fangirling ahead (just like usual)… And finally here’s FRAU~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The second episode tackled on introducing the rest of the main cast of the series: the three bishops. Teito’s life was saved by Frau, when he was travelling together with Castor and Labrador. As he gains his consciousness back, thanks to Frau’s loud voice that woke him up, he attempted to escaped but he failed easily due to Frau catching him, and the window he’s trying to jump out on was too high. So Teito has no choice but to stay. The bishops were good people though.

In there, he gets to know Castor, the one who wears glasses; Labrador, which resembles a child-like appearance ; and Frau, an intimidating tall guy who had saved his life earlier. Teito then now begins his life inside the church together with them, and among the people there, he mostly stumbles upon Frau, which is a perverted bishop. Meanwhile, Ayanami puts Mikage under deep interrogation on Teito’s escape.


Teito continues his falling for over a week now…


A slow-motion scene with a guy passing by and another one falling to be caught by him DEFINITELY means something.

THEY KISSED! SEE? O_O Muwahahaha! Frau needs to go see a dentist afterwards because it looked like Teito hit him hard on the mouth.


Try to find any other bishop that has this *Naught Rebel™ style, of course Frau only has it! (*brand all in stores nationwide)


Falling from the sky in a total of a one complete week sure really is tiring, you know. Teito is still exhusted, but he gains consciousness ^^.


Cloud Strife?


Falcon kick to Frau XD! Looks like Teito looked so surprised when Frau’s face got too near on his when he woke up.


Meet Castor, he wears glasses and… he wears glasses.

Well, there isn’t anything more to tell about him now because it would be spoilerific~


Here’s Labrador, the guy not the dog.

Well we can mistake him as a mammal because he’s wearing so much fur. We gotta know if they’re real of not!~ I love his eyes though (ooh purple~), and out of the three, he only has the distinct characteristic of lolishouta moe~.


And here’s Frau~ And yes, the “~” is definitely needed because he’s my favorite character of the show, sharing the same spot with Mikage~. He’s tall, intimidating and has the typical naughty rebel looks. But we’ll get to see what personality he has later in the ep^^.


Teito falls unconscious again and gets a glimpse again of his past (well, I won’t put that up here since it’s the same thing since the first episode anyway -_-), and he wakes up being found by three nuns.


I don’t know which wones will I feel sorry for… Teito for getting raped by nuns or the nuns for raping a guy that won’t return their love~ XD


Nooooooooooooo~~~~ Teito will be raped by the nuns… Frau! Where are you to rescue him?! (Note: well, he didn’t got raped in the actual show anyway, go watch *insert hentai show* if you want to see stuff like that, and anyway, that scene is saved for Frau-sama! KYAHAHAHAHA XDDDDDD) But at least, at least the nuns fangirl Teito ^^.


Guess what this potion does:

a.) Will make Teito a seme (watch out Mikage!)

b.) Will make Teito a super uke (watch out Labrador!)

Lmao… sorry for the dirty thoughts XD, I’m on a high today XD. (well, I’m always perverted, you know XP)


And speaking of nuns, we also have somebody taking over the library, she just looks a bit… freaky.


Look at Teito, he can copy the eyes of the ghost nun! So great!!! Teito shudders in fear…


…And falls over the ladder…


…Only to be caught down by FRAU~~~!!!!!!!!! Yep it really IS destiny for both of you XD!


Wooh, don’t pretend you don’t know he’ll be falling! It’s all according to your plans! Amirite? XD


This is blahblahblah meh, blame the nucleotides for having that face. But at least, look at how Castor seems interested on the book he caught…


Lol. Frau took the book and escaped. There’s a secret I smell with that huh~


Haha! Lmao at Teito’s reaction when he opened the book XD Well, it’s funny how Teito reacted, we get to know which guys are straight in this anime XD.


Ugh, Frau~ You’re such a perverted bishop! You deserved that book slapped in your face XD!


Lol Frau! Stop annoying Teito with your naughtiness! You… perv! XD


Freak-nun comes in and heel drops Frau’s head. How dare you!!! But it’s all to stop Frau’s stupidity ^^.


We also get to know more background of the story in this episode, and why is this one entitled as “07-GHOST”. Because, the church was discovered before by… you guessed it! 7 ghosts! (even though there are like, 5 shown in the pic above)


Labrador guy(not the dog) is shown also raising his flowers (literally). He also hands Teito a flower that will be quite useful later in the series.


And of course, we have yet to see Mikage in this episode, under interrogation by Aya-chan. MIKAGE~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!


Again, this series continues to be good. This episode was pure build-up though. And since it’s all just starting, we get to know the bishops in this episode. Of course, Frau’s the hottest *faints*… And I can’t wait for some adorable scenes from the manga to get animated soon ^^. Mikage, has less screentime this week though, since this episode focused more on Teito’s situation after he escaped.

Screencaps are on the next page ^_^.


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25 Responses to “07-Ghost: 02 – The smexy pervy bishop~”

  1. mikan-sakura says:

    Roflmao!!! I love the crazy fangirling XD! Great coverage again as usual ^^! Thanks for the post and teh hawt screencaps!

    Lol I really love the scene at the start where it all became slow motioned and Teito was caught by Frau when he’s falling! It really means something! It’s destiny :mwahaha:

    Lol @ the Castor commentary XD. Yeaa, he really had not much anything to be mentioned since he gets some spotlight later.

    Labrador is moe~ And hmm~ we really gotta know if that fur is real XD

    Frau’s one dirty, smexy, hawt, pervy, huge bishop. *nosebleeds* his smile is just dirty hawt… *faints*. Yesh! Dirty-hawt XD! I really lol’d when he had that secret compartment for books in the library for all his p0rn XD!

    Haha sorry nuns but Teito’s only for Mikage (or Frau, but that’ll come later in the series XD) so yep! Don’t touchie the uke! XD

    And lololol! Destiny again for Frau and Teito when Teito fell on the stairs XD!!! I love that scene where stubborn little Teito gets all scared and shows vulnerability when he got freaked out, but later became all tsun when there’s Frau. Oh, you stubborn little~

    Yea, Mikage gets less screentime, so sad though but at least there’s three hawt bishops (especially Frau) in replacement for his loss ^^.

    So yep ^^. Thanks again for the read~ Love this ep and can’t wait for the next one 😉

    • kanzeon says:

      Thanks ^^. Glad you enjoyed my pervy-ness XD (Frau and I really fit each other, right? XD)

      Lmao, destiny! Yeah! It’s not coincidence, it’s fate and destiny! Might sound cheesy but true so I agree! XD

      Yea. I love Castor, megane guys are always win especially him because he’s so kind and gentle and *faints*. And yeah, Labrador’s fur needs investigation! (lol at how we’re taking the fur thing too seriously XD)

      Hahahaha! Frau is a perverted genius, but he’s forgive because his smexyliciousness (woah that’s a mouthful) is enough to LOVE him ^^.

      Lol be careful with the spoilers XD~

      And yeah, Teito’s so cute when he’s showing a very vulnerable side. So uke~ XDD!!!!! :omg:

      Yah, or course, I can live without Mikage anyway (we are now.. oops!) and without Frau will be a punishment! XD So yeah, I think I’m attached to Frau more~

  2. Teito_is_Love says:

    Lol Teito’s expressions on this episode are just so priceless-ly cute and funny.

    :kyaa2: FRAU!!! I thought that his hair looked weird though in the anime compared to the manga but it’s alright ahaha! He’s still hott!

    The nuns are also funny~ They are fangirls as well :omg:

    • kanzeon says:

      Any hair would look hot as long as it’s Frau XD

      And lol now that you mentioned it, haha the nuns are really fangirling Tei-kun ^^.

  3. othurbden says:

    I find this show weird because of it’s shounen-ai vibes. But it’s still fairly entertaining though. I have nothing against shounen-ai though, it’s just that I see this show better as when they left the characters looking and acting more straight. I like Frau too =P

    • kanzeon says:

      Well it’s not really shounen-ai, it’s kind of more of a shoujo, but still the vibes can’t be helped. So just imagine that they’re only giving brotherly-love, ok? XD

  4. Ashelea says:

    :kyaa: :blush: FRAU!!!!!!!! :blush: :kyaa:
    He’s so cool as he rides that… thingy and when he caught the falling Teito, zomgdawww!!! I really luv how that scene was animated.

    And I lol’d the at the falcon kick scene because that was one of my favorite funny early manga moments ^^. Teito sleeping was so cute~ And Frau screaming and getting his face close and ends up being kicked is so win~!!! Kyaaaa~~~

    I guess I’ll be continuing up to fangirling them both because they look so cute together (because I’ll only get my heart broken when I ride the Teito-Mikage ship T_T)

    I also love Castor-san. I always have a soft spot for megane dudes ^^. Labrador was also moe~~~ I go KAAWAAAII everytime I see him and his smile :DD

    The nuns are scary.. They are rapists in disguise! Poor Teito XD!!!

    Oh my gawd, you’re so dirty and naughty but it’s so yummy to read XD! But lol at your commentary, I enjoyed reading it so much XD Love this show!

    • kanzeon says:

      Haha yep ^^. Even that simpple catch scene can be eally epic too XD. I just don’t feel the animation because if you looked at the screencap of that above, it’s janky ^^.

      Lol yeah, the Falcon Kick Teito can only do while chained in bed XD. I love Frau’s face when he got hit XD so priceless. I lol’d on the boat shipping XD yep it will sink if you went the other way T__T

      Castor and Labrador are both win ^^

      Yes, the nuns… but actually they’re like us… fangirls too XDD

      Haha yummy to read huh? XD Lol thanks ^^. I’m derrtei, girl you should know it XD!

  5. Haha… funny review (though it pervy but that’s what is fun to read XD)!
    YES, we got to see 3 hotties (replacement of Mikage lol) appear. *-*! This episode really did show who is straight here hehe~
    I love the all expression of Teito’s which is so funny and the discover of Frau’s porn. The nuns are indeed scary, too bad they change this scene a little. I was hoping to see Frau saying that pervert word with sparkle around lol.
    Castor look soooo handsome in the anime version and I love his voice (though I imagine Ichijou Takuma from Vampire Knight all the time =_=), love him <3 and Labrador is so adorable =3

    Yes, look forward to the next episode.. Need more of Mikage :runs: (and a little more of the Black Hawks *_*)

    Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..07-Ghost episode 2 [raw]

    • kanzeon says:

      Yep ^^. But the loss of Mikage in this episode was still sad though T_T but at least there’s Frau ^____^.

      And yeah, sadly, Castor, Frau and the nuns only appear to be straight so far XD.

      Yeah, they quite changed the scene, it would be better if they sticked to the manga, or they had added more on the manga though ^^. But still, the scary nuns are funny XD.

      Castor is love~ And yes, his voice is so warm and gentle that it’s reminiscent of Takuma-san so much ^^.

      I also can’t wait for the next ep ^^. Mikage~<3

      • lol, we need Labrador confirm to be straight soon or later XD! We all know Mikage is straight because of his porn addition too (where else could he get those porn magazine to blame on Shuri, since it was coming from his desk. No wonder he got along so well with Frau XD)
        Btw, am I the only one notice that the ED song changed a little? The violin mixed was gone o.o’ But still this version is good too =3

        Mimiko ♥’s last blog post..07-Ghost episode 2 [raw]

        • kanzeon says:

          Lol, Labrador is so moe that it’s hard to tell ^^;. And the ivy flowers he’s playing at basically says something ^^;;.. lol XD.

          Nooo Mikage’s straight? Poor Teito T__T~ Lol yup, Draco Malfo…err I mean Shuri’s at fault for that XD. And Mikage definitely gets along well with Frau ^__^ (both of my faves~)

          I didn’t noticed the ED before because I just skipped it, but now that you mentioned it, I tried watching it again and I realized the same thing too. Hmm~ but I agree ^^ both versions are good.

  6. sakura-chan592 says:

    New episode already!! KYAAA!!!!!!!!! Frau!!! Need subs now!!! :freeze:

  7. Kitsune says:

    Sounds like you really enjoy this anime 🙂

    haha Frau is fun, but I prefer Ash 😛

    • kanzeon says:

      Lol there’s someone who looks like Ash in here ^^. He’s Ayanami (or Aya-chan as I would like to call him despite his villain-ness XD) but I still prefer Ash everytime 😀

  8. warriorhope says:

    I want a robonun too.

    Of course! In anime logic falling on someone=love interest of destiny. It happened in SC with Amu and Ikuto in the first chapter of the manga and it happens to Teito and Frau twice in this episode.

    ROFL at fangirl nuns.

    Labrador might be the shota of the group…but he’s still taller then Teito (kid needs to eat his vegtables).

    Or at least see who’s completely homosexual vs who’s bisexual.

    7 grim reapers makes more sense (But I guess 07-ghost sounds better).

    Frau is the smexiest.(lots to choice from though).

    warriorhope’s last blog post..07-Ghost-Episode 2

    • kanzeon says:

      Robonuns are freaky XD

      And the “falling on someone thing” will always happen to both of them, like in the manga (I think Teito will fall on Frau again next episode XD) so yes, it’s destinehh ^^.

      Labrador is one tall moe lolishouta XD. I feel bad for Teito because he’s too short XD

      Bisexuals are hawt~ (random naughty comment XD)

      And of course, Frau’s the smexiest. The Naughty Rebelâ„¢ look is always the smexiest ^^.

  9. Teairra says:

    They are bringing us closer to THAT PART!!!

    T.T NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :orz: Get your tissue boxes ready!!!

  10. Auntie Heng says:

    :kyaa2: i’m in love!!

  11. Periwinkle~ says:

    Hello! New to your blog and I love it here ^^. Yay for fangirl gatherings XD!!!

    :kyaa: OMG FRAU is hotness supreme XD!!! :kyaa:
    Yesh! I miss Mikage in this episode T__T but it’s alright though since there’s 3 bishops in replacement and Frau! I love Frau and his pervertedness XD. Every guy really has a secret p0rn agenda XD.

    And I love how Teito always fall on Frau!!! Kyaaa!!! Looking forward for the next episode. And I’ll sure to bring my crying pillow since the moment we are all scared of is coming soon for like, 2 or 3 episodes more T__T.

  12. Xiao says:

    KYAAAAAAA~!!!!!!!!! FRAU~~~~~~!!!!!! xDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Lol, I have this funny scenario in my head that in reality, he’d have a very hard time becoming a bishop because he’s so cool and good-looking. xDDDD;;;; “No one’s paying attention to Mass! It’s all Frau Frau FRAU!” But at least they’ll have many converts. *gets stoned* |D;

    UMG~ Castor~ <333
    Haha, I have weakness for cool megane guys, as well. And Castor actually fits the description of a bishop…but still so much cooler. Aha~
    But hmm, can’t help but think that he and the other shades-dude on Aya-tan’s team are somehow related (maybe it’s just the glasses but it’s uncanny how their smiles seem so alike o.O; ).

    Lol I said this on warrior’s post but watch, Labrador is actually going to be the oldest of the three. Oi.
    But he’s so purdy~ Lolishouta~ haha xDD

    …so nuns are allowed to rape bishounens in the 07-Ghost universe? 8DD Dude, sign me up for the clergy there. *slappedpunchedkicked* |DDD;;;

    And the potion was to make him both. 8DD;;;

    Lol Freaky robonun FTW. |D

    Heh, just because certain people read porn doesn’t make them completely straight. *broken grin right ‘ere* xD;

    Agh, I still have to catch up on reading the rest of the chapters for the manga cuz want to find out more about the 7 ghosts and what Labrador’s (agh, he’s going to be Lab-kun from now on!) special flower of mysterious unknown Houdini will protect Tei-kun…if it even will. 😛 But it’s great so far. I finally got to Hakuren and super excited to hear Junie voice him! *jumps around in excitement* :omg:

    & NUUUUUU~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! MIKAGE~!!!!!!!! :orz: :orz: :orz:


    Wah! Can’t wait for the next episode! Thanks for the review! ^^

    Xiao Jie’s last blog post..Shugo Chara!! Doki ~ Ep. 78

  13. Cheshire says:

    Frau is really a COOL guy when he rescued little Teito every time. Though my favourite characters are Ayanami and fox-faced(XD) Hakuren, I can’t take my eyes of Frau as well~And in the manga it’s so funny when Castor’s mermaid changed her face into Frau’s~XDD~ :blush:

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