[switch]: Sneek Peek

Another anime OVA that I would probably be watching this Fall season is [switch], based from the crime-themed mystery manga series by Naked Ape. Two trailers are currently released as of now and it already gave me a vibe of Death Note’s dark atmosphere.

First Trailer:

Second Trailer:

Woot! Trying out PollDaddy for the first time here XD…


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4 Responses to “[switch]: Sneek Peek”

  1. Maire says:

    The character looks almost identical to Light!! Tho light is better looking in my opinion.

    Sadly I will not be watching this =( I could watch the Death note Movies,and read the manga but I could never watch the full anime since I got easily bored. don’t ask why.lol. So I don’t think I’ll be as entertain if I watch a show with similar vibes to deathnote.


  2. Kitsune says:

    Not going to watch it because the plot does not interest me, I find those hair crossed on foreheads quite irritating 😛

  3. kanzeon says:

    @Maire: Yep. Light looks definitely better ^_^.

    @Kitsune: Lol… I also found the redhead irritating… Just cause I thought Kai(his name) would be getting black hair on the anime adaptation XD…

  4. hazy says:

    Looks interesting. Anything mystery and crime-themed is worth checking out in my book. ^^

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