Vampire Knight 01: Night of the Vampires

Welcome to the Vampire Host Club, a club where gorgeous vampires spend time with fanboys and fangirls…NOT..

The first episode started off on Yuki’s past where she was saved by a vampire which is Kaname then there is the introduction of the Night Class which consists of attractive bishounens and bishoujos.. Nothing much about this but its like an introduction like every other first episode of any anime..

What I love about the anime is its cast of gorgeous characters and its unique story. The OP theme is great too but sounded much as other typical pop songs. The ED theme of the anime is eerie and gothic.. i love it. This is not your typical shoujo anime. What bothers me is that I have a feeling that the manga will stay better like the other manga-turned-anime series. But still, I’m already hooked on this show and continue to follow it..



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