Mechanorn – 23


Time for more Mechanorn!

winter15-fosh Yep I know this is kind of late anyway this week it was just me and Samsura on Mechanorn, but fear not Irenesharda will join in next time! So I guess I should ask did the third episode rule work for you? Which series have you dropped or are you going to push on through till the end? Then again Comet Lucifer only has twelve episodes versus Heavy Object and Gundam Iron Blood with twenty-five episodes.


Heavy Object – 03

Extra Objects


Shocking truth~


Havia-“Pssh I wont die long as I wear my thick plot armor.”


Milinda-“Dude nobody likes you Havia.”


Heavy Object needs some better filler villains.




Why is everyone winking?!

Comet Lucifer – 03

Extra Fun

comet (8)


comet (4)

Cat pigeons are kinda cute…

comet (6)

Felia wants to fight~

comet (7)


comet (10)

Alfried was just as creepy as Shuu Tsukiyama from Tokyo Ghoul.

comet (1)

Tightrope walking mechs ftw <3

Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans – 03

Extra Gundam

gundamiron (3)

Kudelia wants to help~

gundamiron (4)

Do you trust derp Hitler? I do not!

gundamiron (5)

Mika wastes no time.

gundamiron (6)

Orga for president!

gundamiron (1)

Such a cool shot.

gundamiron (2)

Who gave Mika the bracelet? Nadi or Atra?


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29 Responses to “Mechanorn – 23”

  1. skylion says:

    Heavy: I get the feeling that this might just be a group of script-writers first time out. Everything kept on getting kinda sloppy and had two dudes just yelling at each other as a way to get things done.

    Comet: How do you get all your characters to carry the Idiot Ball? That’s a deep question…

    Orphans: This is balls up the best Mecha show out there. I sometimes get tired of anime that over-inflates a character’s badass nature, and never really shows it. These guys are badass.

    • zztop says:

      Heavy: I checked out the source novel, and the jump between chapters is rather sloppy, IMO.
      The anime’s currently covering Chp 2 of Volume 1, which corresponds to the 1 Gibraltar operation.
      There are 3 big chapters in each volume, each is its own adventure.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Heavy: I dunno about the script-writers, but sadly we just gotta get used to the fact that when it comes to dialog unfortunately Qwen and Havia have to do 90% of the talking because Millinda is very shy and quiet.

      Comet: LOL well I expect things like that from Lucifer especially given the fact that Felia is the “baby” character so when she can carry a conversation with someone I’ll take her more serious.

      Orphans: Yeah I’m quite pleased with this new Gundam! So many non Gundam fans are watching and that gives me hope that we are going to have a era of better Gundams even after Iron Blood in the future. Yeah I love that the characters are badass xD

  2. zztop says:

    DAT ASS.

    2 full moons in broad daylight…A truly rare astrological event! (´▽`;)

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Which series have you dropped or are you going to push on through till the end?

    It really depends on what the synopsis is or what has been seen and after three episodes, the choice is more or less easy to make.

    Heavy Object and Comet Lucifer are keepers. Though the former gets higher marks and has become one of the series I look forward to every week this season because it’s becoming fun and interesting as the show progresses.

    That’s not to say Comet isn’t doing well. It has its own charms and likable characters along with great animation. Interesting to see what it’ll accomplish just being a single cour.

    Gundam Iron Blooded Orphans never caught my attention in the slightest so that’s a “whatever” to remain off the list. For some reason, I just lost complete interest in that franchise a long time ago and find myself uncaring no matter the entry. Not that it’s a big deal since I’ve noticed there’s a mecha series every season. So ignoring two or three of them won’t do any harm.

    • IreneSharda says:

      I think you’d really like Gundam IBO. There hasn’t been many good Gundam series in the last few years with a couple of small exceptions. Gundam IBO is definately a departure from that stagnant hole they’ve kind of been in lately. It’s also a really good entry point for a person who has never seen a Gundam series before or who hasn’t seen one that has caught their eye.

      If you haven’t tried the first 3 episodes yet, I would highly suggest it. If you have and you still don’t like it, that’s fine. I just don’t want you to miss out. It’s a pretty big step up from the usual mecha offerings we get every season.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I dunno what is a good episode number for a series with 25+ episodes for a 3 episode rule…maybe 6 or 8? Because with 25 it usually takes a while for the plot to kick into gear.

      Heavy and Comet both have positives and negatives to them! The negatives for Comet comes down to episode count I mean with 12 can they tell us a decent story and show off some cool mecha fights?? I have no idea…

      Heavy’s negatives are more on the characters can Qwen, Havia and Millinda keep us interested since they have to do most of the talking? Also like me and Samsura said on the recording! Heavy really needs some better villains…

      I completely agree with Irene on Gundam Iron Blood Orphans and as much as she doesn’t want to hear me mention it, but I feel it’s a 1000% better than the likes of A.Z in terms of feel and characters.

      • IreneSharda says:

        Despite that I don’t like to mention “the show that shall not be named”. I have to completely agree.

        • BlackBriar says:

          LOL. Seriously, has that series become such taboo with you?

          • IreneSharda says:

            You don’t understand…the horror, the scars that show left me with. I will never trust that crew combination again. Never again…
            It doesn’t deserve to have its name spoken aloud.

            • BlackBriar says:

              You do know you’ve exposed a fatal weakness within yourself, right? 😉 Such leverage!

        • Highway says:

          I told you guys not to watch it, but noooooo, noone listened to me.

  4. IreneSharda says:

    Oh, I wish I had been there with you guys! But I’ll be there next time. I hate getting sick, but

    Anywhoo…let me get to my opinion on each episode:

    Heavy Object 3:

    I enjoy Qwen and Havia thus far, though Milinda is beginning to be a bit of a bother. For a mech elite pilot, she’s beginning to become a damsel-of-distress.

    As for the theme of the show itself, I still like it, but it’s not your typical mech series. It does have stakes, but they’re more overall stakes rather than that of our main characters. The series makes so many mistakes, and yet it has it’s charm.
    I really hope the villains get better. The main bad guy this time looked to be so 1-dimensional and he looked like and evil Don Knots. There are supposed to be 4 main factions. We’ve met the idiots of the Faith Organization this week, a sort of lesser Lusitania from Arslan (thank you for the shout out Sam!), Qwen and friends are from some kingdom somewhere, and there are two other two we haven’t seen yet. I just hope the new bad guys aren’t as bad.
    I’ve heard that the show is going to be more McGyver than anything else, with basically Qwen and Havia going from object to object taking them down since they seem to be the ONLY people who know how to do industrial sabotage anymore, but whatever.

    Comet Lucifer 03:

    Not much happened this week. Alfried is a pretty weird weirdo. At least he’s a really good hacker. I wonder how Felia aka Gaia is going to become important later on. It was mostly shenanigans this week, pretty slow, we’ll see what we got next time. I do wonder who will join Gus’ team next, I think Shougo’s team is pretty complete.

    Gundam IBO 03:

    So Mika is basically the opposite of almost all Gundam protagonists. He’s not naive, he’s not wide-eyed, he’s not a student, and rather than whine about killing others, he is perfectly willing to murder others in cold blood if it will help his comrades or if Orga tells him to….I like it!

    And since Orga planned the whole thing and knows that Mika will do whatever he asks, he’s just as cold.

    I like the new name of Tekkadan, the “iron flower”. And really guys? Kudelia and Mika? Most speculation I’ve heard recently is Kudelia and Orga being an item. You guys must have totally missed the signs between Mika and Atra. The boy is obviously into Atra, and they look better as a couple. The way he reacted to that bracelet just said it all. That bracelet is like his lucky charm or something. However, that just makes me fear for Atra even more.

    I just can’t see Kudelia and Mika together. He seems to have no interest in her other than minor curiosity, and she had an admiration of him, but I don’t see that going anywhere.

    I like how Kudelia has grown a bit with the group and is trying her best with them. She can of course talk to the more savvy Orga, but he’s a very smart and careful leader. I just hope that he realizes that some of these First Group opportunists like “derp Hitler” may be trouble later.

    And I wish Crank had had a better plan than simply a duel, but I guess him not responding back and Gjallarhorn Mars base being in the middle of inspections will give them some time. However, don’t forget, Crank talked to Ein before he left to die, so we’ll see where that subplot is going to go.

    I do like how someone said that Mika says they aren’t victims, because in his eyes, they’ve made a conscious decision to survive, and yet, you do have to realize this is coming from Mika’s POV, which is pretty mentally messed up if you were to really think about it. Mika and his orphan buddies are all victims of this system that Kudelia is trying to change, especially the human debris slaves.

    Also, as for the “where did the bracelet come from?” issue, Atra asked the old man engineer for a favor, later Mika saw the bracelet on the arm of the cockpit armrest. It’s implied that the engineer put the bracelet there for Atra. Mika, who is very observant, knows that it matches the one Atra wears. He smiles and holds the bracelet to his heart before going into battle. He then is later seen smelling it twice, perhaps to calm himself down, but he also purposefully hides it behind his back before killing Crank, saying that perhaps he is sparing Atra from the bloodshed?

    Come on pay attention guys! 😛

    • Foshizzel says:

      Heavy Object: I don’t mind Milinda as much since i’m somewhat used to those character types in mecha and non mecha anime. That said I was annoyed by Havia and Qwen always being the focus, but I’m fine with it now since I realized they are the “mains” of the series so ya 90% of the episodes will follow them working as a duo to take out objects and yes I agree they need better villains!

      Comet Lucifer 03: Yep Alfried the creep indeed, but again I think he will be the comic relief for Gus’s special team even in the fourth episode they showed some of that and I still feel the plot wont move until they actually tell us what Felia is and her purpose.

      Gundam IBO 03: Haha yeah I was thinking if there were any OTP stuff in this Gundam it certainly looks like it might be Orga and Kudelia not so much Kudelia and Mika, but since they hang out more than her and Orga I guess we can’t blame people for seeing it that way.

      YEP Derp Hitler is up to something! He seems to be the type that would easily sell out his friends for some money on the side just like in episode two! He was quick to sell out Kudelia.

      Right Mika doesn’t want pity from anyone because I feel he doesn’t really see his life as being all that terrible since it’s all he really knows and I would hate his character if he was crying about his life the entire time.

      I figured as much about Atra’s bracelet she didn’t want to get in the way at the time so she let someone else give it to him and he knew it was from her anyway.

      Oh we payed attention Sam was the one with issues 😛

  5. IreneSharda says:

    Spammy…you let go of my commentary right now. Right now, Spammy!

  6. BlackBriar says:

    Heavy Object – 03: Asking for shorter episode titles is wishful thinking but we all know that not going to happen. Especially with title of the next in the preview.

    For personnel acting without orders, our three protagonists showed guts once more. It becomes increasingly entertaining watching them interact.

    One has to ask to what degree has the existence of Objects affected the world on the individual level. It was just as it seemed. The leader of the enemy base revering the “Water Strider” Object as though it was some deity.

    You’ve got to feel pity for Qwen and Havia indulging in their short lived delusion of being free from the army after destroying the Water Strider. Come on. They brought down a machine of quality said to be unbeatable without use of one themselves. No way would an army let go of people capable of such a feat.

    • IreneSharda says:

      No way would an army let go of people capable of such a feat.

      Yeah, it’s such a feat, that armies have been employing teams that do just such work since times immemorial. *rollseyes*

      It’s like the militaries of the future decided to completely forget and throw out a millennia’s worth of war tactics and knowledge once the sphere tanks known as Objects were created. And now only two people in “history” have discovered the art of sabotage.

      • BlackBriar says:

        A part of me can see that happening. People got so comfortable with Objects revolutionizing warfare that they abandoned the need to explore those methods because it would be so convenient for an Object to wipe a target off the map than wracking your brain to put effort into a tactic. It gave them all the excuse of not thinking for themselves.

        It reminds me of the villain Hendrickson from Nanatsu no Taizai who wanted to start a war with the demon clan for the sake of it. Saying being in times of peace and convenience has robbed people of their natural instincts.

        • IreneSharda says:

          I can understand getting used to peace, or getting used to being beaten by a superweapon, yet, they are still fighting in a war, and from the background things that they do, they still maintain similar military practices. And military practice is something that build upon itself for centuries.

          I can’t see that they can remember a time of normal warfare (which from Qwen’s exposition and the fact that they still maintain tanks and jets, they can) and everyone in the world is basically at war with one another, and not ONE person has thought to try to sabotage the mechanical operations of Object, before or during the time they are brought into battle. It’s the very basics of warfare, and human nature in general. If you are faced with the insurmountable, many will run in fear, but you will always have the few that will say, “what if I chopped that insurmountable thing into smaller pieces?” Such as looking for a weakness in the inner workings of the object. And then another person would say, “what if I got a small team together with courage to go into those other countries and take advantage of those weaknesses in order to save their own families and homes?”

          Even with the creation of the all powerful Objects and their current war games, that not a single person other than Qwen and Havia have thought of doing something like this. Maybe they are the only ones to have been successful so far, but even then, others should be trying.

          • BlackBriar says:

            Maybe they are the only ones to have been successful so far, but even then, others should be trying.

            That has self-preservation written all over it. I bet it’s because they don’t want to risk grave consequences that will cost their lives. But it will be all the same if they don’t.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    Comet Lucifer – 03: That random stalker chasing Felia was creepy and hearing him butchering the word “Mademoiselle” was grating. Aside from that, he quickly got irritating which doesn’t bode well since he’ll apparently be recruited by Gus, meaning his reappearance is a moderate probability.

    A cat pigeon? Quite an odd breed of animal, there. No matter how it’s looked at, it’s a forbidden mixture of predator and prey just going by the name.

    The one baffling thing among the developments is the cable car’s cable capable of supporting not one but two mechs during their fight. Kinda pushing it when you feel it would’ve snapped with such weight much sooner.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Alfried?? Yeah hes on another level completely in the creepy pedo-stalker character! I fully expect him to be the butt of all jokes on Gus’s team.

      LOL yeah what an odd combo for a mascot animal, but I thought of it as the Skyfish from Eureka 7 which is like a manta ray+bird.

      True but at least it was cool to see the mechs fight on the cable for a few moments.

  8. IreneSharda says:

    For Gundam:

    Also, does anyone notice that Orga never takes off that scarf, even when he’s piloting shirtless or when he was young in flashbacks? Either, that scarf is extremely important to him and we’ll see why in flashback, or he uses it to hid some really bad scar that is at his upper chest/neck. Just an observation I noticed.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I imagine the scarf for Orga is like the bracelet for Mika something important that keeps them somewhat calm? I can totally see them using those items to maintain some sanity even though I know we haven’t seen any signs of that being true…or do you not want something like that? It might be a little cheesy…

      • IreneSharda says:

        I just noticed he was wearing it all the time, and I wondered why? I’d say, since he’s had it since he was a kid, it’s probably a keepsake of some kind. Maybe from his parents? We seen nothing of Mika or Orga’s parents yet, or how they met, it would be interesting to see in flashback later on.

  9. Highway says:

    Comet Lucifer will hopefully actually *do* something in the coming episodes, because it certainly hasn’t so far. Well, I’ll take that back, it’s been completely ridiculous to the point of stupid the whole time. 8-bit has decided they’re going to take their inspiration from Sunrise. A mech fight on the cable car wires? A whole episode of Felia chasing around some stupid pigeons? A crazy guy who can “control” the whole city? It’s all more of that “Wouldn’t this be cool?!?!” television that’s just not interesting when you think about it for even the barest millisecond.

    I’m also not a fan of Moura’s character design with the talking mustache.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hahah yeah unfortunately things have slowed down for Lucifer with episode 3 and like I said above to Sky I sorta expected some goofy stuff to happen like the silly cat-pigeon bit and with Felia being the “baby” character who needs to watched 24/7 while she discovers how the world around her works or until she can carry an actual conversation with anyone maybe the plot will finally get rolling? Then again what is the plot? Personally I think it’s all about WHAT Felia is and if she has a greater role to play other than being the token “cute” character.

      LOL yeah Moura’s design is odd.

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