Haifuri: High School Fleet – 09

Haikick…or not…

Fourth Battle Speed! The crew of the Harekaze prepare for one more engagement! Who’s in charge, what’s on the line, do you have to take jabs in the tuckus, and is a LOLi captain really the best you can get? Answers to all these questions and more…

Our aim was perfect, and yet…

haifuri 9-002

Really, I don’t want to face the dragon first?

So, after all the rescues at sea – and taking care of their own troubles at sea – styled episodes, I think it was high time for some high adventures, and good old fashion armament exchanges, right? I’m happy to say this episode didn’t fail to please. It had all the right timing as well. We’ve know for quite some time that reaching the Musashi is part of the Boss Battle chain of events, and having to take a step back and rediscover some previous ground was well in order.

haifuri 9-003

But the dragon has the LOLi!

Because that is what this episode was at it heart. Early on in the series they had just enough time and effort to save Mii-chan from the fate that soon engulfed the Admiral Spee; the fate that has informed the show’s meta-plot all along. So it was time for them to go back and save the ship they couldn’t. All for the sake of the new found friend. You discover what you’ve really learned, how hard earned it was, and how to put it to new tests., It’s classic stuff, and when done right, it’s a sure-fire crowd pleaser. I, for one, am happy to say they pulled out all the stops and did it just right, with a few weak points here and there.

…for the sakuga sniffers…

I guess it was in the pudding all along (seeing as how loose the virus big bad has been portrayed). The opponents the away mission faced on the decks of the German dreadnought were literally ducks-in-a-row compared to the opposition Shiro had to face at sea, dodging Spee shells. I guess this virus makes it easier to aim and fire from a big old gun, then it does fisticuffs? It made the engagement feel a bit uneven, especially since they chose to up the animation quality for the melee, and not the sea battle.

Heheheheh… Gandalf…

While I’m nitpicking, some of sea battle bits felt a bit disconnected, as if the edit hadn’t been baked properly. Still it was rather fun to watch, and I felt they did a great job entertaining. Both crews pulled off the necessary maneuvers at the right time, and I loved how they had to think on their feet and play to their strengths. The captain on the mission, the XO on the ship, But more on that later, as there was a goodly amount of character to go around.

haifuri 9-022

Shiro, you put a big hole in my ship?

Of course just one of the highlights is just how much Wilhelmina was adored by members of both crews. It was quite heart-breaking to see her and Fanuficu-chan have to part ways. But that was a classic way to do it, with Kouko resisting saying goodbye til the very end. This is the way of the street, you have to say your farewells at the right time, or justice, or something like that is what I’m sure she would say.

LOLi saved!

I do wonder how she will cope without her banter partner in future. It might just be the thing that Thea needs, however as it looks she needs her XO as much as the skipper of the Harekaze needs her’s. Speaking of future, both Shiro and Captain Misaki look like they bit off more than they could chew. With this much damage I can’t help but think that Misaki is worried about future plans against the Musashi. But, all in all, they are learning exactly what all leaders learn and that is when you solve a problem, you sometimes create more of them in the process.

Would you say that I have scant screeshots?

haifuri 9-004

Once again, all hands pitched in this episode

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I find myself in the middle of an embarrassment of riches. So far, and not just for this show, I’ve bowed out of any complex battle commentary. To repeat: not my gig, not my groove, not something I can readily speak about without making a right arse of myself. I wouldn’t know which maneuver was which or more suited, so I can’t even complain if they get it wrong; and I’ve heard lot’s of rumbling that they get a bunch wrong. But so what. It’s not like they have to win real battles! Just the battle of creative license!

As it stands the show is still doing lovely, and they have just the right writerly touch when it comes to characterization; and not just in that much ballyhoo’d “development” department. No, It’s pretty much like the other show I’m covering. Netoge and Haifuri both have the confidence to let’s these girl’s soak up or even create the right atmosphere. I will take that over exposition hounding or ego tripping any day of the week. If it were gone, I would surely miss it…

haifuri 9-001

..and her name isn’t Shirley…


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  1. Namaewoinai says:

    So German Dreadnought (Graf Spee) Saved…And that Corvette (Harekaze), well get slightly -REKT- err i mean, Smacked!

    They Had to repair the corvette quickly cuz, More “infected” ship are coming real soon…Yup, That Big Ship (Musashi) maybe there!

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