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Go! Princess Precure will be missed.

winter15-foshIt’s hard to believe another year has passed for the world of Precure and with Go! Princess Precure it marks the twelve series in this never ending franchise, but that also means were getting another Precure series soon and this new one is filled with witches and broomsticks in the form of Maho Girls Precure which stars Yui Horie and Rie Takahashi! I can’t wait for that one and I plan on doing the first impression for that whenever it airs.


Magical Fun


What a team!

The last time I talked about Go Princess Precure was around the midway point around episode twenty-five which added Towa Akagi aka Cure Scarlet to the team and originally was a mid boss character. Yeah for us Precure fans seeing a villainous character switch teams midway through any season isn’t exactly anything new, but I loved how she changed the dynamic of the team and with her being an actual princess she was used to having maids and butlers around her so I guess she was somewhat spoiled? So yeah she had to quickly adapt to being more independent and I almost got the feeling that the team behind this Precure were fans of Disney and how they treat their various princesses characters? The whole idea of a spoiled princess learning to give up that comfortable life and become more “normal” is a fairly easy story to tell; however I have to often remind myself that every Precure series is 100% aimed at a younger audience so the story doesn’t really need to be super complex. While we had the addition of Towa joining the princess crew we also had Yui Nanase who I always assumed would become a Precure sometime in the series, but it never happened! Damn you Toei! I kinda wanted her instead of Towa joining; however Yui was a great support character who showed us you don’t need super magical powers to fight and by fighting I mean she had more willpower and strength whenever she was put in danger even though she wasn’t really put in any real danger! She did manage to break through a cage which was really cool.


Beach fun.

While we had some great hero characters we got some super interesting villains like Lock who we learned was actually a fairy that turned evil or was it his hoodie? Near the end of the series the hoodie was moving around by itself so I assume the hoodie was evil? Next up and my personal favorite was Shut who kept getting beaten over and over again but eventually he ends up switching sides and actually participates in the final battle?! I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before in any Precure series. Next up an odd duo named Shut and Freeze who I always called Daft Punk due to their odd looking helmet designs, but they don’t really do anything amazing other than show up spawn a monster and vanish. Rounding off the villains besides Dyspear aka The Queen of despair who didn’t last long! She was defeated so fast in the first half of episode forty-nine, but to my surprise Close was actually the real villain of the series and he had a final fight with Cure Flora or was it even a real fight? I mean they sorta punched each other and then talked things out and then Close basically just gives up?! Yeah it was kinda strange to see the end boss simply throw his hands up and walk away from the fight? It was very odd for me, but at the same time I just love how those tiny changes to the villains made Go Princess Precure a really enjoyable season.

Kick ass animation!


Gotta love those silly expressions.

So what is so special about Go Princess Precure compared to the past seasons? I would have to say the animation namely all the amazing Sakuga moments for the fight scenes which is strange to say because normally Toei is trash! Like with Dragon Ball Super? You might have seen some tweets about the comical levels of reaaaally horrible animation and I think even the original creator hates what they’ve done to his series! I mean come on Toei how do you screw up such a popular series like Dragon Ball?! And One Piece is no better there are lots of terrible animation moments, but I guess from a marketing standpoint Precure will always make more money for Toei due to the toy sells and movie tickets as well which easily gives Precure more of a larger budget. Anyway let me share some of the best Sakuga moments from Go Princess Precure!

Show ▼

Extra Precure Fanart

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End Thoughts


Overall Go Princess Precure is a great addition to the huge collection of Precure! It started off super slow with the monster of the week formula kicking in weekly, but every Precure or hell any magical girl series in general tends to start off like that so it wasn’t that hard to watch. Tone wise Go Princess Precure felt a bit more serious and dramatic compared to the past series and this one focused a lot on the future of Kirara, Minami and Haruka as they pursue their individual dreams! Like Minami wanted to become a marine biologist, Kirara wanted to become a successful model and Haruka simply wanted to be a princess which I can’t really say is all that achievable in the real world, but I guess the logic is she wanted to become strong like a princess? Yeah I always felt her dream was silly when you compare her dream to Kirara or Minami who had more realistic dreams. Then again I’m sure there are lots of young girls that dream of being a princess so for that hey it’s fine. So yeah I say this every time I do on of these Precure end series posts and yes you can watch this by itself without seeing any of the past seasons because each of them are stand alone much like Gundam so give it a shot!


Thanks for the memories! See you next time for Maho Girls Precure!


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