SA ~Special A~ 01 – Hikari/Kei

Those legs go for miles…literally…


Hikari is always second to her childhood rival, Kei. She even attended a prestigious university just to face him in every way. The top 7 students in their school is called the SA or Special A class, where they have their very own private and luxurious garden where they reside. Its also their choice to attend classes or not..


SA is one of my much awaited shows this season. I love the manga very much because of its unique characters and comedy-romance. This is also one of a few shows this season that is romantic-comedy without being ecchi. I find the long arms and legs a bit weird. I also think that the series is trying to look like Ouran High School Host Club. About the ening theme, its quite unusual but I think its not very bad. Overall, this is not a bad start for the series.


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