Xam’d Lost Memories 02: Pure AWESOMENESS.

This one is the best anime this summer season, hands down.

This series had managed to get a good pacing and story-telling. Surely, this one has a huge budget that’s why the foreground animation is absolutely perfect and in-detail. A perfect example is the flying-kick scene:

Hyper-ultra awesome kick!

The fight scene was jaw dropping! You’d regret it when you blink for one second! You’ll be stunned by the explosions and chaos happening everywhere! PLUS, did I mention that the OP song SHUT UP AND EXPLODE has a very cool title?

Then the red-head girl comes… I actually don’t like her because I like the long-haired one better but I might give her a chance… I also smell a potential love quadrangle in here: the glasses guy-<3-long haired girl-<3-main lead guy-<3-Nausicaa gurl…

Well if you still don’t manage to watch it yet, go watch it RIGHT NOW! Shoo!!


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2 Responses to “Xam’d Lost Memories 02: Pure AWESOMENESS.”

  1. AIR says:

    TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU!!! This is the best anime so far this season! Too bad it’s only for the PS3 and there’s area-restriction…

  2. CinderBird says:

    ‘SHUT UP AND EXPLOOOOODEE’!!! The OP song was pure AWESOMENESS too!!!

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