Vampire Knight Guilty: 07 – The Thorny Kiss


Oh my, what happened to Shiki’s silver eyes?

Kan chats…

I must admit that this is definitely one of the better VK episodes ever since the first season. Lots of development and revelations! Also, I finally picked the series up again after finding out that it’s definitely getting better and we get to the point where I get to see more of Shiki and Rima, actually they’re the only reasons why I’m following this series XD… I’ll continue following this using raws 🙂 The post contains huge spoilers for those who are still catching up on the manga btw so please proceed with caution. [plus click on the pictures for larger resolutions]


Rido (in Shiki’s body), along with his dog Ichijou, visits Kaname in his room. It was mentioned that it was their first meeting again after 10 long years. Rido seems to be very upset with Kaname killing off his wife Shizuka. After that, Kaname inflicts harm on Rido but Ichijou blocked it, because even though it’s Rido, he’s still using Shiki’s young body. Rido thanked Kaname for visiting him, and while walking back in the corridors, Rido walks past Rima, with her killer glare.


The look on Rima’s face explains that she seems to worry about her best friend. Plus she looks like Utau from Shugo Chara… love them both XD


The next morning in the Cross Academy, Rima, Kain and the others saw Shiki together with Ichiru. Kain asks Rima if he knows anything about it but Rima just became aggravated. Rido visits Ruka in her emo pity-party and invites her to be his “snack”. Ruka noticed Shiki’s eye is different from his real silver one and she freaks out when Rido pulls her.


Ruka resists Shiki but she ends up being crashed into the wall. Before Rido could continue harming Ruka, Akatsuki storms up and protects Ruka. Ichijou comes in and stops everyone and orders Shiki(Rido) back into his room. After leaving Ichijou begs Ruka and Akatsuki to refrain on telling the incident to Kaname.


Ugh I honestly don’t like Ichijou… I just want him to die alone in a corner. He’s just there for some yaoi-fanbait, which I really don’t seem to appreciate that much because I want Shiki to be together with Rima XP… Plus we already have Aidou for the cheery blonde of the cast, and I looove him way better. Don’t hate on me, just sayin’…


A vision attacks Yuuki again while she was with Kaname in front of the fountain. The vision shows a young boy telling her about a rose that blooms once every ten years only, along with her more recent memories of Kaname and the special rose he gave her this year that she values so much and keeps it in her dorm. Yuuki passes out, and Kaname carried her into the Headmaster.


Outside the school at night, Ichiru stomps on Rido’s coffin, wishing to wake up. On the snow, Rido, along with Ichijou, talks about he’s finally only a few steps before getting what he truly wants, but Kaname appears out of nowhere and said that he cannot lay any finger on his precious Yuuki. When Yuuki regains her consciousness, she had hallucinations of blood everywhere, which made her hard to breathe. Zero comes in to check her out, but Yuuki strangles him and tried to choke him.


Yuuki was shocked why Zero didn’t retaliate but as we all know about how emo Zero is, he told her it’s because his life belongs only to her, and he is deeply indebted. After Yuuki saying that it’s her fault that she wants him to take her blood, she gets Zero out of her room.


Yuuki being alone again, she was attacked by her hallucinations of blood but Kaname comes in, and Yuuki cried loudly while she hugged him. Zero seemed to hear her crying, so he barges into her room, only to be seeing Kaname casting a spell on Yuuki to lose her calm her down, then he flees out of the window. Yuuki wakes up in Kaname’s arms, wishing for her blood-stained world to be back to normal, but Kaname tells her to open her eyes and leans in to bite her neck.



Blood slowly trickles down, and Yuuki felt a feeling of warmness in the cold snow. She realizes that Kaname was already biting her and tries to panic but Kaname kept her from resisting by covering her mouth, while he continues to suck on her blood. Yuuki felt like she was swimming into her veins, and then she loses her consciousness. After that, Kaname bites his wrist and fills his mouth with his blood. He kisses Yuuki while Yuuki tastes and drinks his own blood.



After that long, bloody kiss, the two hears a gun being clicked, and they saw Zero pointing his Bloody Rose at them. Zero seems very furious for her smells two vampires now instead of only just one. Before he could shoot, Yuuki blocks Kaname, and begs him because Kaname is her BROTHER. Kaname is an incestual pedobear.


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9 Responses to “Vampire Knight Guilty: 07 – The Thorny Kiss”

  1. FuyuMaiden says:

    “Kaname is an incestual pedobear.” – Yes. And a really possessive and rather obsessed one, so let’s add stalker in there too somehow.

    Well anyway, it looks like it’s time for me to pick up Vampire Knight too…maybe watching it once a week instead of reading it once a month will prevent all the boring plot-related dialogue from flying right out of my head.

  2. biankita says:

    OGAD!!! this is the start shiki and rima awesomeness i’ve been waiting for! must downlaod nao. shiki finally gets a spotlight ^^

  3. […] unknown . Excerpt: Zero seems very furious for her smells two vampires now instead of only just one. Before he could shoot, Yuuki blocks Kaname, and begs him because Kaname is her BROTHER. Kaname is an incestual pedobear. … […]

  4. Kitsune says:

    Looks like multi-colored eyes is one of the trends this year 😛

  5. kanzeon says:

    @FuyuMaiden: Yes. And he’s selfish, manipulative and evil. Basically I just hate Kaname ^_^. And it’s quite nice that you’ll be picking up the series again too like me 🙂

    @biankita: Yep. Finally the moment we’ve all been waiting for: for Shiki to get naughty 😉

    @Kitsune: Lol I wanna try that too, maybe wearing a blue contact in my right eye while green on the other XD?

  6. biankita says:

    finally saw it and so much shiki awesomesauce!!! i didn’t even get annoyed that the pedobear, the tarsier and her per emodude had more screentime./

  7. Kitsune says:

    Ah, blue and green would look cool 🙂

  8. Maura says:

    YAY!!! The episode we’ve all been waiting for. This made me happy =D Good Job reviewing, I can’t wait to watch episode 8

  9. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: Lol tarsier XD… Their part was really good, I must say, even though how emo that was.

    @Kitsune: Lol, cool!

    @Maura: Oh God I also can’t wait too ^_^. I can’t wait for more Shiki awesomeness.

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