Norn9: Norn+Nonet – 12 [END]


Man and Vocaloid (with powers of mass destruction) were perhaps never meant to be together.

Another final post for an anime from last season! Though this episode aired only a little while ago compared to Prince of Stride, so I feel less bad about it.


So the giant floating orb was destroyed because a teenage girl would miss her boyfriend too much if they Reset the world (and then after this is decided, he disappears for a long time). I suppose that’s fair. Though on the less ridiculous side of things, they seem to have made the right decision, since the world seems peaceful even without the Reset and everyone is relatively happy.


…Minus Sakuya, who seems to spend his time staring wistfully into space on bridges these days.

I suppose they had to have some sort of tension in the last episode since pretty much everything else had been resolved, but having Kakeru disappear in an explosion, and then come back later after coming out of a coma was pretty melodramatic. Mikoto or Natsuhiko probably should have written a letter or something to let Koharu know that Kakeru was unconscious over that their place, but that wouldn’t have been very good for drama, I suppose. Plus this gave Ron another chance to be a good guy as opposed to the asshat they made him out to be in the game. Since he seems to be working with Natsuhiko (or at least they seem to stay in touch) maybe he had his vision problems solved by now.


But hey, they ended up together finally, and now they can live in peace. Possibly with Nanami and Akito, who we can assume ended up together, because why else would they live in the same house? Koharu was probably a third wheel until she decided to go live on the Norn with the Hiyokos. Who even knows how they survived the explosion and subsequent crash into the ocean, but oh well. The plant life seems to have survived as well, so it’s fair that the Hiyokos did too. Anyways, Mikoto and Natsuhiko seem to have moved in together as well. Nanami and Mikoto didn’t get nearly as much romantic conclusion as Koharu did, but they seem to imply it (and who else would they end up with?), so it still seems pretty satisfying.


As for the characters who didn’t end up with anyone, Senri wasn’t given that much attention (though yay he and Akito can be real brothers again), but he seems to be okay if he’s still sending letters to Akito. Itsuki and Heishi seem to be doing well also, and still hanging out together. Who knows if they have generic looking girlfriends like what Koharu saw in that vision, but at least they don’t seem to be too hung up on being side characters the entire run of the show. Masamune seems to be doing alright too, with spreading world peace and such. Since they destroyed the weapons factory and also stopped Shiro from instigating more wars, maybe it will work.


Aion was kind of left in the dust, since Sorata never stated any intention that he was going to rebuild her (unlike the game) without the world destroying features, but he’s busy building rocket ships now. Who needs a Vocaloid waifu when you have the moon to explore. Who knows if Natsuhiko and Mikoto even know the first thing about space travel, but I suppose it’s important that they can follow their dreams. Plus Natsuhiko came from the island where all of mankind’s old information was stored, so surely that has space technology and survival in there somewhere. Hopefully she still keeps in touch with Sakuya, but he seemed pretty okay with her and Natsuhiko (or at least he helped carry Natsuhiko to escape instead of pushing him off the edge of the ship), so now he can find new direction in life.

They also didn’t explain if everyone still had their powers or not. I suppose that the anime makes you assume that they do since Aion is gone for good, and the peach tree had Kakeru’s power still running through it. Like with Minot’s barrier still being in place was a sign that she didn’t die, the peach tree being alive seems to be what told Koharu that Kakeru was alive. …Probably. But I guess it’s fine if every still has their powers, since they didn’t seem to cause as many emotional problems in the anime as they did in the game (if the characters even still have them).

I liked this a lot, but I feel like a huge part of that is just because they didn’t play the “let’s ship the heroine with everyone!” game that reverse harems so often fall in to. Of course, the series did have it’s faults and was probably pretty confusing for people who never touched the game, but I feel like they changed some things for the better and added enough stuff that wasn’t in the game to make it a worthwhile watch. It’s so much more satisfying than some otome anime where the entire anime experience is that the characters are animated, but they took out a lot of semi important things from the script and there’s no romantic conclusion, so it just feels unfulfilling all around. Plus unlike the game, there was a really nice epilogue for everyone instead of just focusing on the two people who’s route you were on. Maybe the Kakeru disappearing thing was kind of unnecessary, but it was nice to see what all of the other characters were doing in the end.




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2 Responses to “Norn9: Norn+Nonet – 12 [END]”

  1. anaaga says:

    Eh, it was OK for a VN adaption. I figure they will cut out things a lot, but I didn’t expect them to add some anime-materials only. It was nice of them to actually think of the anime plot instead of creating a mess here and there.

    And YES finally a non-harem ending! Now I don’t have to refer to Hiiro no Kakera when someone asks me for a VN adaption with non-harem ending

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh man. I should finish Hiiro no Kakera at some point. I completely forgot about it’s existence.

      But yeah, it wasn’t the best, but it was nice if you’ve already played the game. Hopefully it was still okay for those who didn’t.

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