Mayoiga – 10


Uhh, OTP…????

Once again, no one cares about the bus driver. But maybe he’s okay. I mean, people totally forgot about Yottsun and he’s probably better off than everyone else in the show.


Of course the wise-looking old guy is the one to explain the plot

This week, Mayoiga decided to be extremely generous with answers. …So much so that the entire episode was an info dump, and a lot of it made about as much sense as the rest of the show. So why is Kamiyama growing old suddenly a byproduct of having his psychological scars relieved? …Yes, the show explained that removing Nanaki is hard on the body, but I’m just trying to figure out why the show thinks that this is a logical relation. Or why/how does Mitsumune still apparently have a psychological scar even if he was allowed to leave the village? Or maybe his experience was different form Kamiyama’s because their traumas and solutions were different?

Plus there’s the other characters who are all experiencing lethargy. They haven’t gotten rid of their Nanaki quite like Kamiyama, but something odd is still happening to them. I suppose that if the group is avoiding their Nanaki by staying in the village as opposed to encountering it like the people (Valkana, etc.) who left, then maybe that counts as losing it? Or running away from it maybe? …And as for something less immediate, I suppose that Kamiyama really doesn’t care about his research as much now. But you would think that if he wanted to, he could use his suddenly really aged body to prove some point of his research.


But anyways, wow, Yottsun is alive! And it looks like he hasn’t really become much of a better person, but at least there’s a reason why his body disappeared, even if the anime only half bothered to explain why he was floating down the river like he was dead. Though if his return was as easy as he stated, then why did Masaki seem so scared when Mitsumune found her? In this case I’m not doubting Yottsun. If they’re going to bother to explain that encounter at all, I have a feeling it will have something to do with whatever Masaki is hiding.

So with Yottsun alive, nobody has died yet (probably to the great disappointment of everyone watching). But hey, maybe they’ll still find a way to “kill” everyone off by having them all turn lethargic (or escape like in Yottsun’s case) until it matches the promo art. At first I was happy that people weren’t on board with the dumb witch hunt anymore and to be really honest, if they all decide to chill in the village until they die from starvation or whatever, that’s fine by me too. But in the larger picture, it’s interesting to see some of the character’s personalities come through now that they don’t have to put up any fronts. Piitan’s change certainly was shocking. Dahara’s was interesting too, since his facade was pretty transparent thus far and it was almost better to see what he was really thinking. Plus he really pissed off Mikage, which was fun to watch.


It’s odd how Masaki managed to escape the village the first time though, if she had no Nanaki to accept. Her not being able to see the monsters in the present still doesn’t seem like a lie, but how is she supposed to escape this time? …Or is the show going to change it’s mind again and tell us that she actually IS a ghost. Though it’s interesting that she lied about having feelings for Reiji.

Speaking of that, Maimai’s reaction to him telling them that kind of made sense given her backstory, but at the same time felt pretty dumb. How is it Reiji’s fault if he doesn’t have any feelings for her? But maybe this is a reason why Masaki returned, since Reiji seems pretty comfortable just living in the mountains, being emotionless, and apparently living without furniture.


Maimai and the others learned some stuff at least, which puts them far above everyone else living there right now. There was a look into Lion’s backstory too. From the looks of things, it was less that nobody believed her powers and more that her mother swindled people into buying things to prevent loved one’s deaths. However, Lion also seems fairly young and having people screaming at her that it’s her fault for being wrong was probably pretty convincing for her. Nanko is still kind of a mystery, but at least she’s good at figuring things out where Maimai was too busy calling people the enemy of women.


I guess another huge point of the episode was Mitsumune’s return to the real world. His father also seems to have some issues (but maybe him yelling at the grandmother was part of the realization of what he put Mitsumune through), but at least his mother seems to know on some level that he’s not Tokimune. Though he should still probably have a serious talk with his mother at some point, which maybe would remove the rest of whatever Nanaki “scar” he has left. …Which is also where the point Kamiyama made about the Nanaki removal makes less sense. Maybe the whole aging thing had to do with Kamiyama removing his Nanaki IN Nanakimura, since people get over psychological trauma everyday without it doubling their age in a few years.


…At this point, I can’t even fathom what Koharun’s plan is with Jack and Hyouketsu (…who have a weird s&m relationship???), since she seems to have sent them after her and Valkana for some reason. Or there’s the question of why she would bother sending people to Nanakimura as a tour group in the first place, if she really is behind that. At least the dumb lack of information she provided for the group makes more sense now, if she’s just there to screw with everyone. It does seem like this was still her first visit to the village though, since she commented to herself on the fields being really well kept. Unless they’re just going to ignore that she ever said that line, that’s not something someone who traps people there regularly would probably point out and keep to herself. Who knows, she might not even be THE mastermind here if this is her first visit. Someone else could have still sent the email to her explaining where to go and maybe she’s just seeing if what she researched about the village is true by using everyone else in an experiment.

When Yottsun came up again, I thought for a minute that he was going to be the one behind everything, which would have been hilarious. …Admittedly, the main reason I dislike the possibility of Koharun being the big mastermind is because it means that Mikage was right and that people really should have listened to him more. I guess to some extent he was right, since she doesn’t exactly seem like a great person, but the less Mikage is right, the better. Mitsumune needs to return still I guess (and Masaki needs to FINALLY explain everything), but other than that, the direction of the show is headed is still kind of a mystery. Oh, and maybe they can throw in an explanation as to why Nanakimura is supernatural, but with this show they could probably just say “it’s supernatural because it just is” and leave it at that.


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10 Responses to “Mayoiga – 10”

  1. skylion says:

    …Yes, the show explained that removing Nanaki is hard on the body, but I’m just trying to figure out why the show thinks that this is a logical relation.

    Well, it’s part of the show’s internal logic, part being the key word here. If I learned anything this episode it’s that it’s begging to “drop the other shoe”.

    Though he should still probably have a serious talk with his mother at some point, which maybe would remove the rest of whatever Nanaki “scar” he has left. …

    ..and it kinda drops right here, only it’s a different shoe? Maybe. It makes as much sense as the rest of the show I guess.

    But Yottsun is alive, so Yay!

    • Karakuri says:

      At this point, who needs logic?

      • skylion says:

        I know that somewhere the writers/directors are on some vibe that makes total sense, but they have obscured it. But then again, how much can you obscure before you forget where you hid all the eggs for the indoor Easter Egg hunt, and how long can the remain hidden before they transform to “hen grenades”.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Everything’s too far gone for that to make any difference now.

  2. IreneSharda says:

    What the actual heck is going on?!

    I think this show took a huge giant leap over the entire Earth’s population of Great Whites.

    This is just getting beyond even it’s previous level of ridiculousness anymore.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Impressive… This show just always manages to find a way to baffle me speechless. Not once have I been able to make heads or tails of anything. It deserves an award for that at least.

    Still nothing’s adding up but I can appreciate the sense of danger and consequence looming about. Everyone suddenly succumbing to fatigue as though under a spell makes for some interesting ominous foreshadowing.

    The most I got from the old guy is if you cut your mental hang-ups off, you lose something of value. Rapid aging is not a fate I’d want as a penalty.

    I’m disappointed Yottsun’s actually alive. Meaning that all this time, a body count never initiated. Quite a buzz kill.

  4. Overcooled says:

    The only thing that made sense was Kamiyama getting mad at neuroscience for being the new hot thing instead of psychology.

    Anyways, wow, yeah, that was a wild infodump. At first I thought Mitsumune was hallucinating his meeting with his father and this was how he was resolving his emotional scars. But nope, guess…not.

    I’m sad no one has died largely because it’s just so draining to keep track of everyone. A lot of them don’t even really add anything to the story. Ah well, guess we can all expect a happy ending of sorts then…

    • BlackBriar says:

      I’m sad no one has died largely because it’s just so draining to keep track of everyone. A lot of them don’t even really add anything to the story.

      To be honest, I’ve long since forgotten about 90% of these character’s names. Sometimes, I just refer to a few as “this guy” or “that girl” and such.

  5. ProtoSovereign says:

    Its kinda funny how Yottsun just brushes over why he was taking Masaki to a secluded corner. Its also amusing how much the people on metanorn want members of the cast to drop dead.

    • skylion says:

      It’s not like most of us are horrible people – just a few! But a kicked bucket or two would be payoff for all the faffing about and the empty tension this show has built. Otherwise this is just MONSTERS OF THE ID: The Anime.

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