Danganronpa 3: Mirai Hen – 05-06

Danganronpa 300029

Never fear. Hagakure is on the case and will surely free the others soon.

Wow Danganronpa got really intriguing in these past two episodes. A lot of the deaths seem kind of pointless now (or at least the ones by the traitor) since Munakata is just going around killing people anyways. …At least Sakakura hasn’t shown up that much though.

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A lot of the Mirai and Zetsubou Arcs have been put towards explaining Andou and Kimura’s relationship. It’s too bad that they drifted apart over the years as their relationship grew toxic, but at least both of them kind of acknowledged it, and they started out as pretty good friends. I guess a lot of the discord was because Kimura would literally die if she ever ate sugar, which is pretty selfish on Andou’s part for wanting her to eat her sweets anyways. Maybe there will be some kind of reveal later that will show that Kimura was trying to work on some drug that would let her eat Andou’s sweets or something that gives some closure, but for now the end of their relationship was pretty unfulfilling. At least Kimura really seemed sad about letting people die in front of her, so at least she seemed like a sincere person.

Danganronpa 300019

Not only is Kimura dead, but Izayoi died as well. This seems pretty bad for Andou since not jut one, but two childhood friends are dead (which also may make her suspicious, but who knows). However, looking at Kimura’s body, there seems to be more than just her dying from being stabbed by a knife since her body also seems to have hit the wall with so much force, it made an indent. It’s interesting that both characters died in a similar fashion, but it’s also interesting that we never got to see whatever Izayoi found behind the Monokuma door (if he even bothered looking there). There was also the scene where it appeared that Munakata was doping with whatever Kimura used earlier, so maybe he shouldn’t be counted out for those deaths too. As a side note, I guess the deaths in the OP are supposed to be misleading since a lot of the people who died don’t match how they were shown in the OP.

Danganronpa 300022Danganronpa 300017

Munakata…. seems to have lost it. I’m sure that whatever he has going on in his head makes sense to him since all of his character flashbacks make him seem reliable and determined, but as of now, he just seems like he’s taking his ideals way too far. Killing the best old man Tengan was pretty rough and from Munakata’s reaction, my original guess was that Tengan labelled Yukizome (or someone just as close to Munakata) as the traitor. However, from Munakata plunging his sword into Yukizome’s body, it would be pretty hard for her to get up from faking death (plus Kirigiri examined the body anyways) and make that kind of reveal. Unless, of course, she used a body double like Enoshima did in the first Danganronpa. But in any case, it was nice for episode 6 to involve the characters actually talking to each other as opposed to another “your hope is wrong so you must die” argument between Naegi and Munakata (well, for the most part anyways).

Kirigiri is doing her part in the plot by investigating all of the bodies thus far. Who knows what she’s found out, but hopefully she’ll be able to reveal who the killer is soon. At this point with Naegi contacting the others on the outside, the ending of the anime will probably be bigger than just revealing the villain and getting out of this death game like the other death games have been. Actually, this situation also seems far more complicated since the bad guy here isn’t only Towa Monaca, but Munakata also seems pretty villainous himself right now.

Danganronpa 300025Danganronpa 300030

Finally someone realized that they don’t have to sit around playing Monokuma’s game though. Hagakure is barely a contestant, and everyone has already destroyed so much of the building that it’s a wonder how they didn’t think to break down the walls and escape before. Monaca’s motives behind following Naegi and trying to encourage him have yet to be revealed though, so maybe she won’t let them escape so easily. Considering that the rest of the Future Foundation (or at least Togami) seems aware of Gekkougahara’s death, if she’ll try to do what Munakata said and infiltrate and influence the rebuilding of the Future Foundation is questionable too. Seeing how the game isn’t being broadcast to the world though, Munakata’s fears seem like they could be valid now.

Danganronpa 300031

“*Sigh* I guess we can go help Naegi after I’m done counting my money”

Episode 6 was pretty cool just from how it included a ton of the characters that haven’t been shown in a while. Togami is one, and from the looks of it, he’s far more informed about the situation than Naegi and Asahina are. In a way, it’s probably good (for Monaca at least) that Togami isn’t there since with his skeptic nature, he probably would have figured out that something’s strange with Gekkougahara by now. The other two are too busy trying to be hopeful, and Kirigiri isn’t there to throw logic into the situation so it’s just kind of a hope cheering brigade that isn’t accomplishing much right now. It’s too bad that Gakkougahara died at some point off screen since we never got to see the real person, but at least Togami has an idea of who is behind what Naegi and the others are experiencing now.

Danganronpa 300032Danganronpa 300034

Fukawa and Naegi’s sister (I’ll just call her Komaruin the future since there’s already a Naegi) are still around too, and still seem to be hanging out after the events of the Despair Girls game. They’re probably going to be prominent with whatever events are going to happen in the future, but the most interesting character that popped up was Hajime at the very end. Or since his eyes are red, maybe it’s better to call him Kamukura? Though at the end of the second game, they kind of melded into the same person, so maybe that still applies outside of virtual reality world they were in. In any case though, things are going to be very interesting on Jabberwock Island as Munakata’s forces attack.

There were a lot of interesting developments these past two episodes, and the Future Foundation seems like a mess still. At least whatever part Togami is in seems well run. Though he’s not one to endure failure, so of course it’s extremely organized. As for other developments, it’s interesting to see Monaca’s reactions to what’s going on now. It was pretty funny that Naegi was really inspired by her cheesy hope speech (though from the looks of it, Asahina was going to give him pretty much the same one anyways). The reveal that she’s the mastermind still kind of feels like it was a bit too easy though, so maybe there’s another traitor. There’s a theory going around that they might reveal the real traitor (or I guess a second traitor since Gekkougahara is definitely one already) in the Zetsubou Arc, so it should be interesting to see if that’s what happens or not.


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2 Responses to “Danganronpa 3: Mirai Hen – 05-06”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This series can be real cruel when it wants to be. After Zetsubou-hen’s fifth episode spent its time exploring Seiko’s character, I was beginning to like her and pitied her for being attached to an inconsiderate ingrate like Ruruka. Which makes it all the more a slap to the face seeing her dispatched not long after in the following Mirai-hen episode.

    I honestly don’t know what to make of Munakata anymore. He’s so all over the place that it’s practically an insurmountable task to even try understanding his motives. I mean, what was the point stabbing the chest of Yukizome’s corpse? Killing Tengan, someone who could’ve helped give him clarity, is sure to bite him in the rear.

    Then there’s the planning of the killing game itself. Not one but two deaths during the unconscious period? Undeniably a breach in how many people should die at a time. Then again, it could be the rest of the aspects aren’t following the set rules as well along with the reveal of no world broadcast after all.

    Hagakure is in own private world but, how good it is to see Togami and Fukawa, the remaining members from the first Danganronpa again. However, I get the feeling this is all going according to the mastermind’s plan. All who survived Junko’s killing game are gathering in one place and that seems a ripe opportunity for anyone who wants to avenge her. Also killing the real Gekkougahara shows this incident was in the planning stage for a long time.

    It was pretty funny that Naegi was really inspired by her cheesy hope speech (though from the looks of it, Asahina was going to give him pretty much the same one anyways).

    Obviously her main focus is on him after admitting being distraught that he beat Junko, so I guess the sppech was to keep him check. It could also be her way of raising him up to slap him down hard when the opportunity presents itself. As the villain Bane from The Dark Knight Rises said: “There can be no true despair without hope”.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Unless, of course, she used a body double like Enoshima did in the first Danganronpa.

    Remember, that was her sister Mukuro Ikusaba.

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