Happy Halloween & Welcome to the new METANORN!

Happy Halloween and WELCOME to our new HOME~

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Metanorn is baaaack!

I’ve previously commented that our layout is sooo Dollars. I just wish I had that kind of back-end POWAH~ XD
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Summer love & Fall plans

Time for some Summer love, team fun style~
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Site is back up!

Did someone sleep on their desk? Not new to me but…. ^^;

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Express More


Here in Metanorn, commenting is now made more fun!!! Why you ask? Because look below at the comment box, you see those cute little gif images? Yay I heard you, everyone can now use them in commenting! Just click on them and try! Now here’s each and everyone of them stands for, or means. Most of my icons are the infamously cute onions, and credits to Photobucket.com for all of the icons and big thanks to whoever who made them.

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[:METANORN:] gets a touch of Halloween!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I’ve decided to create a bunch of headers with a touch of Halloween!!! Of course, following the cute tagline “Trick or Treat!”, I’d had much fun making these sweet banners. Here is the sneek peek of some that I’ve made. Btw, if you have noticed it, the first one is up ^_^.