Vampire Knight Guilty: 09 – What A Feeling!


Oh lol. The last episodic post I made was about Vampire Knight and after a week without posting some anime episodes (because of schoolwork and laziness FTW), I’m back again… This time, with another Vampire Knight again XD. Anyway, skip the next two paragraphs on Kan chats if you don’t wanna hear my problems and head over to the real VK impressions…

First, here goes thy picture spam… [Click them for full resolutions]


Kan chats…

Being so much busy these days really made me find it hard to blog anime on time, but it’s actually not noticed due to a lot of random posts and news XP. We have a lot of stuff to catch-on. I’ll catch up with ToraDora later or maybe I’ll just combine it with my episode 10 post; Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae 07 is already out in subs so maybe yeah… need to catch that one up too Tsuiteru is absent in school for 2 days now because he’s sick so Kannagi 08-09 will be moved (again); plus I have no idea when will he make his posts regarding efand I can’t believe I’m saying this but, I really felt lonely in classes T.T… (Please get well soon!); I already dropped Kuroshitsuji on blogging but I still watch it and head on to Kitsune‘s posts to be updated on the series; and I also dropped a lot of other shows like dead flies on the windshield…

You know, sometimes I really thought of halting episodic posts because I felt really sad when it looks like my efforts on making them are really not paying off that much. My filler posts/news/music posts/random posts get more hits and comments than them to be real. 🙁 Yeah, I’m quite sad… Or maybe it’s just because I’m busy and lazy at the same time T.T… BUT I’ll do my best to catch up 😀 Just please understand my situation… Oh lol. So that ends my ramblings…

Anyway, after two incoherent paragraphs of non-Vampire Knight related blabber, let’s move on with the series. Overall, this happens to be a huge flashback episode after the big action and revelation at the previous episodes. For those who are reading the manga, we all now know what will happen next and it would really lead to a huge grand finale. This season only lasts for 13 episodes again, and the final episode is entitled Vampire Knight (Vampaia Naito), which is really quite intriguing because it’s entitled with the series. Besides from the series catching up on the manga fast, I wonder if the anime would make its original ending.

I really enjoyed every screentime of Aido here. From the Cinderella-like slipper wearing, to his cute expressions (yes, he’s SO moe). I really love how he turned his mischievousness to great respect on to Yuuki. Another awesome character is Kaien Cross. Woot! Finally he’s showing his bishie side XD (He and Yagari are my personal fave BL slash couple in this series :P) and I’m definitely looking forward to more of his awesomeness. Zero is now on his emoangstlikeyou’dneverseen-before mode now but needless to say, I’m still getting the feeling (and hoping) of him to end up with Yuuki, especially that he’s my Vampire Knight for sure ^_^. Kaname’s father (Haruka) is awesome too 🙂 DEFINITELY like him more than Kaname. Rido is scary, but I must say that his character design is genius and Castlevania-esque. The scene where he was being eaten by that sand-monster thingy made by Haruka was very disturbing, as well as the present Kaname coffin scene (lol at the bubbling blood XD)…

Overall, flashback episode is a flashback, no matter how much I would like to sing “Flashback (What A Feeling!)” but for sure, this is a breather for lots of more excitement. I’m really loving Vampire Knight to its fullest again.


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7 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: 09 – What A Feeling!”

  1. nazarielle says:

    “plus I have no idea when will he make his posts regarding ef”

    memories or melodies? Either way, I’ll look forward to that post. I just marathoned a tale of memories twice in the past two days and omg is it good :>

  2. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: Tsui is currently blogging ef ~a tale of melodies~. We both watched ef ~memories too ^_^ And it’s a must to watch the sequel if you love the first 🙂

  3. biankita says:

    i sat through 20++ minutes and what did i get??? less than 5 seconds of rima and shiki ;_; the best part of this episode was this commercial:

  4. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: Yeah that’s some stuff I’ll rant about… And we’ll have to get to see them again (in a cute scene, if they’ll follow the manga) after a couple of episodes. And lol at the Lala commercial XD!

  5. nazarielle says:

    You bet I’ll watch it! But I kinda want to wait until all the episodes are out to watch it. Did you guys watch the first series as it was airing? If so, how did you feel about watching it that way?

    And sorry to totally derail this post into ef, but that’s the only thing on my mind right now D:

  6. amayalee says:

    Ah, Zero, so emo! I like Zero somewhat but gosh, it’s just hard to watch his emoness. I prefer his brother to him.

    I need to catch up to the manga, cause this episode covered the last part I read. I like the manga so much more.:D

  7. kanzeon says:

    @nazarielle: I watched it when it was still airing. I don’t know about Tsui. When I watch it, lol at how I lose patience to wait for another week before a new episode airs XD.

    @amayalee: I really don’t like Ichiru (especially with that hair -_-). I like Kaname better than him, actually. OMG the next few happenings on the manga is so intense!!! Read it now!!! 😀

    @tsuiteru: Ever heard of texting or YM? Duh… you don’t really have to ask me that online here >_>… Anyway, yes, you should.

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