Hetalia Axis Powers: 02


Look Korea, see Italy as an example…

I think this show would be the only one I’m definitely sure to blog, since I’ve been very busy with so much school work and preparations currently, and we’ll be also having graduation practices so the time remaining for me to blog is really small. Same goes to Tsui too (well, duh we study in the same school …and I want to be a nice master for the moment). So yeah, forgive me for not being accurate on blogging anime episodes especially on Maria+Holic and ToraDora! T_T… Btw, there are other better blogs in terms of writing that were currently covering those shows (take RC and SC for example)…

So yeah, this blog would be in sporadic blogging mode for awhile and would only focus first on important stuff like AnimeNTM, features, announcements and other mentionable stuff for awhile then proceed to episodics when there’s a bit of time left. Btw, my episodic posts weren’t that popular anyway, and it looks like my efforts making them are useless  T_T

It’s just for the meantime up until maybe March though, the start of Spring (plus I also need to buy an external hard disk too… girl’s drive is getting bloated XD), and hopefully we’ll be flowing continuously then. So Tsui and I were very sorry for the inconvenience… Anyway, let’s head to Hetalia…

Image spam:

This episode features first on how the air-headed Italy joined Germany’s side. And it’s so funny how he’s so much made fun of. Going back to the Korea issue, I don’t really know what they ate that made them hate this show. Korea’s still nowhere to be found and Italy’s the only country which was made fun so much in here.

Italy prefers eating pasta, sleeping, and daydreaming rather than the WWI and its consequences. It’s proven on how he sided with Germany, and still even though Germany speculated that he might be a trap who’s pretending to be innocent, he’s proven wrong, since Italy is as airhead as he could be even though he’s staying at him.

The show continues to be so funny and I’m really enjoying it being animated. Ugh, waiting for a whole week for a 5-minutes show is REAL suffering T_T


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14 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 02”

  1. Baka-Raptor says:

    Italy prefers eating pasta, sleeping, and daydreaming rather than the WWI and its consequences.

    Just like me.

    Baka-Raptor’s last blog post..A Critical Examination of Race in Anime: Part I

  2. fye says:

    OMG I looove Germany! I actually like his design better here than on the webcomic.. He looks way younger and hotter here! Plus I love Italy! Well co’z, he’s Italy! No explanations needed, he’s just moeee 😛

  3. italyiscute says:

    :kyaa: Kya!!! Chibitalia is so cute!! :kyaa:
    And I agree with you lol. Korea doesn’t have any right to get mad here…. Italy should be the one… But they’re good sport =)

  4. Gargron says:

    *not watchin the series* How can somebody make fun of the World Wars? That’s why Korea’s so mad. It’s no fun at all, with 6 mio dead jews, including a big amount of my relatives.

    Gargron’s last blog post..The short-as-usual Fall 2008 review

  5. warriorhope says:

    Italy is super cute (even though he’s like the worst house guest ever). I wonder if they’ll do random strips in between chapters.

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Valentine’s Day 2009 Shipping Countdown-Day 4

  6. Kelly64 says:

    I think it’s really unfair for Koreans to act like that >=( hmph!! If they weren’t planned on the anime, why are they complaining??? Ugh… They’re just really bitter. :ohohoho:

    And I adore Italians for being a good sport regarding the show… Or maybe majority of them still doesn’t know this show yet XD? Anyway, there’s still no point in complaining because Hetalia is just for entertainment and comedy and Italy’s so likable and cute!!! :cute:

  7. blackgyoza says:

    Roflmao. This show is so clever and funny. Plus it’s really handy to watch. Too bad it’s only 5 minutes though ;_;… I don’t really get it why people are finding this show offensive >.>… :argh:

  8. RogerOskaner says:

    “Korea’s still nowhere to be found and Italy’s the only country which was made fun so much in here.”

    Korea was never even planned to be in the anime in the first place, actually

    and as an italian myself, I think it’s hilarious

  9. defining_gravity says:

    We definitely need to see more of US and UK here!!! But Germany and Italy are still so amusing! Lol when Germany let Italy escape but he just went out and chat with the ladies XDD…

  10. foomafoo says:

    I’m always dumbfounded when I watch this show. It’s just that the show haven’t made me laugh yet even though it is supposed to be a comedy show. :zsnap:

    foomafoo’s last blog post..The Journey

  11. kanzeon says:

    @Baka-Raptor: Really? Wow… :aww:

    @fye: I also thought that!!! I love Germany especially in his annoyed face by Italy XD

    @italyiscute: Yea ^^… Chibitalia ish moe! :kyaa:

    @Gargron: Aww sorry to hear that… This show might not really please everyone I guess.

    @warriorhope: I also wonder about that too, for some more scenes other than the major arc and Chibitalia

    @Kelly64: Well, yea.. and the creator of this was just a college student, and I can’t believe korea’s getting to the point that they’re giving the author death threats… Sad though that they overreact too much.

    @blackgyoza: Yeah… 1 week of waiting for a 5-minutes show is a total suffering, just like what I said XD

    @RogerOskaner: Glad that you find it funny and not offensive ^_^.

    @defining_gravity: :kyaa2: I definitely agree with you!!! I hope, well maybe later or sooner in the series, they’ll show more characters other than Italy and Germany and the like

    @foomafoo: Dude, there’s seriously something wrong with you. :ohohoho:

  12. foomafoo says:

    I think I giggled one time only during the 1st episode when Italy shouted “Pasta~!”. Other scenes such as the Tomato Fairy Box is plainly not funny.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..The Journey

  13. lohking says:

    Great Anime! Loving the new season!

    Bleach Shippuuden Anime Site

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