At wit’s end…


Ok, so here’s my promised post on my retreat adventures on Calaruega, Batangas….. For those who don’t know what a retreat was, have you gotten into school? it is a recollection of ourselves and a time of unwinding and relaxing from the busy days of school and give time to God. We study on a Catholic school so it is a part of being a student here.

The bus trip was fun… NOT. Well, actually the DVD they had there was just old karaoke songs so all of us belted it out (and the weather kinda cooperated and thank God it didn’t rain that day..)… By the way, before the trip, all iPods, PSP’s and other gadgets were confiscated but thanks to my expert hiding skills, I brought them throughout the trip, fooling those confiscators XD!!!!! I’m a ruuuullle breakahh >.<!!!


Woah! These people sure know how to censor their faces without asking them to!


Now we’ve finally arrived there!!! 99% of all retreat houses are rumored to be haunted… At night, look right behind you and… BOO!


We have given a break from the busy days of school and a time to unwind and be closer to nature, friends and God… Yeah it’s boring. Actually the fun part was making my classmates cry by saying words of gratitude and reminiscing on our last 4 years on high school. Tears and sneeze ran out from their eyes and noses as they cried and cried LOL!!! Haha… actually, I cried for a short time only once but that’s because I miss my blog!!! the words said were very deep and touching.



This maze is really one of their nice attractions. Be sure not to get lost! (Or to fall on the steep steps!)


There’s also a kewl hanging bridge in the deep heart of the forest. (Sorry but I have to censor my pose there!)



At night, we went uphill to visit the church there. It is called the vineyard of Christ due to its designs of vines at the front door. There’s also a huge mosaic in the front altar part. While climbing uphill, it was truly an experience to step on frogs because it is totally dark and the noise of cicadas and frogs are deafening. Anyway with my rants, it was totally cold (and scary) because the place was totally rumored to be haunted but so far in that night, I haven’t seen one (…or does that girl in white I saw sitting on a rock count as one?…)




Our dorm is really nice. Even though it’s not what I’ve expected (they’re not airconditioned and we all share a HUGE hall full of double-decked beds)… I luckily still find myself comfortable in it. The thing that disappointed me was THERE ARE NO GHOSTS!!!yet. Thank God that we all broke the 10:30 sleeping-time rule and we all slept for like, 1 in the late late night because of having fun without getting drunk chatting, reading my retreat letter given by lots of people and more fun. There’s even a giant pillow fight! Yipee!!!

*There are lots of things and pics that happened and I took than what I’ve posted here but they’re mostly about self-reflecting and class bonding moments so I’ll just keep that one private. ^_^


The next day…


Since it is mostly free time today, we explored the hidden wonders and views in Calaruega. The view just from the top of our dorm was astonishing. But since I’m not contented with just that, I went to some more explorations!!! Luckily, we discovered lots of ruins, gardens and wonderful views there. It was totally fun! I didn’t know that there would be hidden shortcuts that would lead one place to another there…


The farthest place I’ve went to… After those scary ruins and long trolling, here a huge flight of stone stairs which lead to a grand view for mountains.


I took this one standing at a cliff… LOL I can’t believe I’m still alive.



I don’t need to censor this one.. Just FIND ME HERE!!!!!!!!


So this wraps up my incoherent, educational, OMGWTFBBQ-ness of this post… If I have the mood to censor lots of faces, I might post a part 2 of this including the foods, ghost huntings, my photography skillz and more wackiness!!!

…But that is IF I have the mood to.


– kanzeon


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10 Responses to “At wit’s end…”

  1. Llora-chan says:

    Ugh~ I still have to do my Alaska post…
    But anyways, I go to a Christian school and we do the same thing (I think) for our last year. I won’t be going to it because this year (10th grade for me) is the last year I’m going to a regular school. I’m going to go to SAS (School of Advanced Studies) so I won’t be there for the retreat.
    Oh, and I like the pictures! I especially like the one where you censored yourself with Chi.

  2. xephfyre says:

    Don’t tell me you were doing the ~nyan nyan pose.

  3. Sagacious1 says:

    I just realized for some reason that churches out in the middle of nowhere creep the hell outta me. *shrug*

    Awesome pictures though. I can easily say I’ve never been to anywhere like that before, that’s for sure. I guess I’m just too much of a city-boy, but I wouldn’t have a clue what to do there. Probably end up dead before sun down from petting random animals and eating whatever mushrooms I see lying around.

  4. issa-sa says:

    It’s so perrrtyyy!!!!
    (I need to get myself a new camera)
    And the Chi censor rocks XD

  5. Solviter says:

    …Your title’s VERY familiar…

    I WONDER where you got it…

  6. biankita says:

    haha! i love drunken haunted retreat stories! never went to calaruega though but the batangas retreat houses are always be most haunted (or so they say).

    because you made think of my college days, i posted the kallen omake for you. nah… it’s only because my broadband antenna broken and downloads are not yet complete. no suzaku though.

  7. kanzeon says:

    @Llora-chan: The one with the Chi censor is extremely forbidden to see lol! And I also can’t wait for your Alaska post!

    @xephfyre: LOL if I did that, God might punish me and make me fall on that bridge XD!

    @Sagacious1: LOL!!! My situation there was like ‘hell in heaven’ (XDD)!!! You are banned to use gadgets there (even if I brought my iPod)… And yeah… the church there was creepy with additional insect noises and frogs hopping at your feet PLUS you’ll see random roaming girls in white when you look behind at night.

    @issa-sa: Not to mention scary! j/k >.<!!! Well, most sceneries and landscapes are very pretty here that I can’t believe for it to be VERY haunted.

    @Solviter: right at your butt ;P

    @biankita: Lol I can’t believe you love being drunk.. Well, at least you might mistake REAL ghosts for your pals… and your pals for real ghosts when you’re drunk >.<!
    …and I’m still at high school no matter how old my classmates look like XD well, except for me! (I’m so vain XD)(really)…

    PS – this is the longest reply comment I’ve ever written so far here XD!!! Love y’all and thanks for commenting!

  8. Shin says:

    Why, you’re the prettiest person there of course! Other than that, nice looking trip. I’ve not left the house for quite some time now, let alone visit places like this.

  9. Kitsune says:

    Beautiful photos 🙂

    Kitty censoring! lol

  10. kanzeon says:

    @Shin: Lol, stop it Shin! *tsundere**blushes*

    @Kitsune: Kudos to livejournal for sharing me cute and funny Chi icons!

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