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The beauty of friendship a third season.

spring15-kyonn Well, I think it’s safe to say we’re getting the romance ending. This can be met with a resounding “HUZZAH!” “FINALLY!” and possibly a “they found love before Souma got friends.” I don’t think that one’s going to happen. At least he has a little sister a little brother Yamada!


Souma just wants a hug! And some mischief. And romance. But, mostly mischief.

Satou and Yachiyo are now an item. Just let that sink in for a moment. Did you ever expect it would reach this point? What essentially held progress up was miscommunication. Satou couldn’t be straightforward enough either literally or from sabotaging his own attempts, and Yachiyo was too dense to pick up on the signs Satou did throw out there or fell for the times he tried to deflect his intentions. Once Satou finally cleared everything up and came out with it, Yachiyo could understand his meaning and no longer have a reason to feel guilty. It’s as they always say, “follow your heart, and get a stomachache.” Wise words of wisdom right there. Kyoko, on the other hand, realizes that she’s been holding Yachiyo back all this time. Since Yachiyo’s been hanging out with a group of delinquents all her life, she hasn’t had any friends her age, let alone a relationship. Kyoko knows that there isn’t anything she can do for her in this regard, so she challenges Satou to take up the mantle in her stead. Kyoko raised her up to a certain point and from there Yachiyo’s development plateaued into a parfait filled complacence ad nauseum that has the perfect opportunity to be mitigated due to the couple’s feelings for one another, and Kyoko finds solace then in Satou’s words.

Yamada. Ugh. That’s actually the worst thing I have to say about her little arc. No, wait; you ran away because of natto?! Okay, that’s it. It’s remarkable how no one noticed Yamada and Yamada were siblings except Souma. Takanashi figured out she was a runaway in the beginning, but then started doubting himself, and it seems like completely lost all interest after that. He must have been too busy fending off Kirio from Inami huehuehue. Yamada’s situation boiled down to miscommunication again (see a pattern?) but in a…more atypical fashion. Yamada couldn’t understand Kikuno’s real feelings and felt like she was being punished for not living up to her standards, while Kikuno was worrying so much she couldn’t effectively convey that her actions were to try and help her in her own way. I won’t completely fault Yamada, because who would actually read all those books? Not me, unless there’s pictures of sea creatures then maybe. But, she could’ve at least looked at them and noticed one of them wasn’t an actual study aid. Yamada and her mom have a pretty typical parent-child relationship of not being able to fully understand each other, while Kirio, being older, does hold a greater grasp (K-Note: using a manual will not help you with your relationship). It isn’t so much a problem that can’t be easily fixed, Yamada just needs to go read the dang manual!


The last person you want to see at work.

I need to bring up the elephant in the room. How can Kikuno possibly survive a talk show?! If her own family needs a manual just to tell how she feels, what good could she possibly be for such an event?! Assassination I can understand, but this…well, at least we have an understanding of the type of person Takanashi’s mother is. Scary! That pretty much sums it up. Another way of putting it is that she’s like a leveled up version of Kazue. She’s strict, but she cares…or I think she does. She’s just being mean to Izumi though. Poor Izumi! Having the chance to meet Shizuka explains much of the other members of the Takanashi family. Kazue takes mostly from her harsh attitude; when she’s the eldest and the next two after you are pretty hopeless (and you deal with Minegishi), there’s going to be some sternness emanating from your very being. Izumi is the only one that looks even remotely similar to her. Kozue is so clingly because her mother constantly forgets about her. Souta has his crossdressing trauma from her dressing him up in those clothes (and his father propagating it). Nazuna…well, she’s still untainted, and it’s from having the least amount of exposure to her. I’m kind of afraid to know what this “magic” Shizuka was using on her husband was. Drugs? Eh. Weapons? Eh. Magic? What kind of black magic voodoo rituals has she been undertaking?! Inami, watch out!


The last person you want to see in your bedroom.

Extra Work

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With Satou and Yachiyo, Otoo and Haruna, and Yamada and Kikuno together, that only leaves Takanashi and Inami. I’m squealing already just thinking about it. Unless I’m (in)conveniently forgetting something, that’s the last development that’s yet to come to head in terms of resolution. Let’s brainstorm what won’t happen just in case: Souma is clearly going to have no friends for his entire life, Popura won’t get any taller, Kozue probably won’t find a man (unless Darling goes for it), and Matsumoto isn’t going to be a prominent character. But really there’s two things this couldn’t end without: 1) Takanashi crossdressing 2) Takanashi getting punched. Since he’s already transformed into Kotori, it’s only a matter of time until he gets KO’d.


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  1. Highway says:

    Takanashi won’t get punched. That’s the point now. I think they’re going to get those two to work around their blocks on it, although I think Inami is all ready to say “yes!” if Takanashi would get his own act together. And it’s not like Takanashi is being dense and not realizing it.

    Yamada has been a lot more tolerable for me in the second half of this series (ever since that line to Takanashi “You have to spend time with Yamada as punishment!”)

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