Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 11 – The Fierce Showdown From HELL


IT’S THE FIERCE FINAL THREE!!! But besides from facing each other to gain a spot to the finale, the girls would have to face someone!!! Can they outlast the fierceness of the very first Anime-NTM winner?


Obligatory: Watch the OP [in HQ!]




[Wallpaper: 1024×768]


Awwwww look at how my petite little girls had grown!!! I remember how all of you are still starting in here and I never expected that time flew by so fast and there were only trés mujéres left! So at this point, I’m already greeting the three of you congratulations. Aww hug your momma here ^__^.

Since this stage in the competition, the toughness of the competition can’t be really determined… So girls, meet the very first winner of Anime’s Next Top Model, ENMA AI!!!


I will exact your vengeance. When you pull the red str…


LOL you’re here on AnimeNTM, Ai!!! ^_^


Oh… Greetings humans. I wish thou good luck on doing the shoot with me.


Ok, so since Little Miss Hell Girl doesn’t talk much, I’ll explain what will you face as the Fierce Final Three. You would be doing a high-fashion shoot wearing traditional Japanese clothing known as the kimono in this sacred temple! But here’s the twist, you would be doing the shoot together with the one and only Enma Ai!!! Be careful though, since she’s the FIRST EVER winner of Anime-NTM, she is so FFFIIIEEEERRRRRCCCCE that you’ll get ferried over to Hell if you can’t handle it! Good luck and I hope that you could set your fierce levels on the same level as hers!!!












VOTE FOR THE BEST GIRL!!! Which girls would be facing each other at the GRAND FINALE??? VOTE WISELY!!!

Anime-NTM FINAL 2 Voting!

  • SAKURA (31%, 78 Votes)
  • MISA (35%, 89 Votes)
  • AMU (34%, 87 Votes)

Total Votes: 254

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VOTING IS OVER. View the NEXT EPISODE or see the results.


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25 Responses to “Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 11 – The Fierce Showdown From HELL”

  1. Gargron says:

    Voted my first time now… for Misa. I find none of the above pictures really good, but everything is relative, so Misa is the best here. The video clip’s good, and the wallpaper. Was Nagi not nominated or did she lost already? I would prefer her.

    Gargron’s last blog post..KokidoKombine and other things

  2. foomafoo says:

    @Gargron, Nagi is apparently the host of the event.

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Link Exchange Protocol

  3. mikaino says:

    Nagi and Ai’s photo is stunning! It’s darn great!! Whattheawesomebarbecuesauceamitastingthisweekendomg!! Of course, they’re both great, oh come on.
    Nuff blabberin’ start complainin’ on these girls! I’ll try to be harsh as possible(I suck at that, my friend is better at criticizing) :mwahaha:

    Misa: Stunning, but it wasn’t the best of her. Oriental style is so not Misa :hmm: But it was the best one so far.
    Sakura: Playing safe. However, her mood and pose fits the atmosphere.
    Amu: MORE playing safe, eh? She just stood there and oh-
    She will just stood out because Ai wears white? NO! Enma pwns her like 100 times! :mwahaha: :mwahaha:

    I think Misa is the best even though her pose wasn’t the best.

  4. Moka says:

    Nagi-chaaaan, I vote for youuuuu! Wait, you are the host so you are not in the competition. Awwww, heck. T.T

    Sakura.:Enma Ai pwns. You suck. FAIL! What’s with your face, you look too carefree to be with Ai-sama. You look like some kid that wants to be on camera so much that she butted in some photoshoot. EPIC FAIL Sakura, get over it-you’ll lose. :zsnap: Lol I know, I’m a bitch today.

    Misa.:Lol whut? Why is she flying and is Ai-sama lying on the air? Also Misa, your kimono is sooooo lame. I mean red with black with white… Are you some traditional bitch? Where is the bitch in you!? I want you fierce! Sorry you are not my style today. Ai-sama is way too cooler than her. Not voting for her even though the picture looks somewhat natural. :heh:

    Amu.:Probably the best of all but still not that good. Ai-sama makes the picture. Amu looks kinda plain in this one. Both kimonos are very cool. I like how Ai-sama’s hair is flowing. It looks like she has her own atmosphere around her. Think I’ll vote for her! :ohohoho:

    Thanks for listening to my bitching now my vote goes to… Amu!!! :oha:

  5. LolitaGothGirl says:

    I would have voted for enma ai like i did all through the first cycle she totally out did them all :aww: GO ENMA AI :cheer: GO ENMA AI :cheer: but in this case i had to vote for misa because sakura’s and amu’s photos both sucked 😡 and misa’s kimono looked decent.

    I hope you win misa so you can join Ai on top :cute: ….but enma ai still comes first!!! :^_^: :XD:

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