New Game! – 09

newgame 9-lead

Nasu, Nasu, Nasu!

When it gets closer to crunch time, you have to be creative with the rest of your time; unless you’re one of the bosses, and get sick. Otherwise, you provide the fanservice?

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature…

If only the Capcom code was this rewarding…

OK, so now we know (if we didn’t know already) why games have features like this; value added! Of course if you are going to spend time and resources on assets, make sure those assets are accessible, by hook, by crook, or by skillful thumbstick manipulation…one way or another get that content front and center. Now my experience has been limited, it’s been a long time since I’ve played the vidya, but I do have some (not a lot, that is) memories of finding hidden gems; a favorite being “keep going up” in early Sonic the Hedgehog side-scrollers.

newgame 9-004

I love the use of the grawlix….

But the best asset is your health, and on that bug note: I really have come to enjoy the friendship between Kou and Rin. We’ve established that they’re on pretty much equal footing despite Rin being more or less a senior at EagleJump to Kou. It’s that give and take that has been the value added to their relationship both in the office and out, and it’s probably contributed a yard or much more of worth to how they understand and support each other. So yeah, despite all the outward, somewhat gruff, palaver, Kou has more than enough kindness to spare to help her friend.

newgame 9-006

Close to the heart…

But darn if they don’t move the show in the direction of pure love. Rin even has the picture she keeps on her office desk, right at home in a place she can always see it. You can tell she hates to take the time off work, but this situation is working out, righ?  All you have to do is add the traditional feeding of the rice porridge to the mix and you’ve got solid ground to remove the yuri goggles and see it for what it is…

Well, isn’t that just fine and…

….so which movie is this?

Amidst all the goofiness (I imagine working for a video game company has to have it’s share of goofiness), we get down to the heart of another friendship. Whereas Rin and Kou have only known each other a short time, for Nene and Aoba there never has been, for all intents, one without the other. For 18 year olds, 13+ years of friendship is incredibly significant and it really does shape how they see each other. For Nene it’s the need for Aoba to be safe and happy, and for Aoba, that’s pretty much the same wish. It’s not on the yuri scale, and as they have already covered the ground, it’s sisterly. But I do note that Nene is still, both concerned, and maybe even a little bit bothered for her own sake, that Aoba is forgoing college and art school to work there…(I mean, they could be in school together)

newgame 9-011

…must have quite the appeal…

We do find out that Nene is adding more and more stuff to the work as it progresses. I’m glad to see they didn’t just toss a random pantsu shot in there for a one-off joke. It seems that now is the time to get ahead on that particular feature, cause the boss is crazy like that, no matter what office. So when Shizuku makes that announcement, it serves to make Umiko more off-put than usual, but our director is skilled at getting the best work out of folks. She can even shift around the scheduled office infrastructure work by creatively suggest everyone stay the night until the work crews come in.

newgame 9-020

Not their usual….

I think my favorite part of this segment was Yun and Aoba reflecting on how hard it is to stay over like this and actually concentrate on getting work done. It’s outside habit, so it can’t be easy. But they do reflect that Kou is looking kinda peaky; but that’s really just grist for Yun’s “worried about my weight” mill…When all is said and done, the girls don’t do so well with the overnight thing, and need to recharge and sleep despite missing their usual transportation. But something tells me that Hifumi has really been wanting to take them there for quite some time. So without further ado, I guess….

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newgame 9-001


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newgame 9-017

Birds of a feather….

Another lovely episode of New Game! Now who didn’t see Kou catching Rin’s cold? I mean, it was a forgone conclusion as Kou is no idiot, but it will mean the production will probably get really far behind. Just out of beta and they are probably anticipating feedback any time soon. Sick leave is no way to recharge one’s batteries. But didn’t the episode end with the best zinger? Looks like Umiko was getting very jealous! Well, she does want to keep an eye on a good asset, and feels the Nene is a boon for the rest of the team in a professional capacity, despite all the goofing around, so good times ahead…

Right on target….


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  1. Wanderer says:

    Not to gush over the fanservice or anything, but that Hifumi shower scene ending with that hair-flip is just beautiful.

    • skylion says:

      …it makes me wonder why idea of perfection she might have of herself, in her own mind that she’s not felt she’s achieved, that makes her feel shy around people. But…a person is more than their body, that should be kept in mind…

  2. Namaewoinai says:

    if anyone thinks that this consider a bug, i consider this an Easter egg…well…really!

    and…dandy, they mean this guy…oops! wrong person anyways! well i wonder if other poeple will react on that, dandy thing…well you know!!

    • skylion says:

      I don’t think it was a Dandy in Space….but until a better answer comes along, let’s just go with Space Dandy…

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    nani? where is the nsfw? >_>

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