Soul Eater – 04

Episode 04 – “Witch Hunting Invocation!?: Heart Throbbing Graveyard Supplementary Class Lessons?”
“Majogari Hatsudō!? ~Dokidoki Hakaba no Hoshū Jugyō?~” (魔女狩り発動!?~ドキドキ墓場の補習授業?~)


Shinigami-sama tasks Maka, Soul, BlackStar and Tsubaki to do an “extra lesson” since they failed to collect any souls. They are to find and stop Sid, their teacher who was stabbed in the head who preys upon the students. They go to the cemetery, and Sid attacks them, wielding his own gravestone as a weapon. Maka and Soul tries to attempt their Soul Resonance – “Witch Hunt” but they are unable to control it properly, causing them to fail. Black Star captures Sid with Tsubaki’s chain, and it is revealed that Shinigami knows that the one who made Sid a zombie was Death Scythe’s first partner before he worked with Maka’s mother, Dr. Franken Stein.


The animation quality continues to impress me in this episode. I hope this would be consistent..

BlackStar also gets credit for capturing Sid in this episode and showing at least some brains and strategy in capturing him. Overall nice episode but it kinda lacks some comedy but its still alright..


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  1. I don’t believe I would be ready to do that. But looking at your writing here makes me feel like I could do it.

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