Nousatsu Rock Shounen – Frog to Prince; Geek to Rockstar


Charming Rock Boy (Nousatsu Rock Shounen) is the sequel to the oneshot Charming Rock Star (Nousatsu Rock Star) by Kikuchi Kamaro. The story tells about the unique story of Fujisaki Maki, who once had a peaceful life, until where she decided to help Nobitani, who is the target of bullying. Now everyone’s bullying her because she helped him. Because Nobitani feels guilty, he gives Maki tickets to a famous local band called ‘East Robo’. Since Maki is a huge fan of the band and its charismatic lead, Maki decides to go and during the concert. Maki noticed that Neji, the band’s lead singer, took a glance at her when he sung a ballad!

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