Hetalia Axis Powers: 01


Let’s learn history while having good laughs shall we?

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The series started in the world conference. Which I found really good, since everyone had made their introductions and a glimpse of their personality. USA plans on being a hero on saving the world and Japan agrees to the USA, as always, while Switzerland says to Japan that he should have his own way and decisions. Finland and Sweden are always lovey-dovey cooperative to each other. Greece being a sloth, UK (looove him) being haughty, France being narcissistic, Russia having “family” problems, China being… well, Chinese, Italy being humorously dumb, but somehow I don’t get it why Belarus is represented as a maid… and so on and so forth with the intros… I really found it totally entertaining and funny. Especially with UK’s annoyance to France and Germany giving an awesome PASTA.

The Ancient Rome arc shows how powerful Rome had used to be. Rome is Chibitalia’s grandpa, so there are quite some comparisons between them. Then there’s the main historical arc. We found Germany in a forest, and then he encountered a box. Then the scene is cut and we move on with the Chibitalia arc…

The Chibitalia arc focuses more on Italia Veneziano’s youth, his grandfather Roma Antiqua, and his older brother Italia Romano. There’s a bonding moment between Italia and grandpa Rome while they’re drawing. The arc also showed chibi Austria, France, Hungary and The Holy Roman Empire and Chibitalia was like separated away from them.The first episode ends with The Holy Roman Empire chasing Chibitalia. Btw, the ED theme is bright, colorful and MOE <333333!!!!!

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Btw, I apologize for the crappy screencap quality. I only took them from the streaming -_-;;

I love how Studio DEEN didn’t disappointed us fans with this one. First of all, the voice acting is absolutely nice. I’m so glad that they kept the Drama CD voices. From Chibitalia’s oh-so-cute voice to Germany’s badass-ness, it’s all win. Some countries/characters doesn’t have a seiyuu yet though (well, that’s what I know), like Greece, Belarus and Latvia.

Seiyuu info [ANN]:

Daisuke Namikawa as Italy
Hiroki Takahashi as Japan
Hiroki Yasumoto as Germany
Katsuyuki Konishi as America
Kishô Taniyama as Narrator
Masaya Onosaka as France
Noriaki Sugiyama as United Kingdom
Yasuhiro Takato as Russia
Yuki Kaida as China
Aki Kanada as Chibitalia
Akira Sasanuma as Austria
Atsushi Kousaka as Estonia
Go Inoue as Spain

Jun Konno as Holy Roman Empire
Kazutada Tanaka as Poland
Ken Takeuchi as Lithuania
Michiko Neya as Hungary
Rie Kugimiya as Liechtenstein
Romi Paku as Switzerland

I also have nothing bad to say about the art also. It’s all I wanted it to be: light. The character designs are also nice, and it definitely keeps up with the original manga.

And now let’s go to country talk… UK is probably my favorite character (while FinlandxSweden is my favorite couple… gotta mention that lol) because I really like haughty characters that drinks tea with class. I also like USA and Estonia because they wear glasses like Sweden (oh god did I mentioned that Sweden is hot?). And Belarus for being a femme fatale. Ancient Roman Empire is also awesome, and I think that his voice works well form him (just like with everyone). OMG Chibitalia is totally cute and having him animated with that meltingly-cute voice is win. Oh holy mother of Jupiter, I’m such a crazy fangirl…

So overall, this is a clever way to have entertainment and learn history at the same time. All characters are adorable, and each fit in perfectly on their own cute stereotypes. I’m absolutely watching this series (hey, being a 5-minute show full of bishies helps) and maybe fangirling it too episodically. When it comes to subs, I do hope that aarinfantasy would continue their plans on subbing this one. Hetalia is randomness and awesomeness combined. Word. So if you haven’t watched it yet? Go now! :zsnap:

[EDIT]: There’s subs by gg!!! Woot!


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17 Responses to “Hetalia Axis Powers: 01”

  1. kei-ty says:

    I just watched and it’s so sad that it’s too small T_T I hope hte HQ and subs would come out soon…

  2. Brie16 says:

    I <333 Germany!!!

  3. fye says:

    Wow, I’m glad that Animate made it possible for Hetalia to air! I just hope though that it’s bigger. I can’t wait for aarinfantasy subs too. Chibitalia is my favorite arc, because of course, of Chibitalia’s moe-ness XD.

  4. lumiel says:

    So where’s Korea now? XD

  5. foomafoo says:

    Korea 😡 give me high def 😡

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Lupin VS Conan!

  6. warriorhope says:

    Yes. It’s following the manga really well. The art is very good too.

    Ah. Uk :aww: Love the tsundereness (his girl form even has twin tails XD I like Russia too. Chibitalia’s voice is cuteness win.


    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hetalia Axis Powers-1

  7. Arkyheart says:

    OMG there’s subs already!!! It might not be aarin but I’ll endure gg!!! I guess there’s nothing wrong with their subs… It’s just that aarin subs are really nice too bad they take so long before they release them.

  8. lonely_anon says:

    :cheer: Chibitalia ftw!!! He’s so cute! I never imagined that the seiyuu can pull off that cute chibi voice. And I’m also glad that somebody finally subs this lol.

  9. kanzeon says:

    @kei-ty: Hope you’ve watched it now because subs are finally out =)

    @Brie16: Me too ^^

    @fye: OMG Chibitalia isn’t my fave arc but I totally find it very MOE :kyaa2:

    @lumiel: Probably hiding in shame lol

    @foomafoo: I demand WAR!!!

    @warriorhope: OMG UK is sooo tsundere!!! Hahaha he’s so amusing to watch :omg:

    @Arkyheart: I totally agree. Aarin subs well but it just takes them too long… but yeah, the wait is worth it anyway.

    @lonely_anon: Aki Kanada’s voice for Chibitalia is so moe ^^

  10. amayalee says:

    I must watch this! XD :spark:

    amayalee’s last blog post..Palace of Stars

  11. wondering says:

    Does this anime really shows what happened in the real WW? :huh:

  12. warriorhope says:

    ^It shows random factlits (such as the sucky Italin gernates) sometimes, but stays away from the darker details. For obivous reasons.

    However it shows other parts of history in more detail such as the Austrian War for sucession and the American revoluntionary war even if they basically make it into a love story

    @ Kanzeon: He is, he is! It’s cute when he’s just a dork too. example: “I just wanted to kick France’s ass, now I’m neutral.”

    warriorhope’s last blog post..Hetalia Axis Powers-1

  13. foomafoo says:

    The forest part is kinda senseless. 😳 What’s with tomatoes :huh:

    foomafoo’s last blog post..Lupin VS Conan!

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  15. Doo-Ree Kim ( says:

    I would understand if Koreans protested for the manga… which DID have korean character… because it is in a bad relationship with japan. however, why did koreans protest against the anime, which didn’t have a korean character? that was stupid. I think that they were mistaken and didn’t research enough. it’s sad to see a stupid mistake leading ppl to talk shit about my homeland.

  16. Alesia says:

    Hetalia is the best show ever!!!I love all the characters and America the most just because I am from America and him and his burgers makes me rofl. Nobody should get offended by it it’s all good fun. The world is full of stereotypes that’s reality if you can’t laugh at them then you’ll live your entire life offended by stupid things.
    Besides Hetalia is very educational :mwahaha:

  17. Natsumi says:

    :blush: …I love your Blog my Best Friend love Hetalia and yours chibi it´s so cute!!!!!!

    Natsumi’s last blog post..

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