Absolute Anime Opening Themes

Ok, so everyone has their own favorite anime openings of all time, we may all differ but I kinda have a unique taste of openings. I base it from the song itself, the video and how memorable the opening would be for me. I also base it on how it gives me ‘the chillz’ everytime I watch and listen to it. So here goes my fave OP list!!!

20: LET ME BE WITH YOU – Chobits OP


Chobits will stay one of my favorite anime of all time as well as its OP sequence. The techno single by Round Table is cute, catchy and sweet. What makes me love it is the innocent feeling it gives to you by the lyrics and the video. It so cute!


19: DUVET – Serial Experiments Lain OP


“Present Day, Present Time… HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”… Lol! That’s always stuck in my head! The song by BoA is in Engrish and I love anime opening songs in EngRish! Serial Experiments Lain is definitely a classic anime masterpiece with a memorable OP sequence.


18: SAKURA KISS – Ouran High School Host Club OP


It had been almost 2 years since Ouran ended but the song is still stuck on my head! By just the opening line “Kiss kiss fall in love!”, it makes you fall in love with the song by Chieco Kawabe immediately.


17: BOUKEN DESHO? DESHO? – The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya OP


Well, what ‘best anime OP countdown’ would be without a Haruhi OP? Lol, seriously, this song is really catchy and it’s a good job that they did that song to start a show which many people fell in love with. Aya Hirano’s singing voice may not be very marvelous but it can get hearts of many otakus!




The trance opening of AIR TV is quite controversial before but that not makes it one of my favorite OP themes of all time. I am a fan of trance music. Tori no Uta mean “A Bird’s Poem” which is fitting to the series itself.


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  1. kanzeon says:

    This post was a patched-up post of my Live Anime OP Countdown Special All 4 parts are combined together into this post for easier viewing. To view some comments, check out the individual posts for each part:

    PART 1
    PART 2
    PART 3
    PART 4

    Btw, you can still comment here. Do you like this list? What are your favorite Anime Openings? I would like to hear them!!!

  2. Chibimisaki says:

    sweeeeeeet! :woo

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