ToraDora!: 02 – What are you going to do with a ball, some cookies and a pole?

Sorry for the super delayed post X/… But whoa! Things are really getting fast this episode. The first two episodes had like, covered 11 chapters of the manga… but I don’t have any major complaints at all.


OP: Pre-Parade by Kugimiya Rie, Horie Yui and Kitamura Eri – I pretty much like the colorful visuals shown and it focuses on the five main characters on the series. The song is cute but I find it hard to sing along with because the lyrics are SO fast. I like the ED better though.


Ryuuji and Taiga now starts off their agreement. On their way to school, they see Minori, but Taiga went on to her which made confirmed Ryuuji that he needs to put on Kitamura together with her first before he could have the chance to get close to Minori. They did not waste any time and started their first attempt immediately on their P.E. class, where they paired up so that Taiga can ‘get injured’ by Ryuuji when she got by the ball and she could get Kitamura take her to the clinic. Talk about acting. But Taiga got very distracted because Kitamura paired with an another annoying girl, which leads her to get really hit on her head with an impact XD.





Next attempt: Taiga baked some cookies for Ryuuji. Taiga went on a hurry giving it to Kitamura, who’s running. But she ended up slipping on the stairs and the cookies flew out of the window. She was catched by Ryuuji though. I love that scene, though I felt more ‘doki-doki’-ness in the manga…


After school, Taiga went emo with her failure on giving Kitamura the cookies. Ryuuji then comforts her by eating all of her cookies, saying that they’re delicious… OWWW That was so sweet!


They encountered a huge dilemma when rumors started spreading around school that they are going out. It also made Minori asked Ryuuji to take responsibility of Taiga from now on XD… Kitamura also had figured out about that since they are always out with each other. This leads to Taiga fainting.


On their way home, Taiga revealed that the cookies weren’t delicious at all and Ryuuji was just forcing himself XD… She then remembers why she is always being so alienated in school and saying that she is alone. She kicks the lamp post repeatedly, but Ryuuji joined her, making her feel that she was not alone all along. That symbolic scene was my most favorite scene so far in the manga. Anyway, Taiga also said that tomorrow, she’ll finally confess to Kitamura and his days of being her dog will be gone. She leaves him by saying a single goodbye.


Random Parrot screenshot of the week.


The next day, Ryuuji and Taiga stumbled upon each other again but Taiga just ignored him. Ryuuji went into the classroom, which was really messy because of Taiga’s wrath. She defended Ryuuji back at the classroom and confirmed that the rumors aren’t true. Minori even apologized to him. Taiga calls Kitamura outside to finally say her confession. Ryuuji accidentally saw the two and just hid himself to speculate.


Ryuuji is just listening to Taiga’s confession to Kitamura…


Kitamura wants to confirm if Taiga likes Ryuuji. Taiga replied that she doesn’t dislike him, but neither ‘likes’ him. She even shared to Kitamura some instances where he cooks her some fried rice and he always went on by her side to cheer her up. She also said that it is because of him that she became motivated to confess today.


I don’t know what the hell is with Kitamura in his reply. A part of me speculates that he already sensed that Taiga likes Ryuuji and a part of me also says that he just misinterpreted her confession as a confession for friendship.


Kitamura left Taiga, which is currently in a silent state of shock. Ryuuji then came in and asks what is up with her now after that. He offers her to cook but Taiga denied since he wasn’t her dog anymore. Ryuuji then refuses and confirms that he’s not her dog anymore, but a dragon, which is always on the tiger’s side. Cheese, but cute. Ryuuji then called her with her first name, Taiga, instead of Aisaka. Taiga almost tear up but remained tsundere by kicking him. Deep inside, she was happy that Ryuuji called her by her first name.

Kan chats…

Well done for Toradora for doing a great job on the fast pacing. I thought that Skip Beat! was the only one show this season to keep up a good job on that but this proved me wrong. Even though it covered a whole lot of chapters from the manga and tackled a lot of situations like with the basketball, the cookies, the pole-kicking, and the confession… it was alright. The next episode will probably focus on Ryuuji’s attempts on Minori though, whic a touch of some baseball.


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14 Responses to “ToraDora!: 02 – What are you going to do with a ball, some cookies and a pole?”

  1. Kitsune says:

    Yay, plenty of good screenshots!

    That basketball hit must have been painful…

    Ah, that lamp post scene was nice 🙂

  2. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: I really love putting up screenshots but it really takes so much time XD…

  3. Kitsune says:

    Upload them all at once as a gallery and make comments as captions then 🙂

  4. frog212 says:

    In regards to Kitamura’s reply, I felt that Kitamura doesnt feel that way towards Taiga and just wants to be friends. He heard what she had to say and that’s it , he turned her down gently. My only question is why did he laugh like a maniac in that one scene on the rooftop? o.O

  5. kanzeon says:

    @Kitsune: I really got used to Photobucket, thanks for the suggestion though ^_^

    @frog212: Lol I love that scene :). I guess he thought that his speculations regarding Taiga and Ryuuji are correct that’s why he’s laughing there.

  6. issa-sa says:

    I had to watch the scene twice since Kitamura’s reply totally confused me (Chinese subs did not help). In the end I just assumed (from the previous laughing scene) that he’s just crazily deluded and thinks that Taiga confessed to him as ‘practice’ for when she eventually does it to Ryuuji.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @issa-sa: Lol Kitamura is a very confusing fellow… So it seems that Kitamura’s interpretation is that Taiga’s ‘real’ love is Ryuuji… ^_^

  8. biankita says:

    OUCH!!! this is why i don’t like sports…

  9. kanzeon says:

    @biankita: Lol, I’m never a sporty person too XD… Just look at how the ball sank into Taiga’s face XD…

  10. 7 says:

    I really love putting up screenshots but it really takes so much time XD窶ヲ

    I know right? I had the same problems too, but here’s something that might help you…

    What I do is I go back to a previous post that has pictures with my desired format (alignment, position, dimension, etc), then edit the post in HTML mode.Look for a piece of HTML code that corresponds to the picture and copy it.

    On your new post, go to HTML mode and paste the code. There should be a part of the code which refers to the url of that pic. Simply change it to a new one and voila! Fast and easy image embedding. This is much much faster than flash uploader method.

  11. Kitsune says:

    This is much much faster than flash uploader method.

    Yes, this is a good way to do it, if you don’t have 150 images that is 😛

  12. ETERNAL says:

    The lamp post scene was probably my favourite part of the episode, strange as it was.

  13. Xiao says:

    Nice screenshots. Especially the slow motion ones. And this one! The ball literally became her face. lol xD

    Ah, the pole scene! The pole! Something tells me that it’s going to get knocked down in the future. and take the rest of the adjacent poles with it xDD;;;

    Same here on Kitamura and the confession. Or maybe he’s one of those guys who knows like everything or something (ok, that’s exaggerating it but yea) and sees a lot of potential in hooking Taiga and Ryuuji up. He can tell they’re alike because of the tough situations they’ve been in and because of that, he thinks they can understand each other well. Hmm, maybe. :/

    So…baseball next episode? I thought Ami would come right after the whole “You’re a tiger, and I’m a dragon!” thing or did I skip some of the manga chapters? I’ll have to go back and check.

    Thx for the review! ^^

  14. kanzeon says:

    @7: Thanks for sharing 🙂 . My method was to upload them all at Photobucket and since it features automatic copy and paste when you clicked on the embed link, I just click there and click on my post (repeatedly) XD. I tried at Flickr though, but Photobucket’s way much easier… And another problem of mine was resizing T.T… To make it fast, I just drag the image and luckily, it ends up looking fine (I hope XD)

    @Kitsune: Lol XD… I don’t usually put up 150 images on a post on a regular basis but it kinda makes sense btw…

    @ETERNAL: Yup. It was really sweet of Ryuuji to make Taiga realize that she’s not alone ^_^…

    @xiao_jie88: Lol that ball screenshot took me hundreds of attempts to get a perfect shot where the ball sunk into Taiga’s face XD… And poor pole XD… Btw, I also agree on your opinion on Kitamura, but he’s very vague XD… I haven’t read past chapter 11 yet on the manga and I kinda forgot so I also need to get back up again ^_^.

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