Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo – 05

KonoSuba - Let me blow him up

“I wanna blow him up. Let me blow him up. Please can I blow him up.”

winter15-highw Sometimes a show can start to struggle under the weight of the accumulated jokes. Usually when this is going to happen, it starts happening about right now, episode 5. So is that going to happen with KonoSuba? Let’s take a look at this week’s episode!

Say My Name!

KonoSuba - This was a good idea

Hey, that looks like fun. We’ll stay up here, tho

Everyone in the party is doing pretty well. Well, except for Aqua, who is like that friend you have who talks really big about how great he is but he’s always trying to borrow five bucks and somehow he still lives alone and can’t find a worthwhile job or a boyfriend or a girlfriend even though he’s always talking about how awesome it was that he went to whatever fancy pants college so he’s working as a stockboy at the local grocery store. Except Aqua’s working at a street vendor. Everything else, exactly the same. Anyway, this makes Aqua kinda pathetic, especially when Darkness, Megumin, and especially Kazuma are now rich enough that they don’t have to work constantly at menial jobs and borrow money all the time.

KonoSuba - This was a bad idea

She just needed a little bit of motivation

So Aqua begs the others to take a quest, so that she can get some money. And the rest aren’t really that against the idea, except mostly that Aqua has really bad judgment. But she manages to find one that deals with purifying a lake that has some Brutal Alligators moved in since the water quality went bad. This is right up Aqua’s goddess alley, because, duh, Aqua, although she doesn’t cite that as evidence, instead pointing out her hair and eye color. And in fact, she does have the chops to purify the water… but it takes some incentivizing on the part of the Brutal Alligators to get her from just sitting on her butt and actually casting. From inside her cage. In the water. But she gets the job done, with just a little bit of trauma.

KonoSuba - I'm sure they're going to sell me

Off to the slave pits with you, megami!

You Are A Special Snowflake

KonoSuba - Some people can't take no for an answer

Some dudes just can’t leave well enough alone

You figured that Aqua had been sending folks to this world for a while, and we finally meet someone else who she encountered after death, Kyouya. But unlike the spiteful Kazuma, he just took the deal at face value and got a cursed sword. And he’s been pretty successful, again unlike Kazuma. Too bad he’s got the idea stuck in his head that he actually meant something to Aqua. So it’s probably a little bit of a shock when he encounters her… being carted in a cage and singing a dirge about being sold. He tries to do the hero thing and save her, and failing that, coopt the whole group to join him as a party. And if this was any other show, Kyouya would be the hero, the main character, helping out the little guys, beating up the big bad dragons, and eventually beating the Demon King.

KonoSuba - god punched

God Punched…

But this isn’t any other show, and in this show, Kyouya’s a creep. Darkness is sincerely repulsed by him, and Megumin wants to blow him up. And even when he challenges Kazuma to a duel for Aqua (dude just totally ignores that she’s got any agency), he loses because Kazuma bonks him on the head with his fancy sword. One of the better things in the episode was when Kyouya confronts Kazuma again (and again ignores all the women to talk to the man) in the guild hall, and talks about “Kazuma the Beast”, who gets girls all covered in frog slime and steals their panties. I like how Kazuma’s reputation grows legendary, or infamous as the case may be. And again, in this show, the ‘hero’ is sent packing with his tail between his legs: punched out by the goddess, and having to go buy back his fancy sword.


Maybe the best episode so far, the show is really doing well with the party aspect. They’re a group that just naturally goes together, and the repartee and timing between Darkness, Megumin, and Kazuma is just so natural and entertaining. The little exchanges they have, like the girls trying to claim they never have to go to the bathroom (something that adventurers never talk about), but then walking it back because of course they do. But next week, we get to see a little bit more action, as Dullahan has come back to practically beg them to attack his castle.

KonoSuba - geeez come on you guys!

“Come oooooooon you guuuuuuuys!”


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11 Responses to “Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    Aqua has bought her own hype, hasn’t she? Goddess may be impressive to the rubes…but all told she’s little more than a big box store greeter, just shuffling the traffic along…

  2. HannoX says:

    Well of course Aqua’s been sending other people (all teenaged guys?) to the fantasy world and can’t be bothered to remember any of them. She really is a skeevy goddess as further shown by claiming it’d cost 300,000 to repair the cage when it had earlier been stated it cost 200,000–and much of the damage had been done by the alligators, not by Kyouya.

    Just how much of a creep must Kyouya be that Darkness doesn’t want to go with him after practically begging Dullahan to drag her back to his castle and subject her to his vile desires? I guess even total masochists have their standards.

    • Wanderer says:

      Kyouya would probably treat her with respect (or at least just ignore her as part of the scenery) and would make certain to “protect” her by taking on all the dangerous adversaries himself. Basically, the opposite of the way Darkness wants to be treated.

      Also he was a dick to her party members (and she knows they don’t like being treated like that) so she’ll never tolerate him.

      As for Aqua, she just has an INT score of around 5 (where 10 is “average” and 20 is “calculated the exact value of Pi over lunch break. For fun.”), give or take, so most things involving her brain tend to not go so well, including her memory.

      Also, rumor among readers has it she’s a compulsive gambler, which is why she’s always broke while the rest of the party is saving up money.

      • ProtoSovereign says:

        Yeah you’re totally correct about darkness XD. As for Aqua losing all her money. Doesn’t she just spend like crazy in stead of gambling? I mean she party’s a lot right? with lots of booze. I don’t know if that’s enough to drain her wallet like crazy though.

        • Highway says:

          I think it’s probably all of it. She’s a party girl, she wants to be popular, so she parties hard. Money just tends to evaporate when that happens.

          • ProtoSovereign says:

            Yeah its just too bad for Aqua there aren’t any Axis cultists in the beginner town of Axel… well actually its not that much of a bad thing at all…

    • FVA says:

      Aqua is a bottle fairy and she uses the eris she got for that.

      About Kyouya, his a nice guy and a unknowingly to him a narcissist and a White knight. something that Darkness from what we can see isn’t into. Megumin i wonder why she want to blow kyouya up? because he think too highly of himself?

      • Highway says:

        Megumin wants to blow him up because he’s a creep. It’s the whole suite of creep behavior.

      • HannoX says:

        Megumin just wants to blow stuff up. I don’t think she needs much of an excuse to add anyone or anything to her target list. But I suppose a Red Demon has a natural antipathy towards the clean-cut hero type.

        • ProtoSovereign says:

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