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That blond hair… Those thick eyebrows… That smug… That racist remark… Could it be?!

Hello again! I apologize for my lack of activities online. I recently had my graduation two weeks ago, and I went to another city for some health check-up for my job. So many things to do, I hardly touched the internet. Even if I did, it was to read yaoi. So I’m sorry if I didn’t reply to the previous comments, I will try my best to reply them from now on *bow* Anyway, I finally managed to spend some of my time to catch up to anime (read: only Drifters), and I was pleasantly surprised with episode 2-3.

Thank goodness I didn’t make a single post for episode 2 because the whole point of episode 1 – 3 is character introduction. Let’s talk about the trio’s adventure first before talking about the other characters. Not much can be said about the characters except that my interpretation about Nobunaga is spot-on: while he is the clown of the group, he is also the most dangerous one because of his strategies. I guess we can say that he is the strategist of the group, so he has to follow toned-to-dumb-on-purpose trope. While he is one of the protagonists, he falls under the category of anti-hero because his actions are against the ethics of a hero. Smart but ruthless, “sloppy” but full of ego, and the most important of all, only thinks about himself – that’s what Nobunaga is all about.


Glowing eyes and awkward fighting stance are the current trends of Sengoku soldiers

Well, except the fact that all three falls under the anti-hero category… Sort of. Yoichi is the “shota” of the group which has the happy-but-deadly personality, while Toyohisa, since he is the main character, of course has the heart made of gold… That is covered with too much blood at times. That is probably why the main characters look “different” despite of the normal trope they carry: they don’t mind spilling some blood at all. Instead, that’s what they are looking forward to, as it was said by the Grand Master of Octobrist.

Although Nobunaga, Yoichi, and Toyohisa are the main characters, they are not the only Drifters of this world. We were finally introduced with the other Drifters. They are Scipio, Hannibal, Sundance Kid, and Cassidy (which is voiced by lovely Onod~). It’s interesting how the nature of the Drifters here are explained, and how it ties with the current conflict of their present world. Basically this Black King dude is trying to conquer their world, and in order to do that, they bring in conquerors from other worlds. I guess this is literally an eye for an eye, a conqueror for a conqueror. That is why the dude in white corridor brings in soldiers and lords – he wants them to use their charm, wits, brains, whatever it is to help Octobrist to fend of Black King with his Ends and retake the regions conquered by the Black King.


So I guess this is where Sauron went after he got his ass kicked by Frodo

Not only about Drifters, is the audience also given implicit explanation regarding Octobrist, Black King, and Easy. Easy is the black version of white corridor dude, while Ends is Easy’s version of Drifters. It’s interesting how the Ends are the ones who ended their lives tragically, from Joan, Anastasia, to Hijikata. Well, at least, most of the people who joined Black King are recognized from leaving this world either filled with regrets or feelings of humiliation.

Anyway, back to the characters. Black King is… the equivalent of Octobrist? I don’t think so, since Black King seems way superior compared to the Grand Master. The nature of Black King himself is questionable. Is he a human at all? It seems that he has something against humans, from his speech all the way to his soldiers (many of his soldiers are non-humans). This is odd, seeing how he has human hand. Maybe he is an elf? It would make sense if he is an elf since the system of that world seems pretty messed up with the whole “humans are superor!” nonsense. Whoever he is, I am sure as hell his involvement with the war has something to do with the unequal system. Y’know, the whole typical “the world is evil and I need to change it!” crap every anime have. Unless Hirano Kouta proves me otherwise, of course, and that’s what I hope he will do.

Although I did say that they spent most of their time introducing characters, I was really impressed with how they deliver new information implicitly by slipping it here and there during the introduction and war scenes. With only two episodes, I manage to grasp the reason for grabbing “barbaric” Drifters, their personalities, the dejected nature of the Ends, the questionable system of the world, etc. etc. That is why I didn’t feel bored at all when over half of the episode is only about red splash or cutting people’s head – I was fed with new information regarding the characters and their current world. I think they did a pretty good job of showing the sadistic nature of this series while keeping us informed with new things. That’s awesome multi-tasking right there.

Or maybe I was just charmed with the splattering blood here and there. It’s been a while since I watch anime with lots of blood like this. Y’know, meaningful blood, where they don’t force the characters/events to splatter blood everywhere just like Blood-C. That one is way over the top. I can actually sit back and watch the poor minions get cut here and there because I know that’s how the Japanese Drifters were raised to be – warriors who are supposed to shed blood. So the violence is definitely there, but I don’t see it as something forced unlike that other series which had evil bunnies grinding humans like cake ingredient. Anyway, so far it’s still giving me a good impression. I want to say more, but I know I have to stop now or else I’ll make a paper out of this. I hope next time they delve deeper into the concept of Drifters, Ends, and the Trumpish- er, weird system of their current world.

Preview: Is this even a preview, words are not preview.


So I’ll just post their “funniest” lame gag instead of words from now on


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25 Responses to “Drifters 02-03”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    That blond hair… Those thick eyebrows… That smug… That racist remark… Could it be?!

    Yes, it is! A certified douche that deserves some divine comeuppance.

    Seriously, it’s a curse. I can’t look at the character designs and not think of Hellsing. No doubt that and Drifters share the same author. Aside from that, the show’s doing its job delivering action and violence in equal measure. It goes without saying that when both sides clash, it will be all out madness, what with apparently every warrior around off their rocker.

    One of the matters I’m looking forward to is the explanation to difference between the “Drifters” and the “Ends”.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      I don’t think they even need to explain the difference at this point, though an explanation would indeed make things clear. Drifter’s are probably your ‘good’ heroes. The ones that don’t want to destroy the world and have noble intentions every now and then. Note they are probably only good in the anti-hero sense. ‘Ends’ Probably had really crappt ‘ends’ XD and thus aren’t the cheerful sometimes nice guy bunch that the drifters are. Ends probably have serious issues ;). Btw I’m surprised that blond knight guy wasn’t associated with the Nazis, with all that racial hate.

      • BlackBriar says:

        A good thing you added the “anti-hero” bit to your theory. Otherwise I’d have had a hard time believing the Drifters are made to be the good guys. Because those I’ve seen so far look like they were either power-hungry superiors or battle crazed nutjobs. Our main trio in particular has at least one for each criteria.

        Where the Ends are concerned, I’m baffled Joan of Arc is within their ranks. Seeing that she’s a pyrokenetic (Fire user), I guess it’s supposed to symbolize possible resentment being betrayed and burned at the stake for being labeled a witch after risking her life to save the same people that turned on her.

        • HannoX says:

          after risking her life to save the same people that turned on her.

          Not quite, if I remember what I’ve read about the Hundred Years War correctly. While Burgundy is part of France now, at the time it was a semi-independent or rebellious province and was allied with England during the war. It was the Burgundians who captured Joan and sold her to the English.

          But if you mean the French king (Charles V?) who abandoned her after she got him crowned, then you’re right.

        • ProtoSovereign says:

          HAHAHAH I’m not saying the Drifters aren’t power hungry or battle crazy. But they still maintain some sort of baseline morality and/or they haven’t completely lost their marbles like the Ends probably have. i.e. There’s still some good will left in them.

          • anaaga says:

            This makes more sense since Drifters and Ends are actually the same when it comes to raw power and ruthless personality. Some of them are even more classy than Drifters in some sense such as Anastasia (maybe). So what makes them different? Can they choose sides? Questions and more questions.

      • anaaga says:

        Oh and I actually thought of Nazi but since Donald Trump is the latest icon of racism trend in 2k16… Thought I can make Metanorn stay a lil’ bit up-to-date 😉

        • ProtoSovereign says:

          ROFL 😀

        • ALEXANDRE MARTINS says:

          Great comparison. Of course, Nazi, but Trump is an American Nazi, after all. I quake when I see so many Americans talking about voting for him…

    • anaaga says:

      Hmmm Yea it would be nice if we can get to know Ends and Drifters mechanism, whether they are forced to join the side or not. Yoshitsune looks pretty “neutral” to me

  2. Foshizzel says:

    Loving this anime! The third episode definitely sold the series for me with the addition of all the epic characters from an evil Joan of arc, random WW2 Fighter pilot Naoshi Kanno, Butch Cassidy and the The Sundance Kid OMG this is so fun and the OP? MY FAVORITE <3 and its an American band which is cool much like Deadman Wonderlands OP as well.

    • skylion says:

      The only Kanno you ever really need….(ok, the only fictional one you need)

      • ProtoSovereign says:

        Lol, what about the people who haven’t seen strike witches (or related shows) and don’t plan to? cough me cough.

      • anaaga says:

        Get your lolis away from me! I only accept shotas and homosexual beautiful men!

        I wish I know how to post pictures in comment section by phone.

        • Kyokai says:

          @anaaga, use this code: <*img src*=*image_link* width*="600" height*="460"> (remove asterisks)

    • anaaga says:

      Similar with Deadman OP yes but story definitely NO. Gosh, remembering Deadman anime makes my blood boils

  3. belatkuro says:

    What language are they using for all the non-Japanese dialogues of the elves and soldiers? It just sounds gibberish. I assume there’s Japanese subs in the raw for the Japanese audience since we’re relying on the English subs to understand it.

    Seems like the Drifters only have what they had with them while the Ends seem to have magic. This is pretty unbalanced but I assume Murasaki knows what he’s doing when he’s sending these guys to oppose Easy. Given the characters on the Drifters side, they’ll probably pull off something to even out this disadvantage. They’re a lively bunch and their names are quite something. Plus the enemies are a little touched in the head, either from going to that side or from their own personal history(depending on how it’s interpreted in this series). I’d like to know more about the selection process of the two gamemasters and the reason why X character is on Y side.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Plus the enemies are a little touched in the head

      In light of the insane behavior they exhibited as the chaos and carnage ensued, I’d say “a little touched in the head” is putting it very mildly. Just look at how warped Joan of Arc was.


        Not merely touched in the head. I don’t recall if this is from episode 3 or 4. If it’s 4, I apologize. But Black King wants to destroy not the world, but the world of humans. He explicitly says he tried to save the world of humans and humans rejected him, so now he will destroy the humans and make a world for the monsters (goblins, orcs, etc.), and he recruits those like him, whom humans have rejected. And he heals the wounded. So, I’m betting he’s Jesus.

    • ProtoSovereign says:

      Yeah, I was also wondering what the native language.

    • anaaga says:

      They probably invented it because I can hear some Japanese words for their base. Like take a part of the Japanese word and add huuuurrr and grrrr and spitting noise around. Maybeeee

    • Kyokai says:

      I thought it sounded Germanish but it’s not when I actually paid attention. Seems like an invented language like dothraki to me.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    I can only imagine how this series will sound in English. Expectations of it being awesome, mind you. With the reality defying Crunchyroll/Funimation partnership in effect, Crunchyroll may have the streaming rights for Drifters but Funimation is sure to have its paws all over for the dubbing.

  5. Kyokai says:

    I’m loving this so far. Minus the weird comic timing, everything else is pretty awesome. I’m also grateful for a nice variety of heroes from different ages rather than just old Japan (I got a kick out of seeing Joan wrecking havoc; dark Saber anyone?).

    This one has serious potential! And like Fosh, have to agree, that OP is gold.

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