Hetalia Cancellation: I Smell World War III…


They cancelled the show I’m most looking forward to this season and I’m so not happy about it. Issues and mild fangirl ranting ahead (it’s still mild for me, wait till you get SEVERE)…

The KIDS STATION television channel in Japan has announced that it has cancelled its plans to run the Hetalia – Axis Powers anime “due to various circumstances.” The anime adaptation of Hidekaz Himaruya’s manga would have premiered on January 24 at 25:52 (effectively, 1:52 a.m. on January 25). The official website of the Hetalia anime confirms the television run’s cancellation, but indicates that the anime will still be distributed over the Mobile Animate service for mobile phones and over the Animate.tv service for broadband web users.

A number of online Korean protesters had called for the cancellation of the anime due to what they characterized as an insulting portrayal of the Korean character in the manga. A petition on the Daum portal site includes over 16,000 unverified names as of January 15. KIDS STATION told the Yomiuri Shimbun paper earlier this week that “it was unaware of the criticism in Korea. However, a Korean character does not appear in the anime version.”

[Source: ANN]


HETALIA AXIS POWERS is considered as a criminal act. [Video]



They’re ranting over this.. [taken from the main APH site]

I know this news is two days late but oh God, this is so funny. I do get their point though (even if I don’t understand what they’re saying), and I had lurked into some news sites and forums as well (I even DARED to go visit the Sankaku Complex article >_>). Korea takes the Hetalia Axis Powers offensive and bans them from broadcasting… WHAT THE HELL. Please excuse me for ranting (since I seldom do it and I do this because I’m a huge APH fangirl.) and please keep in mind that other Koreans (especially K-anime fans) are an exception here, so don’t be offended if you know it’s not you. Aaaand I have cute APH pictures everywhere in this post too ^.^

Korea Pictures, Images and Photos

Korea in Axis Powers Hetalia

This issue is one of the most childish and ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. They’re fucking ranting and bitching off a fucking sub-character pulled out from their country’s ass.

The character is barely even seen on the comics and it’s not even in the major characters of it! Korea will just get ridiculed and the Hetalia Axis Powers comic will just get more popular and the fans will just laugh at you. Oh, and great, the creator can now add the personality “hypersensitive and whiny as if you’re going to die tomorrow” to that character.  I felt bad because Korea was supposed to be one of my favorite characters there, because he’s so cute, as well as his attitude.




Belanus and Russia

This is seriously a stupid way to waste time. They could have focus more on issues regarding economy, crisis, etc rather than this one. Plus, this is officially broadcasted only at Japan, and it’s not the animation studio’s fault that this anime to be illegally shared on the internet (coughs).  LOL the title shouldn’t be Hetalia, it should be HEKOREA now.

So… enough with the bashing…




USA and UK

Actually, I have a more concise point on this one. I’m honestly not much hating, I’m just very concerned that Korea is always attacking Japan’s freedom of speech. APH is just a fictional comedy, with characters only made funnier and stereotyped, and the author of that is only expressing himself and it is only for gag. Is there any wrong within harmless, unoffensive expression. They should really calm down and forget about their past on Japan.

There! I think it felt good expressing myself too… Whoo totally need a cup of hot chocolates with marshmallows before I get yandere because it’s really scary when I get yandere (you don’t wanna know how 😉 ).



Oh, and I’ll leave with this adorable pic of Sweden and Finland, they’re my favorite pairing next to USA and UK ^_^


Sweden and Finland


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24 Responses to “Hetalia Cancellation: I Smell World War III…”

  1. R.y.x. says:

    I definitely agree with you. They should focus more on other stuff rather than this. It’s just a gag and it’s only for entertainment purposes.

  2. talia_jaysen says:

    i agree with you. this is just a work of fiction and a gag. i heard that koreans does some suicidal attempts too regarding just to cancel this show. fuck korea, they ruined aph. they’re just bitter to Japan.

  3. Tsk tsk. Poor fangirls.

    Kairu Ishimaru’s last blog post..Site Update

  4. Panther says:

    Well I cannot be assed, was not looking forward to this show. But yes, it can be seen as a rather stupid way to force the issue and cancel the show. Still, I guess Japan wants to keep its diplomatic ties with other countries at least at a peaceable level, and it is not worth having quite the argument over an anime series.

    Panther’s last blog post..Your Eve, Disk Vision

  5. hitorichan says:

    :argh: I can’t believe that Korea still can’t get over their past with Japan. They’re almost biting ANYTHING that Japan says. I can’t even believe that the TV station let that happen too, they should’ve not let their pride down. Korea over-reacts too much and they all need to shut up just for once.

  6. jam18 says:

    This is truly pathetic. I was waiting for this show all long!!! Damn… Lol… Hekorea XD…

  7. Ashe says:

    WHAT THE HELL!! I definitely agree with you. This is just so obvious about Korea’s bitterness to Japan, like what talia and hitorichan said. They should move on… Lol I don’t wanna remember some history lessons in here XD…

    Really… Bitterness just causes stress and stress can make you ugly. Right? xDDDDDDD~~

    And you have a point about hetalia being a gag show not to be offensive, and they should be a good sport. They’re just going to get laughed over this matter. And feel free to express your own thoughts kanzeon! (and you made me scared that you said you can be yandere O.O)

  8. SJ says:

    It may be hard for some of you to appreciate, but this is really just a small side casualty for a larger regional tension. Unlike in Europe where the Germans did a good job in post war reconciliation, the Japanese bungled (or perhaps never seriously tried) to make peace for a really dark chapter of their history. There’s good reason why not just the Koreans but the Chinese as well can get so violently ramped up on what are essentially minor and trivial infractions.

    I agree that the Koreans are being a bit oversensitive on this issue, but its not like the Japanese are some sort of innocent victims as well. There have been a sort of continuous series of provocations by a tiny but vocal faction of Japanese nationalists on a variety of other issues, so when I saw the premise of the show, I’m not surprised at all the Koreans were a bit touchy on it.

    Shame too, because I was also curious to watch this show.

  9. fye says:

    I’m Korean and I had a huge facepalm on seeing how our government react on such a situation. In a middle of an economical crisis, the government should focus more on these stuff rather than wasting their energy on this.

    It’s a shame that our country are overreacting and perverting that gag show. Every country were portrayed comically and again, I’ll repeat what you said: it’s only a gag show. The other countries would have gotten angry too if this is really offensive. Now it’s humiliating that our race had now looked so immature and whiny.

  10. lololol says:

    They’re so silly and hilarious! Getting mad over something that be shouldn’t. Hahahahaha

  11. 33Tiffy33 says:

    Good news for everyone! At least Hetalia would still be aired on cell phones and on the internet (on Japan). I still wish it would get subbed though T_T…

  12. anon87674-0-0 says:

    Those Koreans need to get a fucking life. Seriously. They need to relax, breathe!

  13. fye says:

    @33Tiffy33: Really? That’s good news then 🙂 But I still can’t get over the fact that Korea can’t walk on to the future without bringing along their dark past wiht Japan…

  14. foomafoo says:

    Anyway, I think Koreans have their own issues since I might as well be pissed off if I feel my own nationality is being toyed with :umm: . It was unfortunate but there is nothing we can do. Hope it doesn’t proceed to WW3 lulz.

    By the way, is the show really shounen-ai? :sweat:

    foomafoo’s last blog post..What a Team Blog is composed of.

  15. lumiel says:

    This is so disappointing. Koreans should not take things too seriously.

    @foomafoo: No it’s not shounen-ai, it’s a gag comedy ^^

  16. warriorhope says:

    :dun: It does suck majorly. Them being overly senstive espeically. (sigh) Korea barely shows in the wed comics and he’s not even going to be in the anime..

    At least they’re still showing it online, so you’ll probably get to see it anyways.

    The pictures are cute though. :aww:

    Another UKxUsa fan. :blush: (this series is trying to make me into a Yaoi fangirl)

    warriorhope’s last blog post..White Album-Episode 2

  17. 7 says:

    Dammit! I was also looking forward to this show too!

    7’s last blog post..RideBack – Episode 1: First Impressions

  18. […] you’ve probably  heard by now, Hetalia Axis Powers is not going to air on Kids Station now because of a Korean online […]

  19. HideKazu says:

    That video make me laugh! Oh look at how they are so serious about it XD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid Koreans.

  20. biankita says:

    What annoys me is that if they named the characters differently (not based on countries), South Korea would not bitch about it. :dun:

    … somehow that image of Sweden and Finland reminds me of Antique Bakery XD

    biankita’s last blog post..Tokyo Crazy Paradise: Shoujo + Yazuka(???)