Kanz: AGAIN due to severe boredom and plenty of time but no money anymore for hanging out and no lessons to study yet, Tsui and I are randomly playing with my G-Pen at my house. I drew a small little creature inspired from Digimon/Pokemon/Monster Rancher/whatever the hell it came from and this random drawing turned out to be extremely cute…

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Anime’s Next Top Model C2: 08 – I Kissed The Girls, And I Liked It


The FINAL 5 will continue to duke it out and show more of what they got! Anime-NTM Cycle 2 is now different, since back in cycle 1, the double-photoshoot episodes only starts in the Final Four, but now, we’ll already start it to these five remaining girls because everything’s becoming fiercer by the second! So there would be no eliminations this week. Anyway, here comes the continuation of the Fabulous Five Showdown!

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Persona 4: Ch 1-2 – We are living our lives~~~

This is the manga adaptation of the PS2 game recently released last year, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.

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ToraDora OP2 – silky heart

[Update:] Here’s the 2nd OP for ToraDora

I think the timing for the OP was good. I can’t say that it is definitely better than Pre-Parade but I guess it can grew upon me. I think the song’s also as catchy as Vanilla Salt. The characters also seems to be more serious this time now though. I think it’s because of the character development happening now in the series.

2nd OP single for ToraDora, Silky Heart by Horie Yui. PV and download link below the jump.

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ToraDora ED2 – Orange

[Update:] Here’s the 2nd ED for ToraDora

In my opinion, the ED was a letdown from the first one [Vanilla Salt]. I only liked the first parts with the instrumental. I think the chorus was catchy though, but still not as captivating as Vanilla Salt used to be. I can’t say I didn’t like it but I guess this one would be the typical ED where I’ll just fast-forward it.

2nd ToraDora ED “Orange” by Rie Kugimiya, Horie Yui and Kitamura Eri. Download below the jump.

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Final Fantasy 13 – New Trailer [01/29]

You can watch it on youtube HQ here. [Official website]

This trailer shows much more on the upcoming PS3 and XBox 360 game as it shows real in-game battle, as well as voice acting. Definitely looking forward for this game.

Vampire Knight Manga: 47


I can’t agree with you more, Zero.

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Hetalia Axis Powers: 01


Let’s learn history while having good laughs shall we?

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White Headernorn

So these are my current official banners for this theme. The major motif is the color white, going along with the most prominent color of course. Glad you’ll like them all ^^.


See the other banners :]

Doubt: 19 – Truth

This is it! A new chapter! And ZOMG it contains a shocking revelation to one of the players in the game and a total cliffhanger to the end!


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