First Impressions – Owarimonogatari


Best Troll or Best Troll?

“People tend to brace themselves when they hear the word, mathematics”. Well, they also brace themselves when they hear the word Monogatari. But, despite that, what sort of equation do we have here?
It’s the beginning of the end (which is kind of a lie since there are more books after Owarimonogatari), and what does that mean? More focus on Ougi and a new twintailed heroine, of course! Well, I guess this makes sense since most of the former heroines are kind of busy at the moment. Plus that Ougi is an interesting one…

Euler’s Identity…or Ougi’s Formula?


I’m guessing that the love umbrella she drew in the anime wasn’t in the books…

skylion// We open with Araragi’s ever present (even when other characters take center stage, it’s his story he’s relating) internal monologue; much like his sisters, he’s in the midst of a Justice Rant. But, don’t get all worked up over the mathematics of the situation, just listen to the story, and how it’s delivered. That’s pretty much the formula for enjoying a NisiOisiN story set in this world. It’s the delivery that’s important, everything else is just fancy window-dressing.

We knew that by the end of Otorimonogatari/Nadeko Medusa that Ougi was going to be re-worked into storytelling mix, at some point, beyond her brief appearances in both Suruga Devil and Yotsugi Doll. Not much has been said of her “Zero Point” and this tale rectifies that. She’s one of the larger forces at work in the background. There is a very big game being played, but don’t know the framework, the rules, or what all the pieces are. Its looks like Araragi and his immediate supporting cast could be the pieces, with the Northern Snake temple as a possible board, but until we can see the game from a much higher perspective, we won’t be able to discern one move from the next…that will be a story for much later…


Deerstalker? Check! Glass? Check! Mystery? Nope! It’s all for show….

Ougi is here to get to the bottom of a mystery. That mystery is the story of why Araragai clings to his silly, immature rule of, “Friendship diminishes my strength as a human”. The  mysterious classroom setting, though a McGuffin, is important as it clarifies his internal memory…but the math? Well, that’s just more window-dressing. It’s a stark contrast to the messy affair of being human. Euler’s Identity? Well, it’s beautiful, that much is said. But, it’s also self-contained, and beyond the aesthetics of mathematics, it’s not much use for anything else, even if “the most beautiful thing about it is that its solution is zero”. It only knows what it knows.

I’m not the type to want to go into an episode, blow by blow. So, the long and short of the mystery is not, as you would expect, a personal form of betrayal; from Sodachi’s (Marina Inoue) story it very much is but that looks like the subject of the next tale Sodachi Riddle (that lovely ED suggests she and Araragi will be on quite the ride) But, while this aforementioned reason wasn’t exactly impersonal, it still deeply felt. It was nothing more than the realization that: people can be really shitty to one another, and they can use authority to enforce that; Majority Rule given the most cynical of outlooks.

ougiform 1sky-1

None of this means anything to me…

If I had a real mind for it, I would say that, yes, mathematics is much more elegant. Not satisfied with the right side of the equation? Just add a known number and get the answer you want. In this, Sodachi’s mindset is much more similar to Araragi’s. But it’s twisted and reversed. She has to work hard at math, and at a strained purpose for justice, and she just doesn’t shine as bright as Araragi does who has sheer talent in both. Yes, I’m stretching Ararararagi’s talent for justice there…

I never have had a mind for mathematics. But I’ve got a pretty good mind for when someone is bullshitting someone. Or when someone is using the sense of moral outrage that Araragi is forced to revisit again. The simple fact that morality can be subjective, that truth can be malleable, and that justice can be made a sham…well, just remember what he told his own sisters in Nisemonogatari, specifically about justice and their take on it. This kangaroo court event did not sit well with him, and was only made worse by the teacher’s involvement. Sodachi brought this on herself yes, but was this just? What does it “prove”?

ougiform 1-5

“Trust in me, Just in me”

Which is where our detective comes in. In Ougi’s previous appearances she was something of an insufferable cipher, but she observed the story, and lead a great part of it on. But in those instances, for the most part, she felt like she actually took away from the story. The best thing I could say is that he/she was a great anti-harem particle. They hung lampshades on how Meme, Kaiki, and Gean weren’t harem members in many respects; to actually speak of some of the players in the game. But her very appearance was played against any sex appeal or any connection at all. Which made her antics during the OP that much more endearing, with a lovely turn at the vocals by her VA, Kaori Mizukashi

But here, Ougi is a glorious troll, adding so much to the proceedings. I actually grew to enjoy her quite a bit by the end of this double-episode. Yes, he’s/she’s bald-faced in her manipulations, going so far as to play an angle on Tsubasa’s line about what she knows “I don’t know anything. I only know what you know.” The detective work is all for show…

Ougi claims a harem member…

Araragi’s subconscious reacts to this and her/his barrage of ever nested claims; he’s aware on one level but goes along on the upper one, not aware how or what to check. This is where my “game piece” idea comes. What if Ougi had not intervened in his life so shortly after Araragi met Shinobu? What if he was still carrying this resentment? What will that say for Sodachi later?

But he’s not hep to what’s at stake just yet. Given that she is aware of his vampiric nature, not being hep to a stake is a bad place to be. What we have is a fake-out, locked room mystery played on many levels. Was Ougi aware or his forgotten, or better yet neglectful and barbed, relationship with Sodachi? Is she thinking that many moves in advance? Or is her solution zero? Is she “on his side”? Probably, maybe….But, given what Kaiki has said of his college days, I think all the moves began way before Kizumonogatari… and speaking of which….

It’s Time for the Prequel! or the fans’ Scar Story

Show ▼

Twists & Turns

Karakuri// Ougi is rather fun to watch (female or male). What other show has a character that so blatantly is stringing things along, but leaves just enough room at the end so that the main character just can’t pin anything concretely to them. …Er, a lot of shows probably do this, but maybe not so much by a character like Ougi. Even her opening animation was fun to see, as it was full of twists and turns, much like her character. Obviously she’s got something more to do with the plot than just being Oshino’s niece (if she really even is that).

Plus there’s a question as to why she knows everything that she does. I guess having her state that she’s Oshino’s niece covers a lot of questions since who knows how that guy knew what he did, but she’s just so suspicious that it seems unlikely that she’s telling the truth about that. But anyways, with a character like her (probably) pulling things along, it should be fun. Or at least, fun for us. Probably not for Araragi.

Two girls are more than enough….

Plus at the end of the day, how much of the incident truly was Araragi’s fault? Was it really him creating the room, or was it just Ougi manipulating circumstances she already knew about? And what about Sodachi’s involvement? Though I guess the “what about Sodachi” will be answered pretty shortly considering that she’s chosen a very plot convenient time to return. Monogatari was lacking in the twintail department ever since Mayoi moved on (or I guess since Yotsugi is around, I should be saying that “you can never have enough twintails”) anyways.


Shoot that mob into SPAAAACE!

I really love when anime addresses the mob mentality, since it seems like a prevalent thing if you look to social media these days (though it’s always been a thing if we’re talking honestly here…). What Araragi says about lies becoming the truth if enough people agree is definitely a real world issue. This wasn’t quite as blatant as say, Gatchaman Crowds, but the message was still pretty obvious. The truth isn’t worth much if everyone agrees on something else and that’s pretty scary.

Though it’s interesting that Araragi’s problem wasn’t with the betrayal of the group, but a specific betrayal that never really sorted itself out. The teacher left on pregnancy leave and didn’t seem to be too guilty about the whole thing, which really feels like justice hasn’t been delivered and probably will never be. At least maybe they’ll give the issue some sort of closure whenever Araragi meets Sodachi again, but this event definitely explains why Araragi separates himself from the crowd.


She only knows what she knows

Now, I don’t want to sound like I am heaping praise, or at the most to much praise, on NisiOisiN and SHAFT. But there is long standing method to the madness. To be fair, the author might get more wide spread readership, but this is a story for the light novel crowd; nothing wrong with that, it is what it is, so I won’t kid around. The author is no mad genius. But he does have a certain flair for showing you the tools he uses to manipulate.

I’ve never seen Monogatari as anything more- and certainly nothing less – than a story about telling a story, with the author being very much aware that he’s doing just that; and there is a tremendous amount of charm there, and it’s a different sort of immersion. SHAFT is the perfect studio to bring that to the screen. The idiosyncrasies match up. They brought the stylistic A-Game to this doubly whammy. These two can bring about the slight of hand being uncovered. Ougi Formula is a great place to continue with this reveal, especially now that we can acknowledge that that there is, indeed, something up that dark haired-dark eyed beauties sleeves…

Wow I miss Mayoi and Nadeko (probably not a popular opinion but oh well… skylion// no, you’re not alone…I miss Mayoi as well), but Ougi is a nice consolation prize. Plus Shinobu’s next arc is coming up after a bunch of Sodachi! I really look forward to seeing the ending come together, but for now, all I can say is that this episode was very Monogatari-ish. Which is a good thing, since I thoroughly enjoy Monogatari and it’s long winded conversations.


…a graph of Euler’s formula…


Ararararagi’s Ahoge…


skylion// I’ll be here, bringing you the first part of Sodachi Riddle


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25 Responses to “First Impressions – Owarimonogatari”

  1. Highway says:

    I acknowledge that Ougi is a highly competent troll. That said, I don’t like her character. I don’t like her style of trolling. I don’t like the leading questions, the knowing everything beforehand. Almost everything about the character rubs me the wrong way. Especially the stupid sleeves.

    Blech, I hope she goes away soon.

    • skylion says:

      There is an upcoming story called Ougi Dark*, so we aren’t quite done with her yet. As for what she does. I love the amount of uncertainty she brings with her certainty. It expands the story in a very small, but very noticeable way e.g how I go on about the larger game being played. I think that’s a great, character driven, way to underscore the uncertainty the character, Araragi is going through, by given us a sense of the same.

      …and Kara and I love her, so boo on you!

      *to be adapted soon?

    • amado says:

      I believe that its actually all that that makes ougi quite endearing.

      there’s also the fact that her actions are very unclear… you cant really out her out as evil yet, as this particular incident kinda gives her a more positive impression since in the end she did solve the problem, sodachi came back likely thanks to that, araragi managed to let go of his guilt basically, and pretty much eliminated an apparition that could have been quite deadly if it got anyone else… all the while, looking very untrustworthy and suspicious.

      even the whole mayoi incident ;_;
      you could make the argument that it was the “right” thing to do, mayoi to move on to the afterlife or have the girl go back to being the snail like she should be.

      ougi hasnt really been directly against the main characters yet, which makes it uncertain if she’s an enemy at all.

      • Highway says:

        I thought that was part of the question: Was there an apparition there that needed to be gotten rid of, or was it all a construct of Ougi’s, made entirely to hassle Koyomi? One can argue whether it was in his best interest, but it’s assuredly for trolling him for her amusement.

        And I understand the character. I just don’t like her. I just want to skip all her yammering and get to something that isn’t completely self-serving. I still think she’s the absolute worst character in the show (and for a show that has Karen Araragi in it, that’s a feat).

        • skylion says:

          Next Time: Ougi, Karen, and Shinobu discuss the nature of love and apparitions, then have an argument about ice cream.

          • Highway says:

            This would be fine if Shinobu killed them all early on, ate their ice cream, and then carried on all sides of the argument herself. Bonus addition: Using their dead bodies as puppets.

      • skylion says:

        Well, this is how I look at Ougi. Sure, for all outward appearances she is being helpful, but she’s also entirely self-serving. Whereas her uncle helped those that helped themselves, she’s adding to the formula. I don’t think it’s as easy as a favor gained for a favor done, but it’s not on the up and up.

        It reminds me of a sit-down TRPG I played in a few years ago. Our Victorian-Age Heroes of Light fought the monsters of the Dark. In one adventure we cleaned out a pack of what were called Hellhounds in a small English village. Pretty easy hunt…we just bagged and tagged em in short order. But we later found out that these things were there for a specific purpose. They were keeping the spirit of an evil necromancer at bay;so evil even Hell wanted nothing to do with it. Our adventurers were much busier after that simple little hunt…

        That’s the feeling I get…

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Ok… Won’t comment much about this because, geez… This was messed up.

    So, we could settle into some stuff. 1. Ougi is she, as long as she settles on the female persona. If she switches to her male persona, she becomes a he. 2. Ougi’s not even a tiny little bit close to compensating for no Mayoi and Nadeko. Look at her face! It pisses me off just looking at her.

    And finally Kizumonogatari is close! Man, is that a loli version of loli Shinobu? Like, lolier than ever? It can’t be true.

    Also, making three movies is becoming quite common in the anime industry recently. They made it with Persona 3, and Tamayura is getting four movies to finish it. It kinda pisses me off, as movies take longer than TV series to show up on the internet, but as they are usually 90+ minutes, they’re always worth the wait (and it’s not like I can complain, not buying anything to help the industry).

    • skylion says:

      Well, as stated, Kara and I love Ougi enough to make up for the losses. She’s an interesting character if given the chance.

      LOLier than ever? Well, by appearances and the description from the LN, she’s is two years younger. So around six, give or take a century.

      Well the Hobbit was bloated as all get out, and most of it barely passed likable entertainment. And franchises are so overbloated it seems like farce. With Persona and Tamayura I can see multiple movies; one is a multi-media franchise and the other is for general audiences, making films for them makes a great deal of sense. We may love out Monogatari franchise, but it’s neither one of those things.

      Messed up?

      • JPNIgor says:

        She may be interesting. I think she’s interesting. But she’s not likeable. I CAN’T LIKE HER ANNOYING SMUG POKER FACE (is that possible?) UGGGGH. It’s like the internet troll community materialized and staring right at me. And did I mention her void-like pitch-black eyes that seems like it will suck your soul out if you stare at it too much?

        I didn’t watch Hobbit (never watched LOTR either), but yeah, that makes sense. I don’t know how long Kizumonogatari’s novel is, so maybe three movies can end up being a little too much? And is it just me or did they change the scene where Koyomi finds Shinobu entirely?

        Messed up in the sense that I couldn’t quite follow. The only thing I knew from the beginning (and I’m actually quite proud of it) is that the teacher was the culprit all time long. I would have to watch it twice of thrice if I want to get everything in this episode, and I’m not up to it.

        • skylion says:

          …you got that Ougi was trolling…so you got the gist of the episode…

          I’m still scratching me head over Kizu’s length…that’s one film…

    • Di Gi Kazune says:

      There is no such thing as a LOLier version of Shinobu. A LOLi is a LOLi is Fine Too.

  3. q says:

    Finally more Monogatari~ I’m glad it’s still being covered, I’ll be back for the episode posts.

    …Which brings me to my main point. Is there something wrong with the RSS feed? It hasn’t worked for me for months now.

    • skylion says:

      Hey, q, this is the first time I’ve seen you around. So welcome to Metanorn. I’ll see you in future posts; which I will probably being publishing on Sundays, Monday at the latest.

      You can keep up with them via email for now, and I’ll send word to our webperson about the RSS feed.

      Just click both the boxes below in a reply or comment and confirm the WordPress subscriptions.

    • Overcooled says:

      After going to Mister Donut, I no longer trust Shinobu’s taste in sweets but I bet Nadeko really knows her shit. I’m hungry…

      • skylion says:

        This is a sad, sad tale re: Mister Donuts. I don’t know if I’m up for potato rings…especially Nadeko Snake and Hitagi Tyrant flavors…

  4. skylion says:

    English Language Site for the Kizu films. The first one is Iron-Blooded, followed by Hot-Blooded, and wrapping up in Cold-Blooded. These were epithets Araragi used to describe Kiss-Shot Arcerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade.

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