Luck & Logic – 05

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What a cool assssss sssssssnake~

winter15-foshOh boy this week we finally learn about Mana Asuha! Yeah I hope this is the last character themed episode even though I have a feeling they are going to give us some solo episodes for Olga and Yukari or will they just combine their stories and have them meet their partners at the same time?? I like that method a bit more.


Silent Snipers

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Artemis-“Oh no she died!”                     Asuha-“Shhh I’m taking a nap you fool.”

From what little info we had before going into this episode I think most people would agree that compared to the other characters Asuha doesn’t really stand out or do a whole lot. Even when she was given that sad backstory about how her parents abandoned her in a coin locker when she was just a baby didn’t really do much for me, but is it a sad story? Yes of course it’s a sad story! So what in the world happened to her parents anyway? Why did they simply get rid of her? I was wondering if her parents are in trapped the world of gods or an even better theory what if one of her parents is actually a god? The idea of half human half god characters isn’t all that foreign of a concept in the world of mythologies and legends so it’s certainly possible. Because that would be one reason to “hide” Asuha from certain people! Either way at least the mystery about her parents has me feeling more curious about her story.

Teamwork yo!

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This is a great team!

The team up of Yoshichika and Asuha is kind of cool with him being a shield to take all the hits while she shoots the target worked pretty well and she was almost got to use Over Trance this week?! I kind of wanted to see it too, but of course everyone watching probably had the same thought right? Of course Yoshichika was going to do everything in his power to prevent her from using it! That and Asuha did the thing I was complaining about! Disobeying orders when she was told not to fight near end of the episode? I’m shocked she just didn’t activate Over Trance right away without asking she and after everything was over with the damn director says she has fine subordinates? HAHAHAHA NO! None of them like to obey her most of the time.

Giant Flying Snakes are 2cute

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Don’t you just want to poke that cute stomach!?

Speaking of fighting the monster this week was a giant flying snake named Quetzalcoati which means feathered serpent and it’s also the Mexican god of wind and learning! I knew it looked somewhat familiar, but you can also the chibi-sized version riding on Yukari’s back in the opening so I assume that will become her partner? Also what bet is he talking about that he had with Lucifer? That he won’t be defeated so easily? Maybe that he could get inside the ALCA main base before he could or something dumb like him possibly forming a contract with a Logicalist before Lucifer? Whatever the case it’s certainly is hard to take a chubby cute mascot snake all that serious.

Extra Logic

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End thoughts


Well damn I sorta wanted them to move past all these character stories, but I’m somewhat used to hos Luck and Logic rolls lately even though I want some damn answers about Lucifer’s plot and I want to see Olga and Yukari get partners already! I guess were on the road to that because again Quetzalcoati is shown on Yukari’s back in the opening and technically everyone on the active team has had their backstory reveled or do we also include backstories on Veronica and the ALCA director as well? I seriously hope they don’t go that far; however we still have seven or eight episodes of Luck and Logic so I suppose we still have plenty of time to focus on the non character stuff. So yeah Asuha isn’t exactly my favorite character ever, but hey I will take her doing stuff over Yurine bitching and complaining any day of the week! Sorry Yurine fans I just can’t stand her.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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16 Responses to “Luck & Logic – 05”

  1. starqo says:

    My opinion of this episode is “Pretty standard-issue.” But that’s an improvement from last week’s “Gghhh!” So yeah, I think they got a little better this time.

    Still hoping that they step it up next episode.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah they did some things better this week and agreed I hope they step things up next time.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Here’s why it’s better: It’s not centered on a character with an overbearing ideal but one wanting a place to belong.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Yeah, it’s pretty much improving the show’s established routine.

  2. zztop says:

    This series is trying to test its luck with its character-centric episodes, but logically they still have a ways to go.

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:


  4. BlackBriar says:

    So Mana gets her own centered episode. I’m not really into her character since there’s hardly anything to say but it’s passable. Her origins made me cringe, though. It’s one thing to abandon a child which is already low, but who the hell does so putting the child in a closed coin locker?! That’s inhuman!!

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