Bakemonogatari – Trailer


Here’s the PV for upcoming Summer 2009 anime, Bakemonogatari. SHAFT doing a horror series would be definitely interesting for their unique art style. Looking forward on how would it end up since this PV only showed so much randomness and less actual footage.

Based on the supernatural comedy novels signed by NisiOisiN, and set to begin in July 2009. A pretty obvious play on words, the title Bakemonogatari is formed from “bakemono” and “monogatari”, loosely translating it to Monster Stories (Monstories?).

Each chapter of the original novels revolves around one heroine with different powers (e.g. vampire, weightless etc.), and each chapter’s story plays an important role in the next one. The series primarily focuses on a conversation between characters; it contains a certain amount of parody to other series, media, wordplays and metahumor.


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3 Responses to “Bakemonogatari – Trailer”

  1. Nazarielle says:

    Sounds right up Shaft’s alley. And the preview sure is their style too~

    Nazarielle’s last blog post..Hayate no Gotoku – What have you done to me?!

  2. kelakagandy says:

    Oh wow! You weren’t kidding when you said less animation than random other stuff. xD

    But I’m still super excited about this series. NisiOisiN is love! :blush:

    Thanks so much for finding the PV! 😀

    kelakagandy’s last blog post..Crunchyroll

  3. PsychoLee says:

    :huh: This is not so much as a horror series as u guys say it is…

    PsychoLee’s last blog post..Chris Brown and Rihanna’s New Album!

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