Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – 07

Shimoneta - A new ship

Ahh, Romance is in the air

winter15-highwNo more toys, now it’s time to get a bit serious…

Now Going A Lot Overboard

Shimoneta - Anna goes crazy

Pro Wrestling Time!

Last week was pretty much all about Anna, but this week got her contribution over early, although it was pretty intense. Her actions in pursuing Tanukichi have moved from anything that could be construed as an innocent expression of physical love to outright sexual assault at this point. It’s kind of hard to believe that she doesn’t see anything wrong in what she’s doing, especially if it requires ripping Tanukichi’s zipper off with her teeth. And in fact I think she has realized that what she’s doing is something to be kept secret, unlike her pursuit of him last week, given that she doesn’t show up until Ayame leaves, and when Goriki shows up she acts as if she wasn’t doing anything. So I think she’s cottoned to the idea that what she’s doing is probably something her mother wouldn’t necessarily approve of. We’ll have to see what Anna’s father is like, however, as he is invoked for the first time this episode.

Shimoneta - hmmmm

“He was like that when I got here…”

Help That You Don’t Need

Shimoneta - Poor Hyoka

Because we need a Hyoka screenshot

That’s the overriding theme of this episode, as other organizations efforts at lascivious terrorism start to give SOX a bad name. And I think we start seeing with more clarity the purpose that Ayame wants to keep SOX for: Promoting education for boys and girls to understand their bodies and how they fit with other bodies. But it’s been pretty clear that SOX doesn’t want to disrupt people’s lives or efforts, just get the information out there and hassle the Decency Squad a little. But there are other groups that are much more interested in their own grandstanding, and their methods aren’t going over nearly as well for the rest of the population.

Shimoneta - Gathered Fabric

Man, this guy is skeevy

It looks like the bad guy for the remainder of the series isn’t going to be the Decency Squad, it’s going to be another terrorist group: Gathered Fabric. Coopting the name of SOX, presumably to try to piggyback on their popularity, they’re being far more disruptive, actualizing their name by stealing underwear and making public displays. And they’re not making any friends, because as the observers point out, it’s not even funny. It’s just self-promotion. And Ayame is not happy about it, because it’s dragging SOX down in the minds of the ordinary public. Plus, the guy in charge is way more of a pervert than either Ayame or Tanukichi. So the point is that SOX needs to break any connection that Gathered Fabric tries to make as soon as possible to keep their credibility from plummeting.

Shimoneta - A new member

A new comrade

But there’s a more immediate help they don’t need, and that’s in the person of the Kosuri Onigashira, the daughter and only child of Keisuke Onigashira, who is a major name in the anti-Decency movement. But he’s much more of the old yakuza kind of figure; indeed, the first we see of him is cozying up to the Decency Squad, which is very reminiscent of your ordinary gang-style of corrupting the police. Kosuri wants to be a lot more actively involved, and having been inspired by news of SOX exploits, she heads to the most moral town in the country to try to join up. But it’s not exactly with open arms that Ayame lets her join, feeling that Kosuri is a little too far in a different direction from what SOX is doing, plus she’s a liability if she were to ever get caught.

Shimoneta - Saotome's distracted

She’s like Goriki trying to get a banana…


I really don’t have a good impression from Kosuri, and honestly I just don’t like the character much right now. Hyper, annoying, and pushy, I find her tiring and the opposite of funny. Maybe she’ll be able to fit into SOX better than this first exposure would indicate, but my first impressions are not particularly good. Plus, her introduction was just not very funny or original, with the damsel in distress routine winning over Tanukichi. And of her variable hairstyle, dependent on her state of excitement, I’ll say no more.


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4 Responses to “Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai – 07”

  1. skylion says:

    And of her variable hairstyle, dependent on her state of excitement, I’ll say no more.


    Thanks for providing the uncensored version of Otome’s food antics. One, because I could not for the life of me figure out what she was chewing on, and two, this’ll be my turn to say no more…

    I like the direction the main plot is taking, as there’s nothing like this sort of antagonist to really define what SOX main agenda is all about.

    As for Kosuri, I kinda like her. It’s a good, out of left field, performance from Yui Horie, and she’s a spoiler between the legit SOX and all the pretenders. Her initial intro kinda felt like that model plane package you get where the one piece has to much flash on it, and you’ve got to file it down to make fit. As an added bonus, she’s a LOLi that arrives exactly when she means to.

    Her personality, to me, is more bearable than Anna’s. I don’t object to the content or style, just it’s overused gimmicky feel. They advanced it slightly, as you pointed out, but it still feels a bit jaded right now.

    But, the best gag the entire episode was the milage they got out of the small amount of gas the Goriki x Tanukichi ship.

    Plus, the Bacon Lettuce Moms! Where did that title come from?!!!

    • Highway says:

      To me, Kosuri felt (to continue your model plane analogy) like when you open the box and find out that half the parts have been detached from the sprue, so you get a big clatter of loose parts that falls out of the box, and you don’t quite know what’s what. What with her multiple tacks for trying to convince Ayame and her rather frantic demeanor, I hope that they can untangle her and be a bit more organized about what her character is doing.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Once again, Tanukichi is assaulted by Anna with no (willing) signs of help. Where are detectives Stabler and Benson when you need them?

    Pro Wrestling Time!

    The girl would definitely have a prime spot in Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai!

    Personally, these new organizations feel like copycats piggybacking off of SOX’s accomplishments who’ll later try to get them out of the picture for their own sense of glory.

  3. zztop says:

    Pro Wrestling Time!

    The Kinniku Buster…A timeless classic for bringing both immense pain to its recipient and laughter to all those watching.

    Here are a few other practitioners of this timeless art:

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