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anaaga trying to find the words to apologize for the (extremely) late post

Managed to watch 4 episodes of anime in more than a week… Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *tears of joy*



The Good // Watching episode 2-3 consecutively made me realize that there is finally some goddamn progress in the relationship between Akihiko and Misaki. First is about Akihiko. After two damn seasons and one episode of season three, he is actually showing signs of character development! For once, he is actually worried about Misaki and the relationship between the two. He (finally) thought about the future of their relationship and what he is going to do after Misaki graduates and so on. It was pretty nice actually to see him like that. After so many episodes, we finally get to see a different side of Akihiko that is from the perspective of the person himself. Finally, Akihiko is starting to act like a normal human instead of the usual perfect seme image he usually put on. I’m so happy that the main character from the story is getting a development. About effing time.

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Ok this is pretty romantic, but beach sex is even more expected romantic

Of course, Akihiko is not the only person who shows some progress. Misaki is also showing some progress, even though it’s not about his personality and the relationship between the two. Reality slowly sinks into him, and he is starting to realize the path he wants to follow. Misaki was worried about the future, confused about what he wants because of others’ opinions, was in a conflict about his dreams, and finally found out what he wants to do. What Misaki went through is a phase everybody in his age went through, and the anime depicted it perfectly in Misaki. Slowly, Misaki is maturing and changing in a pleasant way. I really like this part the most so far because it’s nice so see a realistic side in a yaoi anime. And yes it’s nice since we barely got something realistic in a yaoi anime, and in Junjou Romantica too! Realistic development in JR is something amazing that is worth to be celebrated about!

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Finally some reasonable(?) things after 24 episodes and 5++ years

The Bad // Unfortunately, not everything was perfect in episode 2-3. I don’t like Misaki’s tsundere attitude and will never do. Being tsundere is not bad, but his tsundere led to so many conflicts that could have been avoided if he weren’t in such denial about his relationship with Akihiko. To make it even worse, these morons didn’t learn from their past experience despite of many problems which arose from this shitty personality of Misaki’s and the lack of komunikeisiong. At least, when he’s willing to screw around, don’t respond in such a way that gives Akihiko a bad image of a forceful “rapist.” The same goes with Akihiko. He needs to get his attitude together and be nicer to everybody. When Misaki says “no,” he needs to stop. But then again, Misaki’s “no” is not a complete rejection, so it’s understandable how Akihiko has been “forcing” him on Misaki. Again, everything comes back to Misaki’s shitty personality which is definitely not developing. Though he is maturing, this part of his hasn’t changed and I don’t think it will ever do. Now this is a big problem, because this will lead to so many problems in Ijuin Arc.

More Annoying Misaki:

Show ▼

Personally, I think Ijuin Arc is the worst arc in JR. Not because of the story (yet since it hasn’t even started), but  I can already see from episode 3 that this will be another crappy arc where some rude overconfident dude is trying to get Misaki’s ass because apparently his ass is so wonderful even the straight-est man can turn gay over it. From the first peek, it’s obvious that this will be one of those another repetitive conflict which attempts to develop everything in one go but will fail to do so. Why so? Because both Misaki’s and Akihiko’s personalities will always put everything back to square one. Every single one of the conflicts in JR is about admitting the relationship between the two and honesty, but both of them are never executed properly. Relationship progress? Screw that, denial and rejection forever. Character development? How can it be possible when denial and rejection are still kept by Misaki? Communication? “Nah, better keep everything for myself. After all, I need to pretend to dislike my lover’s sexual advantage and give in to it.”… Goddamnit, Misaki. Ehm, so yeah, as it can be seen, everything is connected, and the root of the problem is Misaki’s personality. So unless he change his mindset, his behavior, and so on, I don’t think we’ll actually have a decent progress in this series. And an ending.

Preview: Thank god it’s the 17-year-gap couple. I’m starting to get sick of Misaki’s annoying voice and personality.

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5 Responses to “Junjou Romantica S3 – 02 – 03”

  1. Samsura says:

    Man, episode 2 really had me hoping that maybe, just maybe we would get a real romance going. Then you have handsome author making his claim for Misaki, Usami’s cousins being annoying and pointless (so the girl is into Misaki, but does the guy want to bang Usami or the girl? I can’t tell) and more annoying Tsundere stuff. I swear the show backpedaled so much in episode 3 they probably ran over some plot. I was this close to whole heatedly enjoying you Junjou, but episode three was just bad. At least Misaki’s new friend (hopefully? maybe? nah, probably) doesn’t want to get in on the action.

    No gay panic is worse than Jealous gay panic.

  2. zztop says:

    Watching episode 2-3 consecutively made me realize that there is finally some goddamn progress in the relationship between Akihiko and Misaki.

    How long has the source manga been running for? And how slow is the romantic progress there?

  3. Di Gi Kazune says:

    We forgive you for your lateness.

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