Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma✫Illya 3rei – e11fte

3re 11-009

Miyu has seen some horrible stuff, but not as horrible as….



3re 11-003

Actually this little bit wasn’t that bad…

Yep, quality! Boy, and how! Silver Link didn’t fool around for a solitary second, for this, the first ever 11th episode of the franchise – for the finale we get the first ever 12th. But goodness, I don’t even know where to start breaking this one down, so I’ll start with what that oft ironic term, quality, usually defines. The animation on this one was just short of trashable, with very few exceptions. The proof is in the visuals, and I’m sure you have your “favorites”, I won’t image dumb them here, at least not much. But in term of admirable, some of the static shots actually managed to stay on point…and well, I guess the characters were mostly recognizable for the run of the episode. But other than that we had horrible direction, uninspired fight choreography – complete with, by now dull, Gate of Babylon spam bullsh*t,  bizarre character models, drab color choices, and story beats that never had the time or exclusion to resolve themselves. and just…well, a terrible experience all around. The animatic storyboard with sound added…

3re 11-005

I actually cheered when she hit him…

I’ll be honest. I only really like this guy when he’s a supporting cast member in Illya’s universe. Here, he’s an intrusion. His “hero of justice” attitude comes of as so much pot-boiler anime nonsense. He’s preachy, predictable, uninspiring, and uninteresting. After all has been said and done I really do feel that his sort of characterization is unneeded in Prisma✫Illya – they already expressed that feel quite well beforehand with Illya following her own path rather bravely. Fortunately, this episode spent little time with him, injuring him for weird plot points, and relegating him to the thing the girls have to save – which is fine by me, but they could have not had him onstage. The odd bit came when they even blunted his “catch monologue”, by having it do bupkis, and that made me smile a bit. But then it looked like the mess didn’t stop with Shirou. I know the story is probably setting up points that they’ll resolve the next episode, but most of this came off as a scattered mess of points rather than a cohesive collection of beginning points. So in terms of both action and storytelling, this one was a complete bargle. It even made me go back to the manga to compare, something I don’t normally do when a show is running…the manga did it only marginally better. Holy cats, five chapters got shoved into this episode.

A few interesting titbits

3re 11-001

At least he could take out another rather one note character…

Show ▼

Well, I won’t beat around the bush, I was not very entertained by this outing. But I’ve said my peace, and I won’t proceed to flog the expired equine. There were a few moments in the show that I actually found of interest. So all isn’t totally lost. They established rules surrounding the cards and bent them a bit with a mysterious wrinkle: Angelica’s Archer card and how it took over Miyu, I want to see more. Then there was Miyu finally asserting herself, not looking at her big brother to save her, but to simply be with her, safe. Good gender role reversal there. I also kinda got a kick out of seeing Gil react to how evil and cruel Julian’s plan was even if we didn’t get any real details; it was evocative and sold the point very well. Especially since that just undermined him getting his “other self” back, the cocky, arrogant, foolish god put into check – surely a rusty old dog of a trope, but well used here. It was also really macabre to see how disposable Beatrice regarded Angelica; there’s a great story there that I hope they can get to. But we ended on a cliffhanger, just a step ahead of Bolivian Army End, so how this wraps up is something we can look forward to next week. See you then.

3re 11a-002



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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    What is more delicious than an Illya. A Dark Illya. :3


  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Silver Link spent all their money here. At times I wondered: ufotable is doing this, aren’t they? Delicious Sakuralot. How apt she uses her uncle’s Baazaka.

    GARcher squared! Emiya and his daughter/sister fighting back to back! Looks like something out of FGO. In fact people

    The first pic caption should be: A Strong Force Has Taken Me Over! 😛 Miyu spamming the Gate of Babylon was :3 Julian also has to pay a very large overdue fee for borrowing the Shota of Babylon’s Card.

    Next week: A helping hand… heehee… heheheheheheeh.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    In other news:

    Emiya Family

    Illya is well protected in FGO.

    Digging deeper holes.


  4. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Spammy obviously leaving the more delicious posts and eating the TL:DR ones 😛

  5. Wanderer says:

    Looks like it’s about time for Tanaka to lend our heroines a hand.

  6. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Another one O_o

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