First Impression – Assassination Classroom S2


Class is back in session

…Or maybe not, since the characters are still enjoying vacation in this episode. But hey, it’s another season of Korosensei, so class won’t be too bad, hopefully.

They had a small recap at the beginning, which for me was enough. The last season didn’t air too long ago and all of it was memorable, so it worked fine for me that they didn’t focus on the last season as much as move on from where it ended.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S200005

I suppose given the right circumstances, Twister can be horrifying…

There wasn’t much assassination going on, but there was a lot of shipping. I guess since they’ve already introduced the characters in the first season, this was a good way to expand on them a little. Or if not, it was also a good way to start off the series on something lighthearted and silly, since the first season ended on a rather serious note and not all of the things coming up are going to be as harmless for the students if the last season is anything to judge by. It does look like there are darker things on the horizon too, with a person who seems to be calling himself Shinigami showing up and (presumably) assassinating Lovro. Though the kids have also improved it seems (or at least, they have the basics down), so they’ll probably be able to handle whatever comes up next.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S200008Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S200006

But moving on to Korosensei’s shipping, his pair choices didn’t work out quite the way he wanted them to (yet at least), but at least it was solidified that Bitch-sensei has a thing for Karasuma. This was pretty cute, seeing her act like a maiden in love when normally she’s the femme fatale type and that’s probably why it seems so sincere. The class was a little obvious with their help, but Karasuma is extremely dense and Irina had fun anyways. Maybe the romance aspect of this anime will expand later, since they’ve established quite a few students by now, but maybe not too much since romance isn’t really the focus of the anime in the first place.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S200010

So this episode was pretty much just fluff. It was fun fluff, like seeing how the kid’s assassination techniques pay off in real life situations like festival games, but the plot for season 2 doesn’t seem to have taken off quite yet. There are bits and pieces of a set up there there though like the new assassin, or how with the government noting that the group technique showed promise, so maybe that means there will be more group assassination attempts in the future from people outside the classroom.

Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S200012Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S200009

It was interesting last season seeing how Korosensei balanced being a really good teacher with also being a threat (with leaning more towards the former) and it seems like that isn’t going to change quite yet. I’m pretty sure that the storyline goes into why he became a teacher pretty soon, so hopefully that gets covered in this season. I’m personally looking forward to seeing more of what Nagisa can do in more dangerous situations though. They built him up to be quite the badass, and his innocent looks are a huge contrast with how good he is at assassination techniques. I’m sure he’ll only improve from here. But for this episode alone, it just felt like more of the same for now with build up to bigger things in the future.


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5 Responses to “First Impression – Assassination Classroom S2”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    In my opinion, the best spot to start a sequel is exactly where the previous installment left off. I gives the feel the series never ended in the first place. Still, I’m baffled at the fact it’s actually been a year since the first season began. Where’d all that time go? Nevertheless, it’s great to see Assassination Classroom again. I missed Koro-sensei’s “Nu-hu-hu” chuckles.

    The show still maintains the rampant wackiness it’s built a reputation for. A good sign but whether it keeps that streak or increases it remains to seen. Hopefully, that factor doesn’t go south since that would be a shame. Points to the homage paid as Koro-sensei and plotted to help Bitch-sensei. To no avail, unfortunately. I’d like to call it “Attack on Classroom/Shingeki no Kyoushitsu”.

    One thing I’ve noticed. I don’t think Karasuma and Bitch-sensei are really paying attention to what they’re trying to achieve. If by chance everything gets resolved peacefully and Koro-sensei doesn’t make good on his threat to destroy the earth, in the end, what matters most is that they’re prepping these students for very shady professions. And if by some chance they do make the kill, what are they going to do afterwards? Those acquired skills through training are now deep-rooted into them so the odds of abandoning them are slim to none. They’re already being put to use in their everyday lifestyle and Nagisa has already been acknowledged as the one with the most potential of being a full-fledged assassin.

    • Karakuri says:

      Yeah, I like when a show’s second season starts where it stopped too. …Especially when I’m marathoning a show after it’s already aired.

      I’ve spoiled myself on what comes next a bit, and Korosensei’s threat is actually a real one. So the assassination kind of has to happen… Plus it doesn’t seem like the skills they’ve gained are all terrible. It’s certainly helped with their confidence levels (like when they’re being pit against the people who want to ridicule the E Class). Or winning at festival games.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    So this episode was pretty much just fluff. It was fun fluff, like seeing how the kid’s assassination techniques pay off in real life situations like festival games, but the plot for season 2 doesn’t seem to have taken off quite yet.

    The second season, like the first, is another two-cour show session. This time with a total of 25 episodes instead of 22. So it will take some time before we see anything really taking off.

  3. skylion says:

    This kinda of show is exactly the reason I watch AssaClass; I like to see the characters mix it up and come up with something interesting.

    I wonder if the underlying theme for all of the class will be shipping wars?

    • Karakuri says:

      I like to see the characters mix it up and come up with something interesting

      Yeah, that’s probably the best summary of why I like the show too.

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