childhood friends – METANORN

Sankarea – 07

Ranko might not be a living corpse, but she deserves some love too. <3

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SKET Dance – 07

This many childhood friend stereotypes in one place can’t be healthy.

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I ♥ HS: Ch.02 – Do ‘it’ next time with the windows closed!


A HOT new chapter of I Love HS! When I say hot, there’s smut ~_^.

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ef ~a tale of melodies: 02 – read

Haha… Finally, I have some free time to finalize this post as well as to do something to update my blog (and thanks kirusuki for providing me screencaps ^_^). From now on, I’ll try to divide my summary into two parts: Yuu and Yuuko’s route and then Kuze and Mizuki’s. That’s because I find it can be confusing to combine both routes and put it altogether like what it was on the show. Now here it goes…

Yuu + Yuuko


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SA ~Special A~ 01 – Hikari/Kei

Those legs go for miles…literally…

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