ToraDora!: 12 – School Festival ~part 2

I’m ToraDorably late in this show!!! Skipping is necessarry 🙁


Short summary…

Continuing their plans for the cultural festival and some issues regarding Taiga and her father. Taiga offered Ami some box of expensive macaroons for them to exchange roles because Taiga’s father is coming to watch the match. Minori then comes and when Ryuuji told her all about this, she became sad and just ended up having an argument with him.


Ryuuji then realizes what he had done hurting the girl he secretly likes and just hanged out on Ami’s usual fortress: the vending machine area. Ami finds him and comforts him. Ryuuji then goes home and hears his mom says that Taiga’s father looks very selfish, upon seeing him move in with Taiga, and she’s sad that Taiga’s not living with them anymore.



On the day of the school festival, their play seemed to turn out as a huge success, with everything going on fine and smoothly. The role of Taiga as a villain was stellar, and Ami’s charm as a protagonist appealed to everyone. Even sensei had became too much attached with their acting. But overall, all’s fine and well.


After the successful play, it seems like everyone’s impressed, even student council president Sumire. Taiga, Ryuuji and Kitamura hangs out in the corridor while Ryuuji talks when will her father come. Taiga looks like she’s more concerned with his situation with Minori. By the end of the day, Taiga’s devastated when her father didn’t come along and she didn’t had the chance to play the lead role…

~Banira saruto de~Burning Love!~

(yeah lol, I’m totally addicted to the ED)

Next: PART THREE!!!!!


Kan chats…

First of all, I really lost it on episodic blogging -_- It’s either I’m too busy or lazy to do some. But I’d probably catch up on Vampire Knight and Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae this week ^_^. On the others, I honestly have no idea what is Tsuiteru planning anymore in his life because he’s so not blogging, and we can’t make the Kannagi posts without keeping an eye on him because I know for sure he WOULD embarass me -_-”. He also said that he dropped ef ~melo for some reason (but he’s just crying over the fact that Yuuko died XDDDD). If you ever read this, blog something or I’ll rip off your ass the moment I spot you!!!

Moving on to ToraDora, Oh father issues… I really had some too IRL…

Well, before I turn into a RL Taiga, about this episode, we get into some more serious note on the series but it’s quite great because the creators still manage to add a touch of effective humor in it. As usual, Ami is almost close to being a favorite character of mine now. Minori and Ryuuji seems to have that lovers’ quarrel which is unavoidable and Kitamura continues to impress the student council president.

About Taiga’s father, I’m actually leaning in to Minori’s side. It’s unfair of Ryuuji to instantly adore Taiga’s father without even getting a glimpse on how would they act when they’re together or knowing his true nature. He may be rich and such but is he really a good father? Taiga seems to hide that from Ryuuji too. I think the next epidoe would reveal them all ^_^.

Oh and my top 10 for ToraDora! 12 are:

  1. Taiga – Get to show some of her background. Plus she’s (again) SO TORADORABLE in this episode! And I want the macaroons…
  2. Ami – For comforting Ryuuji, PLUS she’s not annoying!
  3. Sumire – I really like the student council’s personality! So evil-awesome! I guess I can see myself in her when I’m in my disciplinary committee officer mode XD…
  4. Kitamura – For showing leadership and leading cooperation to everyone in the successful play! ^_^
  5. MILF – Ryuuji, look at your mom! She might be always drunk but she can understand things!
  7. Minori – Lol at her being bald! Well done.
  8. Male classmates – Awesome.
  9. Ryuuji – I can’t wait for the next episode!!!
  10. Macaroons – *Drools*


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3 Responses to “ToraDora!: 12 – School Festival ~part 2”

  1. blissmo says:

    I think Minori is right as well because she can “see” people for who they are. Ryuuji’s just being really over-protective of Taiga’s father since he lost his I guess.

  2. 53RG10 says:

    I’m with Ryuuji, I didn’t understand why everyone dislikes Taiga’s dad…but it seems everyone else has a better judge of character than me {or Ryuuji}.

    Taiga’s dad better be some big @sshole since Minori was unhappy about it…and if the bubbly character is mad, it means things are really bad.

    And Ami~♥! ^_^

  3. MMMHH.. School festivals. Every anime HAS ONE right?

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