Koukaku no Pandora: Ghost Urn – 08

kpandora 8-004

I will walk through the fire….

Nene and Clarion’s Rescue Rangers! in Something, Something, Something, Politics…

Fire on the Hemisphere…

kpandora 8-001

It’s still the story of two cyborgy girls…

I have to admit that I am hardpressed to come up with a full post for this week’s Ghost Urn. It was really straight-forward and to the point, if I’m to be honest. But that looks to be par for the cour, so to speak. They’ve been tempting me with a large story here and there, but it’s mostly been about the daily lives of Nene and Clarion and the former’s small gods approach to bring world peace.

I can’t say I’m all worked up about the addition of a political character. I kept looking for an underlying purpose to the Chairman’s inclusion, but I can only come up with a tiny story reason. He’s high maintenance that’s for sure (not that I wholly blame him for that, I have IBS myself and I’ve had many such emergencies in the past and will so in the future), and they make no bones about him being to type of politician to not line his pockets while championing the underclass.

As for ongoing plot stuff, we have just the slightest of indication that all the network outages are something the Kurtz is planning to destabilize the place. But really that’s sketchy as of right now, and I cannot really make a strong connection.

Extra Doll Joints

kpandora 8-002

Oh yeah, the “idol reporter” did something useful….

kpandora 8-005

I love bizarre little fix-it’s like this…

kpandora 8-006

Yay, Clarion can do anything!

kpandora 8-007

Anytime you’re ready to start the plot, Kurtz….

kpandora 8-003

Never mind, this is my plot…


When it comes right down to it, this could just be the daily lives of Nene and Clarion doing just about anything and I’d be happy to watch, but the writing keeps making me thing there is something huge going on, and they just won’t give it to me and get into it now. I guess I’m just impatient. It was a fun episode and it had a ton of very strong reinforcement going down about how protective Clarion is of Nene, and just how much of that programming vs. how much is genuine care on her part. I like the human in the machine characterizations, so I hope they continue doing that. It’s no secret I see Clarion as more the main character than Nene.

kpandora 8-008


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  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    I have been telling you, this is a story of girl meets girl. Even episode 2 clearly stated that.

  2. Di Gi Kazune says:

    This is the showdown we’re waiting for in Pandora.


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