Haikyuu!! S2 – 25 [END]

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Who cares about school when you can yell about SPORTS?

All good things must come to an end…at least for now. Season 3 has been announced so the volleyball fun isn’t quite over yet. Yay!

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All the heart-pounding, tear-jerking, fist-pumping action took place last week, leaving us with a much more muted final episode. I’m usually against these sorts of endings, because they’re feel like a waste of time as everyone is going through the motions in what is just a glorified advertisement for the next season. You know, the usual thing where they get you all psyched about the next opponents they have to face, so it’s all build-up with no pay-off until that next season actually airs. It’s the equivalent of ending on a cliffhanger, except instead of ending abruptly, it awkwardly just trails off. However, despite my usual distaste for these sorts of endings, I think Haikyuu!! pulled it off quite well.

Admittedly, it is just a whole ton of setting up for the next season, but it does it in a way that it’s interesting to watch. It’s like getting one last moment to say goodbye to the team we love. Hinata and Kageyama going for one last practice round before the match was classic, and Yachi’s observer perspective allowed her to reflect on some poignant progress the duo have made. Considering the two don’t even recall any of their arguments, it’s nice to have a character without the memory span of a concussed goldfish there to really tie all the ends together by remarking on how far they’ve come. It’s been a long journey, and even I had forgotten all about their little scuffle since they were working together so well in the last match! Yachi may seem like just a bystander, but I think her role was a much needed addition for the show.

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Other than seeing Karasuno get over their night-before-the-big-game jitters, this episode really functioned as a way to set-up obstacles in the future. Yes, Shiratorizawa are the ones to beat now, and it’s clear they’re consistently stronger than Aoba Johsai. However, I thought the most effective foreshadowing was with Aoba Johsai. At the last second, Oikawa almost returned Hinata’s final serve, meaning that next time he’ll be even more prepared for that move. It was a very narrow win for Karasuno, and with a newly renewed fire burning in the hearts of the Aoba Johsai players, it’s going to be extremely tough for them to keep that crown. Plus, as Oikawa says, this win simply makes them tied even with one victory each. Karasuno has caught up…but they might not have really surpassed them yet.

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(◡‿◡✿) —-> (ʘ‿ʘ✿)

It’s interesting. I just know Karasuno will face Aoba Johsai again, and I’m actually more excited for that than their match against Shiratorizawa. This team just seems too darn powerful for Karasuno to beat at this stage. Not only that, but their players seem so serious and dull that I don’t know how amusing their match will be in comparison to the colourful rascals on Aoba Johsai. But to be honest, I’m just being picky, because I’m always hungry for more Haikyuu!! and this face-off is no exception.

Thanks to anyone who read my Haikyuu!! posts!

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2 seasons in and Tsukki still can’t figure out how to wear his bag properly



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2 Responses to “Haikyuu!! S2 – 25 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    It’s hard to say goodbye to these guys but can’t wait for season 3!

    It’s funny how the trash heap has always been given importance in Haikyuu with the cats being their main opponent, who I agree helped Karasuno in their practice but I see Aoba Johsai as their real rival. I understand the foreshadowing is for nationals but oh well, long to short view.

    Personally, I don’t like Shiratorizawa at all. They seem bland but we’ll see. They have been portrayed as the unbeaten champions so Karasuno better keep their momentum up!

    • Overcooled says:

      Yeah, they really thought that metaphor through. Each team being a different animal works well to add to the whole picture too.

      I’m more partial to Aoba Johsai myself…Shiratorizawa just seems like a powerful team with no personality. So eh dunno how the match will go but at least it will be challenging!

      Thanks for commenting Kyokai!!! ;w;

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