Rabbit Doubt: Chapter 14 and 15

Yes. They…


…And I thought that this was the last chapter… Good thing that it’s not ^_^

[WARNING: Fabulous Massive Super Mega Bombastic Spoiler Alert if you continue so don’t tell me I didn’t warn you! Spoilers can make a good series umm.. spoiled.]


It was revealed last chapter that Mitsuki is the wolf and she has two bar codes, one on her left side of the neck. It was also revealed that her main reason for making this game is that she wants to kill liars, in which she also suspects to be Yuu one.


That part kind of reminded me of the Saw movies, where the killer punishes the wrong-doers. In this case, Mitsuki is punishing all of the contestants because they are major liars, from Rei, Eiji, Haruka, Hajime, and now she even doubts Yuu, for having to lie on her.


Then welcome to the game of lies.


Ow poor Rei-chan… Being the first one who got killed T.T… Well, that maybe a valid reason for Mitsuki killing Rei (OMG I don’t want to remember how she killed her again…) because I thought that Mitsuki only killed Rei because she got jealous of her closeness to Yuu at the start of the game.


Eiji is a murderer-slash-liar and Mitsuki hates both (even though she’s also one XD) so Eiji gets… restrained. BUZZ and bye bye hottie!


So that was the reason of Haruka’s liberated attitude and flirtiness. She was a prostitute. She even blackmailed some of her costumers that she will uncover their names on public if she had not gotten any share. A lying bitch deserves to be killed right. Poor girl, getting her head decapitated and battered.


Hajime killed a elementary school girl because of a training incident. I almost thought before that he was the wolf but ever since he got stabbed on the back by another person except Mitsuki, while he was watching her. I thought that there is another person besides my primary speculation of Mitsuki on being the wolf and I already crossed Hajime out of that list.


Lying is scccaaarrry!


Woah… yandere-Mitsuki ftw…

My speculations of Mitsuki being the wolf is correct, as well as my theory of having a ‘second’ wolf or the ‘main’ wolf, which is Mitsuki’s father. The story is coming to a conclusion soon and I hope the next chapter (which comes out on November btw, its a long wait T.T) tackles some more about how Mitsuki killed them and some more background information. I also wonder if what Yuu did/lied to Mitsuki, which pulled her over the edge and made her do these things. Now that Mitsuki’s father is the mastermind, will Mitsuki be able to understand her friend and protect him or will innocent Yuu get a very unpleasant ending for the series? Omigod this manga can’t get any better and I. CAN’T. WAIT. for the next chapter.


Personal Speculations: I’m thinking that Mitsuki will fake Yuu’s death to her father (as what have seen in the second-to-the-last page, she carries a ‘fake’ dead Yuu body. I don’t think it’s Yuu himself because he is tied up and he’s still talking a lot.)… And I think that Mitsuki will unfortunately, die because of: 1.) sacrificing herself for Yuu or 2.) getting up killed by her own father…

I just hope NOT because I still get a slight hint of ‘LOVE will save everyone’ ending (which was horrendous imo, if it happened… but still) that would become for a ‘good’ ending because I think Mitsuki needs a total wake-up call so that she would understand everything.

[P.S.: I’m reading this while listening to looping Nana Mizuki’s DISCOTHEQUE, because I’m SO alone at my pad right now and it’s dark because it’s raining… I need a contrasting happy background music or else I would get a heart attack because of the suspense! XD]


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7 Responses to “Rabbit Doubt: Chapter 14 and 15”

  1. amayalee says:

    O.O I am reading this…*Runs away to start*

  2. Fire anonymous says:

    oh,this is cruel game,Love cant save Yuu-my favorite character.i think about ending:Yuu will escape(oh man,i watch so many jackie chan’s film-he escaped when he was tied like Yuu)after kill mitsuki and help hajime.Yuu will find and crush “mastermind”-“mitsuki’s father”??? by himself because he cant call police-Mit’s father is police!well,manga rabbit doubt have something like Saw-the spy within them.
    p/s:poor Rei chan,i can’t forgive Mitsuki-kill a little girl cant resist her.

  3. kanzeon says:

    @amayalee: Be careful because it contains gore and I find it hard to breathe everytime I read it ^_^ I posted a recommendation post here.

    @Fire anonymous: Yeah… That’s really unfortunate of Yuu to be in a hopeless situation like that. But I guess Mitsuki will help Yuu in some way for she loves him 🙂 p.s. = Rei is cool but too bad she only got a little screentime T.T

  4. omisyth says:

    I don’t even know what’s going on in this manga anymore.

  5. kanzeon says:

    @omisyth: WWWRRRYYYY?????

  6. axel says:

    well i just hope it won’t with Yuu surviving the game with something like mitsuki’s dad arresting him and getting away with everything by framing him for the murders.

  7. Cary says:

    Jᥙst a smiling visitor һere to share tһе love (:, btw outstanding layout.

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