Owarimonogatari – 06

Best Girl!

Well, that Ougi certainly is something. She not only has Araragi dancing like a puppet at the end of her strings, she can set the tune for Hanekawa as well. Once ego is on the line, it’s not that hard to drive someone to a conclusion. So, in that, we have the two parts to the Sodachi Lost experience sewn up.

The forgone conclusion…

If the end game of Sodachi Riddle was for Ougi to get fully into Araragi’s thought process, then the endgame of Sodachi Lost was for her to do the same to Hanekawa. This may be a few moves into the larger game being played, but its’ still early days for that story, so let’s go with what we have right now. Again, the magic power of Hanekawa’s breasts come up, but again, it’s not about the oppai.

The last time they came up, I asserted that it was part of a counter-argument to get Araragi to look her way and to trust her. Here, it’s being used against her. Again, it’s not the size of the oppai, but the gravity of Hanekawa’s influence over how Araragi thinks; that reminder of when he put his life in her hands, and the risk payed off. So in that respect, Ougi was playing both sides to the end. It was a good move to force Hanekawa to think outside the box, and to get her to influence Araragi to do the same.

So..to the litany of hints! At least the short version. These were spelled out not so much solve the mystery, and thank goodness for that. As a short digression, I hate locked-room mysteries; the lowest of low hanging fruit smack dab in the middle of a genre barren of many reasonably good trees. Instead they were arranged like the rungs on a ladder; if they went up or down depends on how you view the situation…I’ll leave that to you.

But it is the change in latitude that brings on a change in attitude, and then thought process. Both of them were not only out to convince him of the situation, but the need to keep the conclusion a secret. At this point I’m not even sure that Ougi wanted that outcome, but she does seem to be in line with Hanekawa’s thinking. I got the feeling that he passed a test of a different sort in Ougi’s eyes. If that’s the case, they’ve a whole other story is in store for him. But what’s important is that he came to a different conclusion. He went against something that Ougi was planning all along, as we will see by episodes end. She may not have gotten what she wanted, but Oikura got the ending she needed.

sodalost 3-4

Instead Araragi decided to take the information head on, and divulge it too her and that’s a good call. I’ve never been a fan keeping information like this a secret from people, and the idea that Oikura is too weak to hear it is dodgy. But then, that’s on Hanekawa herself, as she was very manipulated.  She’s just doesn’t want to have to be the one to tell her. What might have happened had Araragi agreed? Oikura isn’t weak, and is capable of happiness just as Araragi spells out. The very same thing that held her back all along is probably the thing that will save her when it’s all said and done…her youth.

..and so, in the time honored tradition of all Monogatari arcs, we come to the epilogue. As usual, we have the Fire Sisters forcing the doofus awake, as if that always has to be the soft-boot button for the audience to realize it’s a new day. It gives Araragi a chance to wrap up his experiences in as tidy a bow as possible. Oikura looks like she is going to be just fine. If my suspicions are correct I think she new what had happened all along. But was waiting for someone to come along and be a touchstone for that reality. I don’t know why the story says what it says about “paying back kindness with ingratitude”, however.

We also get a brief bit of flirty business from Hitagi’s text messages, a sort of reprise form earlier stories, but one that might contain a clue for the future in her broken finger. But the real wrap up is how this story connects to at least one other, and perhaps another. Ougi’s “searching for a lost child” is clearly looking for Mayoi, as she isn’t aware of Snail’s end, only knowing what Araragi tells her. Seeing as how we have a book with Mayoi’s name on it coming up, along with another with Hitagi’s, then we have some clues that we’ve got more developments coming along.


sodalost 3-9

But as Ougi clearly points out. Seeing how he played with his childhood friend was the opening move. She may admit to losing, but I don’ think she’s lost as much as she lets on. We’ve seen the effect she has on Sengoku, we know she has designs on Mayoi, and she is capable of manipulating Hanekawa. I cannot be the only one that sees’s a connection in Oikur’s twintails and the world Lost applied to her, much like a certain snail. It makes me wonder what is coming up with Hachikuji, and the connection to Ougi’s past interest in Sengoku. I’m seeing parallels….

Well, I’ll wrap up. I thought this collection of stories from Ougi Forumla to both Sodachi chapter’s were overlong. The amount of information and characterization given felt padded out. I compare this to the much leaner premiere run of the franchise, where we got three full characters in as much time. But that’s the way the adaption works out, so I won’t over-grumble about it. We got Ougi as an established character, and we have an insight into what she is doing, and what she might be planning in the long run. She’s got to be Araragi’s own personal Oddity outside of Shinobu. As I said when this series opened, there might be a balance between those two. I’m waiting to see how this will play out. And speaking of a certain blonde LOLi vampire….

sodalost 3-shinobu

Can’t wait to see her next time….Join me then!


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5 Responses to “Owarimonogatari – 06”

  1. Di Gi Kazune says:

    Best Girl!

    Shinobu is extremely disappointed in you. She demands penance of you… 😛

    • skylion says:

      Shinobu is out of the Best Girl race, as such a paltry sprint in beneath her. Of all people, you should know that. So…penance for you!

  2. Overcooled says:

    Huh, that felt like a bit of an anti-climactic ending. Ougi forced them to come to a conclusion, Sodachi easily accepted everything and then just…left. I feel a little empty.

    I really loved seeing Hanekawa and Ougi continue their rivalry in this episode though. Truly the kind of cat fight I look forward to.

    • skylion says:

      …I hear there’s an upcoming episode where Ougi and Hanekawa take a shower….good times, eh?

      I agree a touch with the anti-climactic ending, part of what made the past six episodes seem a bit overlong. But we got Ougi, so it comes out in the wash…

  3. skylion says:

    Oh, ready for a full hour!

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