Shuumatsu no Izetta – 10

Wheelchair is yet another effective counter to Izetta.

Germania looks poised to conquer Europe, and Otto even has his eyes set on not-America and not-Russia.



Magic Hax

All your magic are belong to Sophie.

This episode confirms a few things from last week. Firstly, it is confirmed that the magic stone Sophie possesses does in fact suck up mana from the land. And it’s suggested that this draining of natural magical energy is permanent, forever changing the map of the ley lines. However, such a convenient ability has to come at a cost. And in this case, it seems that using the stone drains a witch of her life. What this means is not clearly explained; we don’t know if it shortens the witch’s lifespan or has some similar effect. But we do know that using the stone causes physical pain to the one who wields it. Right now, Sophie is getting by with the use of painkillers developed by the workshop. But in the worst case scenario, they are producing more cloned bodies that she can transfer her consciousness into should her current vessel break under the stress of bending even the laws of magic. Not that Sophie seems to care about any of this. As far as she’s concerned, she doesn’t care what happens to her or anyone else, as long as Eylstadt is destroyed. Now, I had thought her mission completed by now; the capital and most of the country’s large cities have been captured by Germania. But apparently it’s not enough. So I guess Sophie’s end game is to have the country that betrayed her totally wiped from the face of the planet. Though I’m not sure how she’s going to accomplish such a feat. No weapon, and I doubt not even magic, can utterly obliterate an entire country and its culture. That is, unless Sophie can use magic to drop an asteroid on Eylstadt. But given the collateral damage involved in such a world-changing event, I’m sure Otto would have a few words with her about that.

The other half.

Moving on, it is revealed that Seighart is in possession of the other half of the magic stone. It’s a bit of a convenience, but not a huge surprise, to learn that he is the descendant of a servant to the prince in the legend of the White Witch. And driven by Izetta’s appearance, he uncovered some of the secrets related to the stories of the White Witch passed down in his family. This includes a diary detailing the truth behind the legend, and, big surprise, the other half of the magic stone. This all makes good sense though. As a current servant to the leader of Eylstadt, it’s only natural for his ancestor to have held a similar position in the past. And since we know that his ancestor was involved in the betrayal of the White Witch, it makes sense that he would have the other half of the magic stone. Since we know that witches in general are not all-powerful due to their geographic and natural limitations, the magic stone is really the one thing that makes Sophie special; it allows her to break rules that have been set about breaking rules. Take the stone away from her, and she becomes that much more vulnerable. Considering that this is what the traitors probably did to deliver Sophie on a silver platter to the Inquisition, it’s not too hard to imagine that they also split up the stone and hid the pieces among their numbers on the off-chance that things went wrong and Sophie came back for revenge. It’s a solid plan, but I will say that they could have done better by splitting the stone into more than just two pieces. Anyway, since Sophie never did return until now, the pieces would have been passed down for generations until one of them finally landed in Seighart’s hands.

Feels Bad

You’d better stop Izetta before she kills herself using that magic stone…

But that’s enough about magic and history. This episode also further showcases the relationship between Finé and Izetta. It’s no secret that the two care greatly for each other, but here we see the true extent of the debt that Izetta feels she owes to her friend. Yes, she’s always been fighting on Finé’s behalf to protect the people of her country and to help the archduchess realize her dreams of a peaceful world. But even after being defeated and crippled in battle, Izetta still insists on returning to the frontlines. Of course, as a witch she has the best chance of facing off against Sophie. But she and everyone else knows that with the magic stone in Sophie’s hands, she just doesn’t stand a chance. Regardless, this goes to show the extent of Izetta’s conviction. And while it could be interpreted as something inspiring, I’m honestly more concerned. Because Izetta just continues to beat herself up about not being able to repay Finé. And the way things are going, it looks like nothing short of self-sacrifice and death can even begin to pay off the debt in Izetta’s mind. And even then, I imagine her regretting not having done enough in her dying moments. It’s really become a severe complex for Izetta, and I think Finé needs to realize this and do something to alleviate her friend of the guilt and obligation that she feels. I understand that the archduchess recognizes that she causes suffering for her friend. And I can see that she makes an attempt to free Izetta from her burden in this episode. But she’s just doing the wrong things, and I don’t think she understands the full extent of Izetta’s complex. Shedding tears for her friend and suggesting that they give up so that Izetta won’t have to fight any longer only deepens the witch’s guilt and convinces her that she’s not doing enough.

One last point of interest in this episode is Berkman’s honorary promotion and subsequent dismissal at Otto’s command. The emperor is a shrewd and cautious person, so Berkman’s exemplary service and outstanding accomplishments makes him a threat. Berkman took things relatively calmly and without incident. But I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time before things blow up with the way Otto is running his empire. If Elliot’s tacit disapproval of his decision to turn on the Volga Federation after conquering Europe is any indication, the emperor is starting to be blinded by his ambition, if he wasn’t already. Yes, an ironic situation considering the revelation last week that Elliot himself is blind. Anyway, I can imagine internal discord within the empire in the near future if Otto continues to fire people who perform too well for his taste. And unfortunately for the megalomaniac, all-powerful witch or not, his empire is going to start crumbling very quickly if his currently blind followers start to doubt him and he stretches his soldiers too thin by picking too many fights.

What is Berkman’s next move?


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12 Responses to “Shuumatsu no Izetta – 10”

  1. HannoX says:

    It went by quick, but I saw what was undoubtedly this world’s version of an atomic bomb being developed by Germania. I would think that is what Sophie intends to use to destroy Eylstadt. While the consequences in the immediate area outside of Eylstadt could be severe, I think Otto isn’t concerned about that. For one thing, it’d make a nice demonstration to intimidate not-America and not-Russia.

    • skylion says:

      …also magic based V-2 and mabye even V-3/4/5? Something like that?

      But yeah, not-Oppenheimer (or maybe it is always Oppenheimer?) and his deadly toy is just over-kill now.

      • HannoX says:

        Those were V-1s they showed attacking Londonish. V-2s were much larger and did not have an engine mounted external to the main body.

        • Sumairii says:

          I was just telling skylion that the show missed a great opportunity by not using the sound of an actual pulse jet… It’s so much more menacing than whatever they ended up using.

    • Sumairii says:

      A nuclear weapon may be able to level a city, but an entire country is much larger than a city. Not to mention, the people will be spread out through the land as opposed to all living in one city. Since we know Eylstadt isn’t a city-state, I have doubts that Sophie can wipe Eylstadt from the face of the planet using the Germanian nuclear weapon. That said, I’m sure this is the direction the show will take, as you suggested.

  2. HannoX says:

    Sophie, why don’t you destroy the real enemy–Spammy.

  3. skylion says:

    I’m guessing that even if Sophie can transfer to a bunch of clones, the wear and tear of the procedure will have it’s toll. Magic is a cheat code (hax) but that comes with shortchanging the actual work and the actual living of being human. Which is fine for Sophie as she, as you allude, wants to wipe the offending country from the world. So it looks like a matter of timing. Who is gonna give out first, Eylstadt or the White Witch?

  4. Rin says:

    It’s hard to care about Izetta when she has such a warped view of herself. She sees no value in herself whatsoever. That was okay as her initial characterization, but I expected she would grow out of that to some extent after 10 episodes. Well, tough luck, she hasn’t grown at all.

    If she dies without ever overcoming her issues, this is gonna be a pretty meaningless story, even if she somehow manages to save Eylstadt. It wouldn’t be a heroic sacrifice, but a pretty emotionally damaged kid throwing away her life without ever understanding herself or how others felt about her. It’s kind of a pathetic death, actually.

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